Beautiful Things Come in Twenties

They say things come in three’s but today things are coming twenties because my baby girl turns 20 today!

I thought maybe I should embarrass her by blogging about it.  😉

So indulge me just a bit as I share twenty things I love about my daughter on her 2oth birthday…


~I love her sense of style~

(and also lack there of ;))

~I love her smile~

~I love how tenderhearted she is toward animals~

~I love her sense of adventure~

~I love her creativity and dramatic flair~

~I love her sense of humor~

(Grandma does tend to get out of hand from time to time lol!)

~I love the way she sings~

~I love her sweetness~

~I love her hair~

~I love her eyes~

~I love her musical talent~

~I love her freckles~

~I love that she is a hopeless romantic at heart~

~I love what a good head she has on her shoulders~

(her graduation commencement speech rocked!)

~I love her quirkiness~

~I love her beautiful loving heart~

~I love her child likeness~

~I love how honest she is~

~I love her moral values and sense of right and wrong~

~I love her forgiving heart~

And so much more…

Happy 20th birthday Baby!

I am so incredibly blessed to have you for a daughter and I’m so proud of the young woman you have become!

I love you! 



7 responses to “Beautiful Things Come in Twenties

  1. Awww Modder ❤ Thank you, and I loves you =]


  2. Okay not fair that I cried all the way through this one. Happy Birthday to Jewels’ Jewel. 😉


  3. Wow, I sure am late to the party here. I didn’t know she gave a speech at graduation! I just watched it, and pardon me for waxing sentimental here, but it’s so cool seeing that shy overachiever from my English 10 class speaking to hundreds of people at her high school graduation 🙂 I really like that speech, and I like how the message is short, simple, and powerful. Awesome job, Rachael. And Julie, you must be doing something right because your kid sure is turning out great 🙂


    • Better late than never! 😉 Thanks, Simon! It really was a huge deal for her to speak at graduation, but she had it burning on her heart so fiercely to share the things she said, so she bit the bullet and overcame her fear. I was and am so proud of my kid! ♥


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