Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

Adventures in Gardening Part 20 ~ Lookin’ Good

We had some thunderstorms roll through last night and I swear the plants in my garden were “charged up” by all the electricity mixed in with the rain because they certainly are lookin’ good today!


I went and picked up some bright cheerful “Duck-a-licious” Nasturtiums at the garden center and planted them in place of my deceased spinach a few days ago ~ they make me happy!~

Despite a few bug bites at the start, my new cucumbers are doing well.~

My zucchini is making itself quite at home and taking over the corner of my garden I allotted for it.~

My carrots are continuing to come along slowly but surely.~

My lettuce looks quite happy.  Maybe I am psychic because I see myself enjoying a fresh salad in the near future.  😉~

My celery is growing well.  I’ve never grown it before so I’m wondering and waiting for when I’m going to start seeing the formation of the stalks.~

My beans are continuing to get more and more new sets of leaves.~

My onions seem to be doing just fine growing in a pot.~

My tomatoes have perked up a bit.And are getting more flowers too…~

Happy little pods are beginning to grow in place of the blossoms on my peas.  I can’t wait to eat them!~

My basil had a rough start and the bugs were munching on it quite a bit, but it seems to have recovered.~

I’m letting my oregano bloom ~ it’s so pretty.~

My rosemary is growing well. ~

The pineapple sage I got is filling in very nicely.  The bugs were bothering it some, but it still seems to be growing vigorously.  It smells amazing!~

Chives aren’t too exciting to look at, but they’re healthy!~

More and more blooms and berries are developing on my strawberries!  ~

I don’t remember the name of this ground cover that I planted for my mom years ago, but it’s so pretty.~

And saving the best for last… my fave, my Lavender is starting to bloom!  This new French variety I got is very lovely and smells absolutely divine!   ♥ ♥ ♥


~Gardening is my therapy~