The Simple Comfort of a Cat

So warm and comforting

 her purring vibrates against my chest blending in with my own heartbeat soothing me.

Fur so thick and luxurious

with one touch my hand melts into its heavenly softness.

Our mutual affection so tender and sweet

a sudden joy catches me by surprise and then contentment.

My precious little companion

my cat.

© Julie Rehnelt 2012


It might be weird to write a poem about your cat, but the other night while I was in bed trying to sleep, my mind filled with worry and dread, Baby, one of my cats came in and made herself comfortable upon my chest and these were the words that came to mind and helped calm my troubled thoughts.  Our pets have a way of comforting us in the most simplest form, but I also find it quite remarkable…

Baby ~ my snuggle bug ♥~

A while back I wrote a post Cat Crazy where I shared all about my cats.  Feel free to take a look at it if you’re interested…


14 responses to “The Simple Comfort of a Cat

  1. BaaBee Loves Kitties

    It’s purrfectably acceptable to feel this way~we do as well. Our kitties are family to us too. I have felt that with each of our kitties~they do make us feel better Jewely~love & hugs sweet one~Patty~ 😛


  2. You are very fortunate to have a furry friend like that. >^..^< ❤


  3. Great poem, Julie! I haven’t had a pet for years, but it’s reading pieces like this that make me long for the soft comfort of my kitty I had when I was a kid. We keep saying we won’t have a pet, but one of these days…well, you never know, right? 🙂


  4. This poem is great and baby is adorable, you can tell how much she means to you by this post.
    Yes, the Uk is a great place to come to if you want to explore history and ruins, you would be in your element and no worries about the song ha ha, and I won’t always hear it when corresponding with you.
    Again, baby is great and I’m sure she thinks the same about you.x


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