Adventures in Gardening Part 3 ~ Breaking Ground!

Finally “broke ground” in the spot where my new vegetable garden is going!  Even for such a small area, it was a lot of work digging up all that grass ~ but it felt really great at the same time.  🙂  Got to use my shiny new shovel too, and it worked like a charm!

I felt a little bad for digging up all that fresh new spring green grass, so I transplanted it to a bare spot on the side of my mom’s garage.  I don’t know if it’ll take though because it might be a bit early in the season for that yet.  I guess time will tell.  One can hope.  If anything, it was nice to have a place to put it so I didn’t feel like I was being wasteful.


Check this out!  You just never know what you’ll discover once you start digging.  I’m pretty sure this is a shotgun shell.  Yikes!  Wonder what the story behind this is?  Maybe I’d rather not know…


There were tons of worms!  My daughter was very careful as she was helping me that she didn’t injure any during the digging process.  Such a tender heart she has ~ even for worms.  But hey, I’m all for saving the worms because they are very good for a garden!

“No worms were harmed in the making of this movie.”  Er, I mean, in the writing of this blog.  😉  Well, maybe some were…


The finished plot!  Hmm, kinda looks like a grave.  Or maybe I’ve been watching too many zombie movies lately…

It looks a lot smaller than I imagined it.  And actually… it is.  About an hour after I cleaned up and finished working for the day, my sister told me that I should have measured and extra 2 inches all around to account for the depth of the cedar beams we are using to build the box.  Oops!  Guess It’s not a finished plot just yet…


2 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 3 ~ Breaking Ground!

  1. When I built my deeper garden beds, I usually just chopped up the sod, turned it upside down and left it in the bottom of the garden for the worms to eat that year. But I didn’t have any other place to put it.


    • I didn’t even think of that ~ probably would have been less work for me ;). I guess I was thinking that I didn’t want any of the grass that had been chemically treated mingling in with my food. (In an earlier post I mentioned that my parent’s lawn has been treated with TruGreen for many years). I’m sure it’s in their soil as well so that is why I’m building a raised bed and bringing in my own organic soil too. 🙂


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