Daily Archives: April 4, 2012

Adventures in Gardening Part 5

With each step taken, the time draws nearer for when I can finally start planting!

Today I went to Kern Landscape and ordered the soil.  It was a painful purchase ~ the most expensive part of this adventure, but the soil is the most important, as it is the foundation of what the plants will grow in, and determine the quality and health of those plants.  It’s being delivered tomorrow!  You know it’ll be a back busting, busy day for me hauling it all back and forth in my lil’ red wheelbarrow from the driveway to the box.  I’ll have some help though so hopefully it won’t be too bad.  I’m sure I will let you know all about it in Part 6.  I wonder just how many “parts” there are going to be of this adventure…?  😉

I also stopped at The Home Depot to pick up some landscape fabric to line the sides of the box with, and a staple gun.  Then, between me and my sis we tacked it all down.  It hurt my weak little girlie hands to use the staple gun, so my sis did a lot of it, but it was fun to use.  If I had thought there would be more occasions in the future where I would need a staple gun, I would have bought an electric one…


To finish off the day I went to an organic gardening class at the library.  I didn’t really need to go because I’ve already been doing organic gardening for years, but I don’t know everything so I thought maybe I could learn something new, plus it was free.  🙂  I was hoping maybe there would be some information on doing raised bed gardening, since I am new to that, but there wasn’t.  Oh well, it was still interesting enough and I bumped into a neighbor of my mom’s there that I hadn’t seen for a while, so that was nice.

Oh boy look at the clock!  I am up way too late for my own good since I have an early start in the morning shoveling dirt.  So for now I guess “that’s all folks!”