Lets Talk About The Weather

I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere, but here in Minnesota we seem to like to talk a lot about the weather.  Maybe because it’s only in Minnesota that you can experience all four seasons within the span of one day.  Heck, within the span of an hour even!   As the saying goes… “If you don’t like the weather we’re having, just wait five minutes and it’ll change.”

Well today… I wouldn’t want to change a thing about the weather.  It was absolutely glorious!  I don’t know what the high was for the day around the state, but it’s currently 71 degrees at 8 p.m in the Twin Cities Metro Area and it’s the middle of March!  I even heard Robins singing today ~ a sure sign of spring.  I’ve been hearing a lot of birds singing lately actually.  So lovely. ♥  It’s amazing how much joy you can feel at the sound of something so simple as a bird’s song.  At least it is for me, because I’m a dork like that…

The only thing missing is the color green.  I miss green.  Green would be unusual to see in March here in Minnesota (it’s usually still white), but so is 70 degree weather!  I guess since we didn’t get much snow this winter, we’ll have to wait until we get some rain for the green to show up…

As my daughter and I ventured out and about today to enjoy the nice weather, we ended up near downtown Minneapolis along the Mississippi River at an area called Riverplace.  I grew up not too far from there.  There are walking/biking trails all along the river, and buildings and bridges with interesting architecture to look at.  It was the middle of the afternoon and there were tons of people out.  They all must have been playing hooky from work and school.

We had a bit of a difficult time on our walk because of my daughter’s dog, Teddy.  He has absolutely no social skills whatsoever and freaked out and barked at every single dog we encountered along the way.  It was so annoying!  He however, seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.  He was all plumb tuckered out by the time we got back to the car.

He’s lucky he’s so cute, because he can be awfully aggravating.  You’d never guess how naughty he is by looking at this adorableness…


Afterward, we took a nice drive along the river road and then ended up at my mom’s house.

Another wonderful thing about this weather is that with the hope of approaching springtime comes gardening time (or rather “planning” for it).  For nearly half of my life, gardening has been a major part of my springtime excitement ~ planning and drawing the layout of each year’s vegetable garden, and deciding where and which perennials and annuals to add to my flower beds.  Since losing my home, I have been greatly deprived of this pleasure for the past couple of springs.  Until now… my mom has agreed to let me put in a small raised vegetable garden in her yard!  I am so pumped!  I’m sure I’ll have more to follow on that as it gets underway.

Look!  My mom’s lilac bush has buds!


Since it was so nice out we decided to eat dinner outside on my mom’s patio and guess what?  One negative about this warm weather… unfortunately the stupid bugs have awakened with the warm weather too and the wasps are out already!  Okay, it was just one wasp.  And it was not at the top of its game.  But I barely escaped with my meager life as it landed on my hand and tried to take over my burrito!  Funny thing… as I was attempting to flee from the wasp’s angry grasp,  I accidentally flung the innards of my burrito all over the back of my mom’s shirt.  Oops!  Omygosh it was hilarious!  I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.  Felt good.

My brave daughter had taken this photo earlier ~ before its brutal attack.  We should have smashed it while we had the chance.  Here is the evil culprit of my burrito’s untimely demise…


The extended weather forecast is looking good.

Five-day forecast


Mar 15


Mar 16


Mar 17


Mar 18


Mar 19

Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy Mostly SunnyMostly Sunny Scattered ThunderstormsScattered Thunderstorms Isolated ThunderstormsIsolated Thunderstorms Scattered ThunderstormsScattered Thunderstorms

The thunderstorms don’t bother me.  I love them actually!  And besides, that will bring the green!  The forecast doesn’t really mean anything anyway because this IS Minnesota and it could all change in the next five minutes…


How’s the weather where you are?

5 responses to “Lets Talk About The Weather

  1. Lilac buds… so jealous. Our weather here has been just bout the same as yours. The temps are running in the high 70’s and the low 80’s for the past two weeks. We missed winter all together, so wish the I lived so where that I could have a garden and a place for flowers, so plant me something purple. 🙂 Hugs my friend. So glad that you are writing again.


    • It’s really too early for the lilacs to be budding already, so I hope a hard frost doesn’t come along and ruin their blooms for this year. I LOVE lilacs! They smell so lovely and their blooms are so pretty! Over the years I’ve grown many different varieties of them, but the typical old fashioned ones are my favorite ~ which is the kind my mom has. She has just the one lilac bush on her property that her own father planted many years ago. 🙂 Actual planting time here isn’t usually until around Mother’s Day, but I will definitely plant you something purple when that time comes. ♥ {{{HUGS}}}


  2. We live in western washington state. We have snow rain mix its 15% colderer than normal. You are indeed blessed.


    • Oh I love Washington! My sister lived in Seattle for 20 years and I’ve been out there many times and explored much of your state. Did I mention I love it there?! 😉 I love the weather there too! Snow is quite unusual there (except for in the mountains). Seriously, the weather is being so weird… Hope it warms up a bit for you soon. Mid to upper 70’s here today! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment.


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