Day After Christmas Ramblings

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the house not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse…

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted!  My coffee isn’t even helping to rev up my engine today.  I must be getting old.  Or maybe it’s just that lull after eating so much sugar over the past few days…

Not even sure if I can muster the mental capacity needed to write this.

We didn’t even have a whole lot of hoopla ~ it was a much toned down kind of Christmas for my family this year.  Maybe I’ll share more on that in a later post.

But speaking of toning down…  oof!  And next it’s onto all of our New Year’s resolutions of getting into better physical condition…  😉

This week on the calender between Christmas and New Years is always a contemplative one for me.  Reflecting on the past year and wondering what the new one approaching will bring.  You know… where have I been, where am I at, and where do I want to be, stuff like that, blah blah blah…

And I’m sure I’ll get right on that as soon as I finish recuperating…


Although we didn’t take any family photos on Christmas this year, I did manage to snap a few during the days & activities prior…

I went on a “Holiday Lights Tour” this year along with my daughter, my mom, my sister in law, and a good friend of mine.  None of us had ever done anything like it before and we had a very nice time.

Not the best quality or most flattering snapshots of us, but memorable just the same.  😀


We also did something a little different with our holiday baking this year.  We got together at my mom’s to do it.  It took place over the course of FOUR entire days and it ended up being way more than what we had intended on doing, but the time spent together was fun… and yummy!


And of course… I am always taking pictures of my pets.  I love them so! ❤

Again, not the best quality having been taken with my cell phone’s camera, but still adorable!


In all, my Christmas was nice.  I’m feeling deeply grateful.  For precious time spent with my family.  And for the dear friends I have in my life.  ❤

But for right now… on this day after Christmas… I’m going to eat some left overs and then lay on the couch and vegetate and relax, because the mice aren’t the only creatures not stirring around here.   😉

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