Awaiting the Light


With hope

and with trust

in joyful expectation

awaiting the light.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014



As I sat sipping my warm cuppa and watching the sunrise this morning, I noticed the little mint sprigs that I’m rooting on the windowsill.  Although you probably can’t fully tell from the dim photo, all of these little plants are facing outward toward the light.  I just can’t help but find it so fascinating how plants do that!   And as I looked at them there, both of us facing toward the light; watching the sun come up together, I felt such hope, and  joy at the dawning of a new day.

Not to mention all of the life lessons metaphors that nature is forever rousing in my mind.   ;)


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

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24 responses to “Awaiting the Light

  1. It reminds how the sunflowers will turn their heads to the sun :)

  2. So lovely, hopeful and peaceful. I love it! I am also fascinated by the way plants turn toward the light. Sometimes it happens so fast it seems like you may actually see them move if you sat there watching. It’s amazing! Wishing you a lovely day, Jewels!

    • I’ve always loved watching time lapse photography that shows plants growing and flowers blooming, but it’d be so cool to actually see them moving with the naked eye! Thanks so much Trisha, hope your day was lovely too! <3

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the follow Jewels! -:)

    • They are doing well! I’m thinking that now that they have sprouted some roots I should really put them in some dirt, but I just love having them in the window, and they seem quite happy there, so I’m going to leave them be a little while longer. :)

  4. to me, the most exciting thing is watching plant cuttings, all of a sudden, sprout roots! Beautiful picture–a very peaceful early morning.

    • Yeah, that is pretty cool, and these little mint cuttings sure didn’t waste any time sprouting roots! :) Thanks loisajay, it really was a beautiful morning.

  5. It always amazed me that plants move — I wonder if they talk to each other somehow.

    ~ Eric

  6. You have such an artistic eye. I always love your photos, and though this may sound strange, I think they reflect a gentle, kind personality. You capture in your shots many aspects of nature that I enjoy during the moment I see them. Thanks to your photos I get to re-live them!
    Gratefully yours,

    • Thanks so much Jan, I sincerely appreciate that! I always hope a part of me (and what makes me tick) comes across in my photos, and in my words. I’m so glad you like them! Hope your day is filled with joy! <3

  7. Sometimes a few words speak so much. Great work.

  8. This is such a great thought Julie. I sometimes find it frustrating (when trying to take a photo from indoors) that my plants’ ‘faces’ are turned from me. You are so right, though, we are all looking towards the sun, to hope, to light. A beautiful post xxxx

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