Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

Thoughts While on the Potty

You know how they say that some of your best ideas come to you in the shower?

Well what about thoughts while you’re using that other item that is in the bathroom?  The one that is for sitting on?  You know… the thing off in the corner… it’s not really just for sitting, but is used for another word that rhymes with sitting and has an H in it.  Okay I’ll just come out and say it… the toilet.  The potty.  I guess just going ahead and saying toilet is actually better/less crude to say than describing the word that rhymes with sitting anyway.

Not that I ever actually use the toilet ~ because we all know that when ladies use the bathroom… it’s only to powder their nose. 😉

Anyways…moving right along…

The bathroom in my apartment has one of those frosted glass type of windows.  It’s really awesome because being as huge of a fan of natural lighting as I am, it’s nice to let the light in and still have the privacy that a bathroom requires without wasting electricity.

So while I was in the bathroom this morning ~ ya know… just powdering my nose, I had a few thoughts and realizations about my life come to me when I was looking out the window.  If you can call it looking out.  Which I guess is what the realization is about…

My life right now feels like I’m looking through frosted glass.  I can see that there is light, I can see the outlines and different shading of things, but I can’t see anything clearly.  I’m so thankful for the light ~ that there is even a window at all, but I want to see clearly.  I want to know what the shaded images really are.  I want the frosted film over the windows of my eyes to be removed.

Maybe the problem here is that I’m in the bathroom.  The bathroom of my life?  Well isn’t that just great?!   I thought it smelled bad in here.  Not from me of course because I’m just in here powdering my nose…

We’ve all heard it said that as we go through life ~ that there are different seasons… Well perhaps there are different rooms as well.  The nice thing about being in a particular room is that unlike seasons ~ which are out of our control (unless we are God or a mad scientist experimenting with methods for controlling the weather), we can simply choose to move into a different room.

Well, the bathroom is a room we must revisit frequently.  We have to go in there to wash.  To clean off the dirt and grime of life.  And we have to go in there to… um… powder our noses and stuff.  But we don’t need to spend too much time in there.  Well, unless we ate something that didn’t agree with us ~ then it could be a while.  Maybe we should be more careful what we eat and what we dirty ourselves with so that we don’t need to spend a lot of time in there.

But sometimes it can’t be helped.  We fall down and get dirty.  Mud gets thrown at us.  We might have to walk through some pretty messy situations that take a while to wash off of us.  And we might get an upset stomach from all of that and need spend some time on the toilet (or leaning over it).

So at different times of our lives we may have to be in the bathroom for a while.  And while we’re in there ~ we have to look through the frosted glass.

But notice how there is still light coming in?  Although we may not be able see clearly until we finish our business in the bathroom and move on to the next room (and hopefully it’s one with big rose colored glass windows!), lets be thankful that there is still some light coming in while we’re in the bathroom times of life…