Daily Archives: December 16, 2011

I’m a Smart Dummy

Sometimes I really I wish I could record myself during random daily conversations I have with people because I seriously can come up with some pretty good stuff. 

“Sometimes I even amaze myself.”

The other day while I was on the phone with my sis talking about various stuff, she told me that I have “such great intellect” and “a natural inner wisdom.”   It’s so awesome to hear something like that and it made me feel really good.   My sis speaks my same love language and always knows how to build me up with those words of affirmation.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter kept telling me over and over how smart I am and that I have such a great way of looking at things and figuring them out.  This was somewhat unusual coming from her because even though I know how much she loves me, she rarely compliments me about stuff like that.  Do you suppose that since she’ll only be a teenager for a couple more months that maybe she’s finally starting to realize that her ol’ mom may actually know a thing or two?  Heh!  One can only hope…  😉

All through my life and especially as an adult, my Mom has always told me how smart I am.  She compliments me a lot about many things actually and has always made me feel like I’m special.  Not only to her, but to the world at large.

Back when I was going through the nitty gritty of my divorce, I had to go and have a vocational and psychological evaluation along with psychometric testing as well.  The results?  Well, after over 12 hours of intense, grueling and brain boggling tests, questions, exercises and activities ~ and paying to the tune of $2,000… the conclusion was… (insert drum roll)  that I am in the “above average to superior range of intelligence when compared with other people my age.”  Yay I’m smart!  Unfortunately I can’t use the results of this to help me get a job…  :/

But before I am tempted to get any sort of big head about this being smart and wise thing, I also need to remind myself of what a dummy I am too.  Because although I may come up with some pretty good stuff ~ I don’t even listen to myself.  The old saying “practice what you preach” kind of applies in this situation.  It’s not in the sense of like being a hypocrite, it’s more like about ~ how the things I say to others sound all good and right and practical, but doing it/following through/taking it to heart for myself doesn’t always go so well.  This annoys and frustrates the heck out of me.  I mean geez… shouldn’t I of all people be able to benefit from my own wisdom…?!  You’d think so.

I do try to follow my own advice.  And when things are upsetting or bothering me, I go through my little process and usually come out of it with a pretty good grip on what it is that I need to do to get over it and get on with things.  But the amount of processing time varies and sometimes during the process I hit a snag or two and get hung up.  Especially lately in the matters of the heart.  </3

So maybe if I recorded myself during one of my “great intellect/inner wisdom” moments, I could go back to it periodically whenever I hit a snag and listen.  And then I could remind myself what to do instead of being a dummy flailing about on the waves of my emotions.

Or maybe that’s what friends (and family) are for…  they can speak your own advice and words of wisdom back to you when you are being a dummy.

Reminds me of the quote:

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.
– Bernard Meltzer

Moral of this story:

Perhaps it’s not so much about being smart or dumb ~ maybe it’s more about pouring yourself  into others and letting them pour back into you.  So that during the trying times when we’re flailing about and we’ve forgotten “the words” ~ we have each other to reach out and grab a hold of to remind us.