Adventures in Gardening Part 1 ~ The Adventure Begins!

In my post Lets Talk About The Weather, I mentioned that my mom is giving me a little 4 x 8 sized piece of her yard so that I can put in a raised vegetable garden!  It’s not much, but it’s something, and I’m extremely grateful!  It needs to be a raised bed because my parents have treated their yard with TruGreen ChemLawn for so many years that I would never eat anything grown in that soil.  They’ve always had a lovely lawn, but I cringe at the thought of consuming all of those chemicals that have built up over the years ~ I’m an organic girl.  🙂  Having a raised bed will also be easier for me with my bad knees.

Anyway, I thought I would start a little series of posts documenting and sharing the progress of it as it goes along.

Prior to the past couple of years, I always had gardens of my own.  Gardening was a major part of my lifestyle for nearly 20 years.  Along with my ex husband, I grew much of my own food, and canned, froze, and dehydrated some of it for later use.  There is something just so unbelievably rewarding about growing your own food.  I also had lovely perennial flower beds that I painstakingly tended and added to each year.  But since moving into an apartment (that I rent), I have had no place to play in the dirt so I am in great need of a gardening fix.

Today my sis and I went to Menards and bought some lumber.  She’s quite the handyman.  Um… I mean… handywoman.  Seriously there is nothing this woman can’t do!  She’s a walking talking wealth of knowledge and information on all sorts of random subjects.  You should see how many various books she’s reading at the moment ~ on everything from making your own cheese, to building an outdoor brick oven.  She and her husband built their cabin themselves ~ like with their own two hands!  Last year they tapped their maple trees and made their own maple syrup, and even took a bee keeping class to learn how to get honey.  If the end of the world or a zombie apocalypse ever happens I’m sticking with her!  😉


We snapped these photos of each other as we were leaving the lumber yard.  We had it stacked so high between the seats of my SUV that I could barely see over it!  I ended up choosing cedar to build the bed with.  It’s more expensive, but it will last forever.  And it was on sale!   It smells amazing!

I was laughing because some guys in the car next to us were shouting stuff out their window at us.  I’m not sure what though.  And yes… I squint when I laugh.  My mom always tells me not to laugh while I’m driving because my eyes close.  But I almost always laugh when I’m with my sis!  ♥


She looks slightly creeper-ish here peering over the boards at me, but in reality she was actually protecting me against a possible avalanche of lumber.  And I know she’d protect me from the zombies too.  😉   My sis… she’s always got my back.  Or in this case… my face.  😉


Stay tuned…

7 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 1 ~ The Adventure Begins!

  1. *LOVE* the pictures of you with lumber in a car. I have done that very thing so many times I can’t even count! It’s difficult, but it works!


    • Haha thanks! It was a first time adventure for me. It was a good thing I didn’t need any more or else I wouldn’t have been able to see! 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your comment!


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  3. You look happy and wonderful!!!


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