Here’s to Ex’s & Taxes…



“We interrupt our regularly scheduled programing to bring you this very special public service announcement.”

In honor of being bullied, threatened, and harassed by my ex husband over the past week about this year’s income taxes, I would like to take a moment to convey my extreme displeasure by expressing a few thoughts…

Not exactly my thoughts because they are pictures I have found while randomly surfing the Internet, but you know what I mean…

Yeah… not something I would actually ever really think about doing, but when you’re angry it can be helpful as funny therapy to fantasize about it…



I know that by posting this I am running the risk here of sounding like a bitter ex wife, but really I’m not.  I’m happy.  For the most part.  In general, I have always had a positive, cheerful outlook on life.  A simple joy for living permeates.  I work through the ups and downs, and go through my process, usually coming out the other end with an “on the bright side” attitude.

Yes, I still  have a few unresolved issues ~ which would be expected after being married for 20 years and finding out that your husband had been cheating on you for 2 years, but this is about the horrible ordeal he has put me through over this past week.  I thought I was done having to deal with him when out of the blue he pops up (on Easter mind you) and starts making my life a living hell again.  Of course, I know I shouldn’t give him all this power to affect my life so dramatically, but it happens…

And when it does, I guess I express it this way ~ on my blog, for all the world to see.  Oops, how embarrassing!  😉

Here’s my final “on the bright side” thought about that…


“Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…”


4 responses to “Here’s to Ex’s & Taxes…

  1. Get ’em girl. Been there done that, bought the tee shirt, the coffee cup went back and got a few more items I didn’t need too. So vent away. Love ya all the more. 😀


  2. Grinning… Don’t forget that Ex’s can also be females and can be just as bigh a butt hole as any male Ex…
    Been there – Done that….
    Think – Happy Gardening!!! ~Pobept


    • Haha! Yes ex’s certainly do come in both sexes ~ thanks for reminding me! Just exchange the woman driving with a man (although that’s not as funny because you know… “them woman drivers” and all ;)) and then exchange the “manly essence” with the female version. 🙂


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