Addicted to deviantART

Several days ago my daughter suggested that I make a deviantART account.  I’ve been working on a fictional story, that up until recently has only lived inside my head, and she thought it would be a good idea to post the first chapter on there to get feedback on it.  Well, I have yet to post my first chapter because mine eyes have seen the glory of all of the wonderful, beautiful art and I have lost myself in it’s vast galleries of artistic expression.

Allow me to share a few of the beautiful and interesting images I have come across…


Being a nature lover, I am totally turned on by any photography which depicts nature or landscapes.

Omygosh just look at these phenomenal sunset shots! !

©2010-2012 *WindyLife

©2006-2012 ~jay-peg

Amazing right?!!!  And there’s TONS of photos like these!


How about some florals…

©2010-2012 *WindyLife

©2010-2012 ~impatienss

It was hard to just pick a couple photos here, but I’m a sucker for shades of purples, pinks, and blues so I chose these. 🙂


Now for some fractals…

©2010-2012 *heavenriver

©2010-2012 *heavenriver

Both completely different ~ and completely beautiful!


You want cute & cuddly?…

©2010-2012 ~CheckAvailability

©2011-2012 =forest-goddess

Yeah, I’m also a sucker for bunnies and kittens! 😉


People are so talented…

©2010-2012 ^alicexz

©2009-2012 =Culpeo-Fox


And now for some fantasy art!  You may love these or hate them, but I LOVE them, so I have to share more than just two…

©2009-2012 ~Philipstraub

©2011-2012 *heise

©2009-2012 ~yoeah

©2008-2012 *sandara

©2008-2012 *sandara

©2010-2012 *AlectorFencer

©2008-2012 *Ironshod

There’s sooo many more, but I’ll resist…


I don’t know what these would be classified as technically, but they are interesting and beautiful to me…

©2011-2012 ~Aichan3

©2011-2012 =Eibo-Jeddah

So colorful.


And because of my love of reading, I really like the concept of these…

©2011-2012 *duchesse-2-Guermante

©2011-2012 `Tolkienmaster

©2010-2012 ~meoww


And just because this is so darn cute…

©2008-2012 ~lOolah

It’s hard to stop!


See what I mean?  Don’t you agree that it would be easy to get sucked into all of this wonderful creative expression?!  I’m so thankful for eyes that can see!


Hopefully at some point I’ll get around to posting that chapter…



2 responses to “Addicted to deviantART

  1. Oh you and I so need to TALK>>> write… yes, I agree with your lil’ jewel, (yes, I know, bad pun on my part) but come on Jewels, you really have to write. No fair for me to do all the writing and you not sharing your imagination. LOL. TIme for me to let my Muse to throw a temper fit and send her to you for a change. 😉 ( I would never curse you like that) Please share. Hugs.


    • I think it’s completely fair to let you do all the writing. 😛 At least you know how to write a story ~ I’m just a blogger of randomness… But if I do gather up enough guts… you’ll be the first to see! Thank you for the encouragement. ♥ {{{hugs}}}


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