Adventures in Gardening Part 16 ~ Take THAT, Bugs!

With my latest discovery of pests in my garden I knew I needed to take immediate action before things got out of hand and those stupid bugs ruin all my delicious veggies.  Maybe I’ve been living in a bubble for the past 20 years, but I’ve never really had a pest problem in any of my gardens except for one time when we had a serious and disgusting battle with potato bugs (they won), so I wasn’t really sure what to do.

So I solicited the help of my readers and after reading my post about my buggy dilemma, fellow blogger thebeadden recommended I try a garlic/cayenne pepper spray.  So after taking a look at her recipe and also checking out a few other sources, I played mad-scientist and made my own little concoction using:

2 C hot water

3 tsp cayenne pepper

3 tsp garlic pepper

3 tsp natural lemon dish soap

2 Tbsp mineral oil

And then got down to business mixing it all together…~

You can’t really tell in the photo, but the mineral oil made the mixture look all sparkly in the sunshine.  Maybe it’ll blind the bugs!  😉~

Here’s my bottle of pepper power.  And here’s to hoping it packs a punch and gets rid of those pests!  I’ll let ya’ll know.~

Secondly, on the advice of a friend of mine and also a fellow blogger conversationswithmymuse, another thing I did was went out and picked up a bottle of white vinegar and filled 4- 8 oz glasses and set them near the 4 corners of my garden.  She says it will work to keep the bad bugs away while still allowing the good ones to enter.  A bad bug barrier ~ I like it!~

Hopefully between these two suggestions I will be able to stop my plants from any further destruction.  I’ll let you know…


After I finished practicing my alchemy skills I went about checking out the rest of my garden and was excited to find that my beans are sprouting!  The way it’s emerging here reminds me of  the movie Aliens for some reason.  😀~

And my second planting of peas are growing.~

Also, my mom had thought that the bleeding heart I had planted for her some years ago had died, but we were excited to see that one popped up in a different spot ~ outside of her garden.  Plant teleportation!  Sweet!~

Bought these on impulse while out running errands ~ I love me some Double Impatiens!  They remind me of tiny roses.  I can’t grow a rose to save my life!~

~Gardening is my therapy~

14 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 16 ~ Take THAT, Bugs!

  1. Good luck, mad scientist 🙂 By all accounts, there is a bumper crop of inchworms in the Twin Cities this year – a coworker of mine who does a lot of gardening mentioned it as well last week. And a non-gardening anecdote: I was walking around the State Capitol grounds in St. Paul yesterday taking some photos, and leaned against a rock wall surrounding a floral display so that I could change the battery in my camera. Although I was there only a minute or so, I felt something crawling up my leg and sure enough, it was an inchworm. Plus there was another one on my shoe. They are fast!


    • Thanks! 🙂 Yeah, if you saw the photo I had on my previous post, I think the culprit very well may be an inchworm ~ or its close relative. Sounds even more like it now that you mention the “bumper crop” of them here. I think the same thing is happening with June bugs too because there seem to be more of them than usual around here as well. They are so gross! I hate bugs. :/


  2. Bleeding hearts… ❤ *happy sighs* and of course the Double Inpatients, beautiful, 😥 Happy Tears 🙂 Both bring instant memories of planting spring flowers with my Momma. I wish you "rots o ruck" with the alchemy skills and may you kill many bad buggies. 😉


    • I love bleeding hearts so much ~ such delicate little hanging beauties. Omygosh Mindi… my Papa always said “rots o ruck” to me about various things. Now it’s me who is sighing… it’ll be a year soon, miss him so much. ♥ I’m such a dork, but I would seriously love to be a real alchemist!


  3. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you! I am posting another recipe my husband used on bugs eating leaves on last years crop. He said it killed them. Will have it up tonight or tomorrow.


  4. That is an awesome bug cocktail and should work! Keep us posted!


  5. I’m with the rest of the folks here–lemme know how this cocktail works. I might try it in some spots in our yard!


    • Will do Simon. I will mention here that I had quite a bit of trouble with my spray bottle clogging up which kinda sucked, but time will tell if what little bit I managed to get on my plants works. Going forward though I think I’m gonna need a different spray bottle. But hey, wouldn’t you rather just use the “real” stuff? I know you don’t care about all that organic type stuff ~ always making fun of me while you drink your Mt Dew and eat your Doritos in the teachers lounge! 😉


      • Haha! Actually, we do a lot more organic hippie-dippie type of stuff now than we ever used to. All our baby food comes from the organic grocery store (we call it “the hippie store”) in the form of produce and fruit that we steam and then blend into a nice mushy pulp. We also don’t put any chemicals on our lawn, which means a few more weeds (we actually go out and pick them when they get big) but no worries about junk getting on our feet. And today I biked to work too 🙂


      • LOL @ “hippie store!” Sounds like my kind of place! So glad you have come over to the “Light side of the Force” er, I mean the organic side of the grocery store. 😉


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