Adventures in Gardening Part 20 ~ Lookin’ Good

We had some thunderstorms roll through last night and I swear the plants in my garden were “charged up” by all the electricity mixed in with the rain because they certainly are lookin’ good today!


I went and picked up some bright cheerful “Duck-a-licious” Nasturtiums at the garden center and planted them in place of my deceased spinach a few days ago ~ they make me happy!~

Despite a few bug bites at the start, my new cucumbers are doing well.~

My zucchini is making itself quite at home and taking over the corner of my garden I allotted for it.~

My carrots are continuing to come along slowly but surely.~

My lettuce looks quite happy.  Maybe I am psychic because I see myself enjoying a fresh salad in the near future.  😉~

My celery is growing well.  I’ve never grown it before so I’m wondering and waiting for when I’m going to start seeing the formation of the stalks.~

My beans are continuing to get more and more new sets of leaves.~

My onions seem to be doing just fine growing in a pot.~

My tomatoes have perked up a bit.And are getting more flowers too…~

Happy little pods are beginning to grow in place of the blossoms on my peas.  I can’t wait to eat them!~

My basil had a rough start and the bugs were munching on it quite a bit, but it seems to have recovered.~

I’m letting my oregano bloom ~ it’s so pretty.~

My rosemary is growing well. ~

The pineapple sage I got is filling in very nicely.  The bugs were bothering it some, but it still seems to be growing vigorously.  It smells amazing!~

Chives aren’t too exciting to look at, but they’re healthy!~

More and more blooms and berries are developing on my strawberries!  ~

I don’t remember the name of this ground cover that I planted for my mom years ago, but it’s so pretty.~

And saving the best for last… my fave, my Lavender is starting to bloom!  This new French variety I got is very lovely and smells absolutely divine!   ♥ ♥ ♥


~Gardening is my therapy~

15 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 20 ~ Lookin’ Good

  1. WOW! Everything has bounced back. It looks great! Our Cukes aren’t doing well. You have peas! Mmmmmm!
    I can’t believe what a difference this small amount of time has made. I am so happy everything is so healthy and big! You must be so relieved!


    • Thanks, I am very relieved! It’s so interesting, but I’ve always noticed how happy my gardens are after a thunderstorm. Glad they weren’t severe though because I’ve also had gardens destroyed from storms over the years. I’m hoping that maybe the thunderstorm washed away all the bugs too. 😉 Doubtful though because I picked another one of those ugly caterpillar/worm things off of my strawberries today while I was poking around and taking pics. Sorry your cukes aren’t doing well. I was so sad when the bugs ate my first planting of them. Do you know what the problem is?


      • They just seem to be at a stand still. Not growing at all. We’ll wait it out for a bit and see if anything change. I have no idea why.

        If a thunderstorm will help mine, I hope we get one soon! 🙂


  2. Lush and green. Beautiful! BTW Nasturtiums are one of my favorites!


    • Thanks! I think they all really liked the thunderstorm. 🙂 This is actually the first time I have ever planted Nasturtiums, but it won’t be the last!


  3. Looking. Good.glad to see that. They. Are recovering Micky for you. 😉


    • Thanks, I’m really glad too! 🙂 Who’s Micky? Ya know… I thought my garden bed looked kind of like I grave when I first put it in, I sure hope Micky isn’t some guy that was secretly buried there. 😉 Just kidding, my friend ~ your typos are funny when you’re all drugged up before bed. You’re so cute! Hope you rested well and are feeling better today. ♥


  4. BaaBee Loves Kitties

    Good morning~so happy your plants are better Jewels~ ;P
    I forgot to tell you that we are now planting in pots anything that doesn’t come back every year. It’s much easier to garden that way. We have given up on veggies that take up too much space but we have a Farmers Market just a few minutes away to fill in the gaps of fresh produce.
    Still fighting a sinus infection~worst one yet. Hope you are well~
    Love & hugs~Patty~


    • Good morning Patty, thanks! I am growing a few things in pots too, but it’s only because my garden isn’t big enough to fit everything that I want to grow. 😉 I’ve never grown veggies in pots before so this is something new for me. I just hope the bugs stay away now and give my plants a break. Farmer’s markets are so great! Me and my sis just went to our local farmer’s market the other day and got some fresh eats. Sorry you aren’t feeling well and hope you get better soon!


  5. Julie, I have a request for you: can you take a big ol’ wide angle shot of your whole garden? I want to see the whole deal, even though I know it would make me (and our one lonely houseplant) jealous 🙂


    • I’ll see what I can do, Simon 🙂 ~ I may be able to get a shot from one of the ends, but I’m afraid there’s not a whole lot of room on either side to get a wide angle shot of its entire length. LOL @ “one lonely houseplant!”


  6. Wow, your garden is looking amazing, I am so happy for you. Your pictures have inspired me to get out there and try some new things in my garden.
    Have a great week!


    • Thanks so much! I’m glad if my pictures inspired you and I wish you the very best of luck with the new things you’re going to try in your garden! I also hope your mole son’s mole hunt was successful! Have yourself a great week too! 🙂


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