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As I Awake


I awake, remnants of a dream still lingering in my fuzzy mind.

Slowly my senses start to come alive.  I hear the splattering of gentle raindrops mingling with the song of birds drifting in through my open window.

I feel the softness of my sheets against my bare skin as I stir between them.

Even in these early stages of awakening somehow my cat senses it and begins meowing outside my bedroom door.

But my bed is warm and I am reluctant to leave its comfort to go open my door to allow her access.

Thoughts gradually increase as my mind becomes more awake.  I roll over and try to block them out.  Not yet wanting reality to invade this peaceful sleepiness.

I search for a fragment of that last dream I was having, but it has completely dissolved and retreated back into the depths of my subconscious.

The scent of wet earth mixed with spring blossoms fills my senses now, as the slightest wisp of a breeze blows lightly against my face.

For a brief moment I lay reveling in the joys of spring and the new life that it brings.

But reality is pressing in hard upon this early awakening bliss.  There is no escape from the dreadful thoughts of my circumstances that threaten to steal my peace.

Like a flood, all of my worries and hurts pour into my mind now.  I resist, but they are relentless in their pursuit of my undivided attention.

I am no longer aware of the gentle rain, the sweet bird songs have been silenced in my distress.  My bed is no longer comfortable, I toss about in discontent, becoming overwhelmed with emotion as each thought surfaces.

“God please help me” I whisper aloud.  I repeat it in my mind over and over.

So simple, so basic.  So… effective.  Little by little other thoughts begin trickling in, and with them… hope.  Relief.

I am aware once again of my cat meowing outside the door.  She is hungry and I realize… so am I.

I climb out of bed and open my door to grant her entrance.  She’s happy to see me.  As I go back to lay down, she follows me.

She makes herself comfortable upon my chest.   The softness of her fur, and the vibration of her purring deeply comforts me.

Together we lay, enjoying in each others affection.  With the sounds and smells of spring coming in through my open window.

We remain this way until my desire for coffee beckons me.  Unable to resist, I slide out from beneath the covers and slipping on a robe

start the day…

© Julie Rehnelt 2012


Hmm… I seem to be in a sort of “poetry” type of writing mood.  If that’s what this even is?  Strange.  Just gotta go with these things when they come upon you though I guess…