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Titanic in 3D

Today was our first day of sunny day in forever and instead of spending it in the garden, I spent a majority of it crying my eyes out in a dark movie theater.  It’s my own fault for putting it off. When my daughter first saw the advertisements for Titanic coming out in 3D, she informed me that we would be going to see it ~ no ifs ands or buts about it.  It happens to be one of her favorite movies of all-time and she never got to see it on the “big screen.”  I really like the movie too, but we have it on DVD and I’ve already seen it a couple of times, so I dragged my feet about going as long as I possibly could ~ until the final showing in fact, which was today.

People can criticize and hate on it all they want, but I think the movie Titanic was very well done ~ from the historical standpoint, the acting, costumes, and special effects, to the love story between Jack and Rose, the societal struggles, class issues, and the music (I love composer James Horner).  I did not however, enjoy seeing it in 3D.  I felt like it was distracting and took away from the story.  My daughter loved seeing it on the big screen though and that’s what going to see it was all about.  🙂

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen it and I find myself thinking about a few things…  Thinking about how Jack ended up winning his passage on the Titanic in a game of poker and then in turn lost his life.  But also how his being there had such a huge impact on changing someone else’s life ~ Roses’.  It also makes me think of  all the stories I heard about 911 and the people who didn’t make it into work that day in the Twin Towers because they were stuck in traffic or delayed for one reason or another, and how the others who were there ended up saving other peoples lives.

Makes you think about fate and destiny and stuff like that.  And also about “making it count.”  Life.  My life.  Yours.  And the choices we make every day… having no idea what lasting affect they might have.


I found these newspaper articles online.  Aside from the movie ~ this is real life stuff we’re talking about here…

And I will never forget…


Back to the movie…

As I bawled my eyes out, allowing myself to feel everything as it played out on the screen before me, I found myself wishing so much that I had what it took to weave a tale so moving.  What a wonderful thing being able to tell a meaningful story is.  And how satisfying and fulfilling it must be for authors and movie makers (and all of those involved) to be able to create something that can have such an affect on people.


What about you?  Did you take the time and money to go see Titanic in 3D?