Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Adventures in Gardening Part 15 ~ Houston… We Have a Problem

Just when I thought everything was going along splendidly…

I noticed this damage to my spinach today  😦~

I believe this may be the culprit.  I found it crawling along the stem of one of my other spinach plants.  I picked it off and then snapped this photo before it met with its untimely demise ~ under my shoe.I can’t seem to find any photos online that can indicate to me what this is exactly.  Anyone know???


Also, I think leaf miners of some sort are going after my broccoli  😦~

Because I am growing everything in my garden organically, using any sort of pesticide is absolutely out of the question, so any alternative suggestions would be most welcome.


My daughter made this little animated icon for me for Mother’s Day and I’m thinking going forward it would be fitting to add it to the bottom of all of my gardening posts.  Isn’t it cute? ♥

~Gardening is my therapy~