Being Busy

I very much dislike being busy.

I mean… I really like getting stuff done and accomplishing things, but I am the type of person who really needs my down time.

I know that some people thrive on busyness and get bored when they’re not busy doing something, but I’m not one of them.  I rarely ever get bored.  There is always something to do ~ even when you’re relaxing.  Although I must confess ~ I do tend to be quite easily amused and entertained in general.  😉

When I was unplugged last week, I felt like I was so busy.  I had one day where I really wanted to just relax and I’ll admit that without having my usual relaxing activities like reading, watching TV and being on the Internet, I did get a little bored.  But that was different.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed all of the various activities I was doing and felt like I accomplished a lot, I seriously missed my down time.  Funny thing is… I was supposed to use that time of being unplugged to get more in touch with myself by shutting out all of the other voices, but my time just got filled with other things, I was busier and actually felt less in touch with myself.

Well maybe not… because I did get in touch with one thing about myself ~ I. Do. Not. Like. Being. Busy.  😉

I wonder if some people like to busy themselves so they don’t have to think about some of the deeper stuff going on in their lives.  Because when you’re busy going, going, going and focused on a dozen other things at once, you don’t have time to do much reflection or contemplation about the deeper things.  Heck, I know when I’m really overwhelmed with emotional stuff and don’t want to deal, I try to find other things to do to avoid thinking too.  But I use reading or TV for that because they are more relaxing activities and don’t deplete my energy by wearing me down even more.

Being busy doesn’t always mean you’re being productive.

I also wonder if sometimes people busy themselves because maybe they feel inadequate and have the need to achieve as much as possible in order to feel good about themselves ~ to feel like they are doing something worthwhile with their lives.  In being unemployed for the past year and a half, I have had many times where I have felt like a low-life, non contributing member of society, but our value and self worth in this world is not based solely on our accomplishments in the general sense of the word.  I believe it’s more about the contributions we make in the lives of others.

And I’m able to contribute more when I’m not so dang busy!  😉


A final thought… I realize that some people may just be busy by default because their lifestyles dictate it to be so, but we should still be careful what we choose or allow ourselves to be busied with because ultimately in the end ~ it may not yield the results in life we were hoping for…


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