Adventures in Gardening Part 4 ~ Build a Box!

Not gonna lie…  This next part…

Nearly.  Wiped.  Me.  Out.

I am completely wasted after building the box for my new veggie garden.  Thank God for my sis who is totally bad-ass in wielding a circular saw as well as a drill.  There is no way in heaven or hell that I would have been able to do this without her!

Men, don’t ever take your upper body strength or muscles for granted.  I’m sure this would have been a snap for you, but I barely escaped with my meager life after building this thingI have a new sense of appreciation for your manly abilities, to be sure.

But despite my weakness…

I am woman hear me RAWR!  After about 4 laborious hours of toil, we got the majority of it done!

We were feeling quite victorious after completing only the first layer, and paused to snap a photo of our accomplishment…

Little did we know, that was only the beginning of what turned out to be some very strenuous work.


We did not stop to take photos of the progression, because we were too busy busting our humps and trudging along to get as much of it finished as we could before the rain came, but here are a few shots we took afterwards.  It ended up being a few inches higher than I had originally planned, but it will be easily accessible for me to garden in without hurting my knees.  🙂

Here it is from a few different angles…

Not too shabby for a couple of girls!  😉


It’s hard to tell from the photos, but there is about 3 feet around the perimeter of it which will leave plenty of room for maneuvering while gardening, and also for the mower to cut the grass around it.

The cedar we used smelled sooo amazing as we worked with it, and it’s such lovely wood.  I wish the photos showed just how pretty it is…

We still need to drill in the two supports along the sides, and decide which is the best way to seal the inside between the boards so that dirt doesn’t seep through, but wow what a cool thing we’ve made so far!

I know I already said this in an earlier post, but I’m so thankful to my mom for letting me put this in her yard since I don’t have one of my own at the moment, and I can hardly wait to start planting!

Gardening is therapy for me! ♥

12 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 4 ~ Build a Box!

  1. Love it Julie! So proud of you and the work you’ve done! I can hear ya RAWR!!!!!!!!


  2. This is super cool, Julie! Seriously, it’s like, downright inspiring. I think I will need to get off my duff and get working on some outdoor stuff now!


    • Thanks Simon! I’ve been having such gardening withdrawals over the past couple of years that it’s just so wonderful to now have a place to plant again! Well technically I don’t have a place quite yet, but soon… when this is finished! 🙂


  3. Now that’s a deep garden bed! Are you going to grow world record carrots?


    • Yeah I know… holy deep garden bed batman! But this way I don’t have to bend and stoop with my bad knees. World record carrots? Hmmm… maybe! 😉


  4. “We still need to drill in the two supports along the sides, and decide which is the best way to seal the inside between the boards so that dirt doesn’t seep through”

    I wouldn’t worry much about lining your grow box, when the wood becomes wet/damp from your growing soil, the wood will expand preventing soil from pushing between your boards.
    Happy Gardening


    • Funny, I was worrying the exact opposite ~ that because the wood will expand and contract, that will cause the possible seeping between the boards. I ended up lining the sides with landscape fabric just to be safe. It wasn’t too much extra work and I got to use a staple gun! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, and for your comment. Happy gardening to you as well!


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  6. Love this ! I will be getting hubby working on one of these soon !!! What did you grow in the box ? Other sites I have been to says to use different boxes for different veggies ?


    • Thanks! Well, if you have the room for growing each different veggie in its own box then do that, but I only had room in the yard for the one box so I grew everything together. I read up on ‘companion planting’ and found out what things do well growing next to each other, and that was helpful, but in the end I just grew the veggies that I like to eat. I grew zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, celery, green beans, and various herbs, some did well and some did not. I also had a couple other pots that I used to grow my tomatoes, peas and onions in. It was really a learning experience for me because even though I’ve been gardening for 20 years, I had never tried to grow veggies in a raised bed or pots before. This year I’m at a complete loss because of the weird weather, many of my seeds should have been planted by now according to the calendar.


  7. I know !!! This weather has been crazy in Central Indiana to !!! Suppose to be 38 degrees on Monday morning !!! AAAAACCCK !!! I am going to plant after Monday and hope for the best !!! It is ok to plant , supposedly , after Mother’s Day … We will see … Best of luck with your planting Julie !!!


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