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Nature is Inspiring

A few weeks ago, I shared some various images that I came across while I was on deviantART.  Well, I’m still finding myself completely sucked into it.  I just can’t help it ~ the creative and artistic expression of others is so interesting and amazing to me.  It makes me want to tap into my own and see what might be lying dormant there just beneath the surface.

Today I’m in a “nature” sort of mood and have been perusing through deviantART looking at nature photos.  It could be because it’s February in Minnesota and I’ve missed being able to be outdoors.  Although there are tons of fun and festive things to do outdoors here in the winter, I can’t partake in them because I’m allergic to the cold.  And not in a joking way ~ I literally break out in hives and have an asthma attack from the cold.  Wait… why do I live here?!  😉  Or maybe it could be because I’ve been feeling down lately and nature always inspires me and makes me feel better.

Either way, feast your eyes on some of these awe inspiring photos of nature…

May as well start with a wintery scene.  We haven’t had much snow this year and I’m realizing that I’ve missed it.  This photo is so pretty!  I find myself looking upward when I take pictures sometimes so I appreciate this shot very much.  Mmm beautiful blue skies and frosty tree tops.

©2009-2012 ~vincentfavre


Although this wasn’t taken in Minnesota, this next photo depicts a lovely representation of our state ~ “Land of 10,000 lakes.” I’ve been in a canoe on a calm lake at sunset a few times and it’s so very peaceful.

©2010-2012 ~jay-peg


Speaking of sunsets… here’s a glorious one!  And I’ve been here!  This shot was taken on the Oregon Coast.  (Not by me of course, heck I wish!)  The first time I ever saw the Pacific Ocean, I wept.  I was so moved by the vastness and the sound of it that I was completely overcome with emotion.  One of my favorite moments of my life to be certain. ♥

©2008-2012 ~MarcAdamus


This forest scene was taken in the Redwood National Forest.  I’ve been there too!  I love being in any forest or wooded area in general, but walking among the gigantic ancient trees in the Redwood Forest had a hushed, reverent, and mystical feeling that was almost tangible.

©2008-2012 ~tch


Some day I dream of seeing the Northern Lights in all of their glory like this.  One time many years ago, I did see some wavy hints of green in the northern sky from my kitchen window and started completely freaking out with excitement, but it looked nothing like this.  Anything to do with the sky or space always inspires me ~ such an expansive universe we live in!

©2010-2012 ~uberfischer


At first glance in looking at this next photo you may think “wait a minute, this isn’t a nature scene,” and you’re partly correct ~ it’s mainly a photo of the city of Seattle.   But then you notice the pretty sky and then you see the mountain in the distance!  That’s Mount Rainier and it’s unbelievably wonderful when it makes it’s rare majestic appearance as a part of the city’s skyline ~ like a special surprise!  My sister lived in Seattle for about 20 years and I went out there numerous times to visit.  Much of the time “the mountain” isn’t visible and as the story goes… it rains a lot there, but the mountain always peeked out, even if for just a few moments, to say hello to me whenever I came there. ♥

©2011-2012 ~Latefor


And because nature not only includes beautiful landscapes, but also little creatures too, here’s one of my favorites.  Hummingbirds have that sense of specialness when they make their appearance too.  I always felt like I was witnessing something special when one would visit my feeder.  This is an awesome shot.

©2011-2012 *kayaksailor


I took this next photo myself a few summers ago and asked my daughter to edit it just a bit using some special software she has on her computer to add a blurry affect to give it that professional look.  I was so thrilled to catch a shot of this brief moment when a delicate Swallowtail butterfly landed on one of my lilacs to sample some nectar as I was drinking my own nectar… I mean coffee, out on the patio one morning.

©2012 ~jewels4665

Even the smallest things in nature are beautiful and inspiring.


These Darn Emotions

It’s probably better if I just steer clear of blogging when I’m in a mood, but writing usually helps me work things out, so here I am.  Nothing like working it out in public for all the world to see.  Oh well, I’ve never been much of a private person.  Take me or leave me.  Judge me if you will, but all I want is to be real.  I’ve never been good at faking it.

I just hate it when I’m like this ~ a bundle of worries, frustration, and negativity.  I’m much happier when I’m happier.  No duh!  (Heh, I haven’t used that expression in ages).  I can’t even blame my hormones this time.  So what gives?!  (Oh, there’s another ancient phrase).  Guess I’m just chock full of out-dated little gems today.

Here’s the most frustrating part of this thing… I know what to do when I’m like this.  But I don’t feel like doing it.  I feel like being negative, sarcastic, and cynical.  I feel like ranting and raging about all that vexes me.  I feel like punching something or someone.  And I’m not a violent person.  Wait!  There it is!  That’s it.  I found it!  That’s what’s really bothering.  Oh it’s so good to get to the heart of the matter isn’t it?!  See, I knew writing would help.  Someone has hurt me.  Not exactly a newsflash, but I realize I’m turning that hurt into anger.  I’m just so sick of hurting.  Oh man am I ever sick of it.  It’s really starting to tick me off.  Gosh!

It’s okay to be angry when someone hurts you, but what in the world am I supposed to do with this anger?  The person who hurt me is too far away to punch in the face.  Not that I would really even do that.  I can dream about it though.  Hah!  No, when it comes down to it, I think the bigger issue here is that I’m angry with myself.  Angry that I opened up my heart and allowed myself to get hurt, when I should have known better.  Angry that I’m still holding onto hope that things will change, when it’s clear that it won’t.  Angry that I feel so fricken pathetic!

If only life was more like a movie… we’d all get our happy endings. </3


So what now?  I’ve realized what’s going on, but still don’t know what to do with this anger…

Maybe watching this might help ~ it’s one of my favorites.  And since I seem to be on a roll with punching…

Eh, didn’t really do much for me this time.  Hopefully ya’ll enjoyed it though.  But see… I am trying to snap myself out of this mood.  Guess I just have to feel this way until… I don’t anymore.  Yeah, that’s real enlightening ~ “until I don’t anymore.”  Sheesh!   In the meantime I should probably just crawl under a rock so I don’t do/say anything I’ll regret.  Already regretting posting this.


This rock looks as comfy as any other for crawling under…

Addicted to deviantART

Several days ago my daughter suggested that I make a deviantART account.  I’ve been working on a fictional story, that up until recently has only lived inside my head, and she thought it would be a good idea to post the first chapter on there to get feedback on it.  Well, I have yet to post my first chapter because mine eyes have seen the glory of all of the wonderful, beautiful art and I have lost myself in it’s vast galleries of artistic expression.

Allow me to share a few of the beautiful and interesting images I have come across…


Being a nature lover, I am totally turned on by any photography which depicts nature or landscapes.

Omygosh just look at these phenomenal sunset shots! !

©2010-2012 *WindyLife

©2006-2012 ~jay-peg

Amazing right?!!!  And there’s TONS of photos like these!


How about some florals…

©2010-2012 *WindyLife

©2010-2012 ~impatienss

It was hard to just pick a couple photos here, but I’m a sucker for shades of purples, pinks, and blues so I chose these. 🙂


Now for some fractals…

©2010-2012 *heavenriver

©2010-2012 *heavenriver

Both completely different ~ and completely beautiful!


You want cute & cuddly?…

©2010-2012 ~CheckAvailability

©2011-2012 =forest-goddess

Yeah, I’m also a sucker for bunnies and kittens! 😉


People are so talented…

©2010-2012 ^alicexz

©2009-2012 =Culpeo-Fox


And now for some fantasy art!  You may love these or hate them, but I LOVE them, so I have to share more than just two…

©2009-2012 ~Philipstraub

©2011-2012 *heise

©2009-2012 ~yoeah

©2008-2012 *sandara

©2008-2012 *sandara

©2010-2012 *AlectorFencer

©2008-2012 *Ironshod

There’s sooo many more, but I’ll resist…


I don’t know what these would be classified as technically, but they are interesting and beautiful to me…

©2011-2012 ~Aichan3

©2011-2012 =Eibo-Jeddah

So colorful.


And because of my love of reading, I really like the concept of these…

©2011-2012 *duchesse-2-Guermante

©2011-2012 `Tolkienmaster

©2010-2012 ~meoww


And just because this is so darn cute…

©2008-2012 ~lOolah

It’s hard to stop!


See what I mean?  Don’t you agree that it would be easy to get sucked into all of this wonderful creative expression?!  I’m so thankful for eyes that can see!


Hopefully at some point I’ll get around to posting that chapter…


Beautiful Things Come in Twenties

They say things come in three’s but today things are coming twenties because my baby girl turns 20 today!

I thought maybe I should embarrass her by blogging about it.  😉

So indulge me just a bit as I share twenty things I love about my daughter on her 2oth birthday…


~I love her sense of style~

(and also lack there of ;))

~I love her smile~

~I love how tenderhearted she is toward animals~

~I love her sense of adventure~

~I love her creativity and dramatic flair~

~I love her sense of humor~

(Grandma does tend to get out of hand from time to time lol!)

~I love the way she sings~

~I love her sweetness~

~I love her hair~

~I love her eyes~

~I love her musical talent~

~I love her freckles~

~I love that she is a hopeless romantic at heart~

~I love what a good head she has on her shoulders~

(her graduation commencement speech rocked!)

~I love her quirkiness~

~I love her beautiful loving heart~

~I love her child likeness~

~I love how honest she is~

~I love her moral values and sense of right and wrong~

~I love her forgiving heart~

And so much more…

Happy 20th birthday Baby!

I am so incredibly blessed to have you for a daughter and I’m so proud of the young woman you have become!

I love you! 


Being Busy

I very much dislike being busy.

I mean… I really like getting stuff done and accomplishing things, but I am the type of person who really needs my down time.

I know that some people thrive on busyness and get bored when they’re not busy doing something, but I’m not one of them.  I rarely ever get bored.  There is always something to do ~ even when you’re relaxing.  Although I must confess ~ I do tend to be quite easily amused and entertained in general.  😉

When I was unplugged last week, I felt like I was so busy.  I had one day where I really wanted to just relax and I’ll admit that without having my usual relaxing activities like reading, watching TV and being on the Internet, I did get a little bored.  But that was different.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed all of the various activities I was doing and felt like I accomplished a lot, I seriously missed my down time.  Funny thing is… I was supposed to use that time of being unplugged to get more in touch with myself by shutting out all of the other voices, but my time just got filled with other things, I was busier and actually felt less in touch with myself.

Well maybe not… because I did get in touch with one thing about myself ~ I. Do. Not. Like. Being. Busy.  😉

I wonder if some people like to busy themselves so they don’t have to think about some of the deeper stuff going on in their lives.  Because when you’re busy going, going, going and focused on a dozen other things at once, you don’t have time to do much reflection or contemplation about the deeper things.  Heck, I know when I’m really overwhelmed with emotional stuff and don’t want to deal, I try to find other things to do to avoid thinking too.  But I use reading or TV for that because they are more relaxing activities and don’t deplete my energy by wearing me down even more.

Being busy doesn’t always mean you’re being productive.

I also wonder if sometimes people busy themselves because maybe they feel inadequate and have the need to achieve as much as possible in order to feel good about themselves ~ to feel like they are doing something worthwhile with their lives.  In being unemployed for the past year and a half, I have had many times where I have felt like a low-life, non contributing member of society, but our value and self worth in this world is not based solely on our accomplishments in the general sense of the word.  I believe it’s more about the contributions we make in the lives of others.

And I’m able to contribute more when I’m not so dang busy!  😉


A final thought… I realize that some people may just be busy by default because their lifestyles dictate it to be so, but we should still be careful what we choose or allow ourselves to be busied with because ultimately in the end ~ it may not yield the results in life we were hoping for…