Adventures in Gardening Part 11 ~ Darn Squirrels!

Don’t let this cuteness fool you ~ squirrels are pure evil!

Okay, I’ll admit… I may over exaggerating just a tad, and this is a really super cute photo of one (just look at its wittle questioning face ~ who me?  evil?  no, not little ol’ me, I’m innocent), but I’m not buying it.

I am not a fan of the squirrel.  I have nightmares about them, actually.  I know… squirrels?  Why would a person have nightmares about squirrels of all things?  Heck if I know… maybe I’m just mental.

When I was a little girl, my dad used to take me and my brother and sister to the park to feed the squirrels on Sunday afternoons.  It’s a very fond childhood memory of mine, so I have no idea where the nightmares stem from.

It’s a recurring nightmare where I am surrounded by dozens of creepy diabolical squirrels and I’m holding my dog; trying to protect him from them.  I’ve had several dogs over the years (all small breeds) and the dog I’m holding varies between them, as does the location where the event is happening, but it’s always the same …  scary freaky squirrels are trying to get my dog.  I seem to know this is a recurring thing because I always think to myself “Oh no, not again!”  Sounds dumb, but it’s seriously really terrifying.  Fortunately, they never succeed in their evil plot for world domination ~ er, I mean in their goal to get my dog, which must indicate something positive in the grand scheme in the dark reaches of my psyche.  I haven’t had the nightmare for quite a while, so that must be a good sign too.

But now I’m afraid these nightmares may take on a new dimension (in reality) because squirrels are digging in my garden!  When I went to check on the progress of my little seedlings the other day, I found several holes in various places throughout my garden, including finding one of my zucchini mounds ruined!  😦  Even though I didn’t catch the culprit in action, I know it’s a squirrel because last year when my brother was staying at my parent’s house, he had a squirrel that he was feeding on a regular basis while he sat out on their patio.  The dummy!

In all of my years of gardening I’ve never had a problem with squirrels before, so I’m kinda clueless as to what to do about it.  I went online this morning to find more information just in case this little wicked friend of my brother’s decides to make a regular habit of being a nuisance, but aside from chemicals and traps (neither of which appeal to me) it doesn’t sound like there is much you can do that will result in any great success.  Squirrels = pure evil…  like I said.

On a positive note…

I found that my lettuce seeds are sprouting!


And my spinach were tall enough to be thinned so I now have 5 separate plants…


I also found more peas sprouting ~ all 13 of them in fact!  Who says 13 is unlucky?  😉


It may be silly, but I just find it really exciting to see all of these little greenies popping up! ♥   I’m still watching for my carrots and zucchini to come up ~ can’t wait!

And next week I can plant my cucumbers!


“Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?”  Hopefully without an invasion of squirrels…

14 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 11 ~ Darn Squirrels!

  1. Do you currently have a dog? If not there are lots of non-chemical repellants you can put down (but dogs may try to eat them) You can also sprinkle around black pepper (lots of it, I buy it at the dollar store or wholesale club in bulk) or other spicy things!


    • Black pepper huh? Thanks for the tip :), I’ll have to give that a try if this squirrel continues to give me any problems. I also have plans to plant other spicey/smelly plants around my garden once the growing season gets into full swing so hopefully that’ll help too. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment!


  2. Love love this. I so needed the laugh. I am sorry that I am laughing at your misfortune, but I can not seem to help it. The idea that you are afraid that squirrels are going to dominate the world is simply perfect for me; especially when I see you as being so fearless about so many things. Thanks Jewels. Hugs. 🙂


  3. I would suggest mounting small outward-facing mirrors around the perimeter of your garden. Squirrels are very vain, and this will cause them to spend all their time around your garden grooming themselves and staring lovingly at their reflections (while occasionally practicing their favorite “diabolical stare” look), thus leaving your veggies alone.


  4. We are always at war with these critters. I use crushed, baked eggshells, small branches, sometimes netting, just to protect the bulbs until they get a chance to sprout. Even after all that, they still manage to get at some things.

    Last year they would not stop digging up my onions!


    • Grrr the evil little beasties! Sorry to hear you’ve had such problems with them. 😦 I don’t have any bulbs planted, but I was planning on putting in some onions. I haven’t noticed any further damage in my garden since this post, so I’m crossing my fingers real hard that it was just a one time thing. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the comment.


  5. Yep, you are correct. The beasts are pure evil. You can’t have a bird feeder without the nasty things raiding it. I used to turn the garden hose on them when I spotted them in my garden. They loved munching on the leaf lettuce. You might ask at a garden store or get some chicken wire to put around the plants.


    • So far the evil little beast hasn’t done any further damage ~ mostly just digging around and burying stuff. I think the garlic/pepper spray I put on my plants for the bugs will help keep the squirrel away too ~ at least I’m hoping so…


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  8. Squirrels are so darn cute…


    • They really are, and I’ve grown to adore them despite their naughty antics in my garden. It was so nice of you to take the time to check out these older posts I wrote about the squirrels, thanks so much! Be well and be blessed, my friend! 🙂


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