Thoughts on Earth Day

I’ve realized a few things about myself over the years…

One of them being that I think I just very well may be a closet environmentalist.  I hate to use labels, but I don’t know how else to describe it.

Because today is Earth Day, I have spent the entire morning reading about Earth Day and watching nature related videos.  Funny thing is… I do this on somewhat of a regular basis ~ nature is something so inspiring to me, and it gives me a deep sense of awareness of things on so many different levels.

I’m not radical enough in my general personality to go out there and protest or hug trees or anything, but within my own self I do have a few strong feelings on matters of the environment…

I think people get sick of all the rhetoric.  On any subject actually.  And I think people have become cynical.  I also think that too often politics get in the way.

I questioned whether or not I should even engage in the subject of the day.  It’s a lot to sort through and people have so many differing opinions.  But if we could just lay aside opinions and politics, and practice some good old fashioned common sense… that would be so refreshing.

What it comes down to is this…

We are hurting the Earth.  And over time… it is possible to wreck it.  We have not been good stewards.  And we have to take steps (however small) and make changes in how we do things, or we will regret it.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out (for all those who demand to see the scientific proof), and it’s not about which political party lines you fall within.  And before you are tempted to blow this off as something that doesn’t really affect you or really matter in the grand scheme of things for your life… you couldn’t be more wrong ~ this is about all of us, and this planet we call home.

Below is one of the videos I found while perusing the Internet this morning and is very nicely done.  The quote at the beginning teeters on some of that political rhetoric I mentioned, but still makes its point.  And I love Two Steps From Hell’s music!

I know… the end is somewhat anticlimactic with that Koala.  I mean… I like Koala’s just as much as the next person, but it’s not a particularly inspiring animal lol!


This next one tells the basics about what Earth Day is, and the simple things we can do…


I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about Earth Day…


7 responses to “Thoughts on Earth Day

  1. Blessed Earth Day Jewels. 🙂 One thing that we can all do, is exactly what you are doing. Plant something, even if it is a potted plant in your window. It helps replace what gets stripped aways so often without thought. 😉

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  2. Great post, Julie – very thoughtful and well-written. You are indeed correct that, in the US, anyway, politics always gets in the way – especially when one party values -above all else- willful ignorance and the opportunity to turn every issue, event, or holiday into an opportunity to draw battle lines.
    Some good old fashioned common sense WOULD absolutely be refreshing.


  3. I try to do my part in my little part of the universe. Koala’s don’t inspire you???? LOL – one of those phrases that sent me laughing.


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