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And the Blog Award Goes to…

I’ve gotten nominated for several awards over the past few weeks and with the latest one that I just received, I figured it’s about time I write a post about all of them to acknowledge the wonderful people who nominated me and to nominate a few of my favorite blogs as well.

The only thing is, apparently each of these awards has it’s own set of “rules” as to what you are to do when you are nominated, and because I am posting about them all together I won’t be following those said rules.  Oh well, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel so why stop now, right?  😉


The most recent award I was nominated for is the Illuminating Blogger Award which was given to me by thebeadden ~ a wonderful gal who has two wonderful blogs:  Weed’em and Eat’em and The Bead Den.   Check them both out, you’ll be glad you did.  Thank you so much thebeadden ~ for the nomination and for just being such an awesome person!  I sincerely enjoy all of our interactions here on Word Press and would totally want to be your friend “in real life!”  🙂

And here’s where I start doing this award thing out of the norm…

 As I mentioned earlier, from what I gather, each of these awards has it’s own set of “rules” ~ many of which instruct the nominee to nominate 5, 7, 10, or even more fellow bloggers.  Well, I have a total of six awards here and I’ve decided that how I’m going to do this is I’m going to nominate one person for each one.

Because I’ll do what I want. 😉  Just ask my family, that’s kind of my mantra ~ doesn’t always work out well for me, but live and learn right?

And my nomination for the Illuminating Blogger Award is going to Chris at Chronicpainandme because I find his blog “illuminating” and really appreciate his openness and insight in dealing with his every day struggles with chronic pain.  And also, I just like him a lot.  🙂   He also has nominated me for 4 other awards: the 7 x 7 Link Award, the Beautiful Blogger Award, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award.  Thank you so much Chris!

And here’s who I am nominating for each of these…

The 7 x 7 Link Award is going to: Danny’s Kitchen because this award has a measurement in its name and after seeing the delicious recipes on Danny’s blog you’ll be needing to take your own measurements because just reading about them makes you want to eat!

The Beautiful Blogger Award is going to:  Teresa at The Garden Diary because she has a “beautiful” blog and the most amazing roses!  Not to mention she is also a very nice person.  🙂  I’m very envious of her beautiful garden…

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is going to: Robyn at Through The Healing Lens because I find her blog “very inspiring.”

The Sunshine Award is going to: Lisa at Lisa’s Rant because she brings me “sunshine” by making me laugh with every post she writes.  She has a “warped sense of humor” which she readily admits, and I happen to appreciate very much!  She also nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award.  Even though I don’t know what a “Liebster” is, I am honored that she found me worthy of it.  😉  Thanks Lisa!

And my nomination for the Liebster Blog Award is going to a nut’s notes because even though as I said above that I have no clue what a Liebster is, I do however feel like I have a “clue” and very much relate to this “nut’s” posts.  She doesn’t post real often, but when she does they are wonderful little gems.  One of my recent favorites of hers is hanging onto a gumball.  Check it out and see if you relate…  🙂


Pretty sure these award things don’t ever have/do honorable mentions, but as I am doing this whole thing differently anyway, I do…

Silver Dreams ~ a dear and precious personal friend of mine who has her book posted here.  I confess I have not read it yet in it’s entirety, but I have read other “stories in progress” of hers and I loved them.

Photo Nature Blog ~ lovely nature photos

dwittopinions ~ another blog with delicious recipes

A Taste of Morning ~ a lovely blog journal for The Morning Star Bed & Breakfast

Every Now and Then ~ just recently started following this one and I like it a lot

The Soulsby Farm ~ gardening/sustainable living

Town & Country Gardening ~ gardening

Aquaponic Family ~ gardening


Some of these awards also ask that you share/list several things about yourself, but I can’t really think of anything interesting to say about myself at the moment after concentrating so hard on what to say about all of these other blogs.  😉

But lets see what I can muster up.  I think I can come up with at least 5 things…

1.  I absolutely love the Renaissance Festival and romanticize about living in medieval times, even though I know that was before modern technology and good physical hygiene, both of which I very much appreciate.   I don’t know, I just feel a sense of connection or something with that era ~ all the folklore surrounding that time intrigues me.  And along those same lines… if I could I would totally love to be an alchemist of sorts.  Wow I’m such a nerd.  I’ve lost some followers now for sure. 😉  But I really do believe that the things that come from the earth have natural healing and beneficial properties.

2.  If you read my blog you already know that I love gardening, and you also know what a tough time I’ve been having lately with the bugs bothering my new vegetable garden, but what you may not know is that I am completely and utterly terrified of bugs ~ like almost to the point of having a phobia.  Especially spiders.  Eek!  I can’t even get close enough to a spider to kill it.  I know it’s irrational ~ I’m a gazillion times its size for crying out loud!  And don’t even start telling me how beneficial spiders are, I know and… I don’t care.  I.  Hate.  Them.

3.  I also hate politics.  I don’t care which side of the party lines you’re on… they’re both wrong.  It’s all a power game and the American people are caught in the middle.  I don’t know the solution or how to correct this problem, but I let my purchases be my voice because when it comes down to it, it all seems to be about the money anyway.  The real power and change comes by the every day choices we make.

4.  I am very open minded, but not to the extent of letting my brains and common sense fall out all over the floor.  I love science and am fascinated by it, but I am also a deeply spiritual person.  I know these two things completely contradict each other, but hey, I like to fly in the face of danger and upset the norm.  No one will label me or put me in a box!

5.  I wish I was psychic.  Yep, so much for “common sense” haha!  I’m just becoming more of a freak show as I go along here aren’t I?  Maybe it would have been best to leave this part of the award rules alone since I already didn’t follow any of the other criteria.  😉  Oh well at least I’m done now.


Thank you all again for nominating me for these awards, I am truly honored!

Happy blogging…