So Anyway, Moving Right Along…

I’m moving.

A short time ago it was decided that my daughter and I would move in with my mom this fall when the lease is up on our apartment.  There are a multitude of reasons for this decision, but basically what it comes down to is… family needs to be there for each other and it’ll be easier to do that if we’re all living under the same roof.  It wasn’t an easy decision by any means, but this is the first thing in 2 years that I even feel remotely sure about doing.

Not that I’m looking forward to it though…

Don’t get me wrong ~ I love my mom to pieces, we have always been very close and get along really well, but the prospect of living together again after so many years = kinda, sorta, okay… totally scares the crap out of me.  My daughter on the other hand, is so excited that she can hardly stand it.  And my mom?  Well, I think she’s excited too, but is also a bit apprehensive like I am.   All of our lives have been so discombobulated for the past few years, and we’ve each went through so many major life changes recently that to put it quite simply… it has been just really overwhelming at times.   So now to make yet another major change is a little more than scary.  But necessary.  And I do feel a sense of peace about it even amidst the “totally scares the crap out of me” part.

One of the reasons I’m sharing this tid-bit of  info here is because we are also going to be doing some updating and remodeling to my mom’s house, and I plan to live to write about it.  😉  And I’m only partly joking when I say it that way because I’m afraid it’s going to be quite an undertaking for us 3 ladies over the next several months.  Anyone who has done remodeling knows what I’m talking about…

We have already been busy at work going through many of the things in my mom’s house and deciding what to do with some of it in preparation for the updates and for our moving there.  I foresee a garage sale in our near future.  😉

But there are also many things to hold onto.  The other day for example, I sat on my mom’s bed and looked through a box of my baby clothes and outfits I wore as a child.  I’m really glad my mom held onto those, they are so precious.  And my “mini” was in there ~ a favorite little shirt/dress I wore as a toddler!

Here is an old photo of me wearing it.  Too bad this isn’t in color so you could see just how crazy my “mini” truly is with its bright pink, orange, and yellow stripped combination of colors.  Wasn’t I just the cutest little thing?  😉~

So many precious keepsakes and memories are stored at my mom’s house, and we are going to make sure there is a special place for all of those things.

She also has some awesome vintage 70’s decor that’s Dy-no-mite!  (Yeah, you won’t get that reference unless you were there ;)).

In looking through some of my mom’s old photo albums I found several photos taken of her house shortly after it was remodeled in 1976, and I thought I’d start with those as “before” pictures, but also for nostalgia sake.  I’m so glad my mom thought to take these photos…

The first room we are updating is my parent’s room which my daughter will be moving into.  She has already picked out her new carpeting ~ I don’t know why she wouldn’t want to keep the red stuff that’s already in there.  😉  Red is my mom’s favorite color…  I’m totally keeping that lamp!  I know it’s really red and kinda “out there” but I love it.  No idea where it’s gonna go, probably in the basement for a while, but we’re definitely keeping it!


The next room we’ll be working on is mine and my sis’s old room which is where I’m moving back into.  So weird.  My mom says there are hardwood floors under the carpet and I’m really hoping she’s right!

This was my sis’s side of the room.  These leopard curtains are still hanging in this room.  What do you think… should I keep them up when I move in?  😉

And my side…I spy with my little eye what looks like a Cher poster hanging above my bed.  I don’t remember being particularly into Cher, I was more into Shaun Cassidy.  He was so dreamy haha!  Pretty sure I still have his album laying around somewhere.  I also seem to recall having multiple posters of Luke Skywalker on my side of the room, but maybe that was later ~ not sure what year Star Wars came out.  Yep, I was a nerd even way back then!  The tapestry on the ceiling is still hanging in my old room too.  There’s also one on my sis’s side.  I’m planning to take them down when I move in, but not getting rid of them.


This next room was my brother’s and is where my mom will be.  This is the only room in the house that has been updated since 1976, but we’ll still be painting it and tearing out the carpet eventually.

More animal prints, they must have really been the “in” thing…~

The living room…

Whoa check out the fabric on this couch!   It’s totally “far out man” ;).   It’s long gone now, but that lamp isn’t (there’s a set actually) and it’s another thing that we aren’t going to rush into getting rid of ~ I think I may have a “thing” for old lamps.  😉  My mom has also informed me that we are keeping that shadow box which is still hanging above her current couch.   It was a wedding gift from her parents and is very special to her.  I happen to think it’s pretty cool too!  I asked her if we can set different things on/in it though (maybe some of mine) and she agreed.  🙂More of the living room.  My dad’s chair.  It has changed to different chairs over all these years, but this was always his spot.  I miss him being in it.   ♥ Just recently took down this macrame plant hanger and my sis says she wants it.  It’s all yours sis.  I’m sure she’ll do something cool with it, because she’s cool like that.  Speaking of cool, look at that cool old stand-up ashtray.  Our old TV.  Thing weighed a million pounds!  No remote control on that baby.  That’s my sis’s graduation photo ~ she still looks almost exactly the same.  No lie.~

The dining room.  Not sure if we’ll be updating that dark paneling or not because it might be too difficult/a bother right now to remove.  Maybe a coat of paint could go over it, but I don’t know yet.  My mom and I still need to discuss it and figure out what we want to do.  I really like that light fixture there too, so I’m not sure if we’ll replace it or not.  Maybe it’s not just old lamps, but old light fixtures in general that I have a “thing” for…~

This railing that sort of separates the dining room along with the stairway is all wrought iron and is probably going to stay that way for now, but we’ll see as time goes on and other updates are made…


The kitchen will be the biggest undertaking.  We are planning to give it a complete makeover ~ new counter tops, sink, stove, walls and flooring.  We’re not sure what we want do with the cabinets just yet though…


The entire house has all dark colored stain on the woodwork which along with the wrought iron really dates the general design and decor.  With new carpeting and painting throughout we’ll have to decide what we want to do about the dark stain.

This is all going to be quite time consuming and a lot of work, not to mention expensive, but I hope it can be “fun” for us too.

I want to mention here before I close, that this house was built in 1902 and was the house that my mom grew up in.  She and my dad bought the house from my grandpa when he had to go into a nursing home after a stroke, and had it remodeled.

Interesting… once my daughter moves in, that will make 4 generations of my family that have lived in this house, 5 if you count my great grandma that lived here too for a time.  Kinda cool if you think about it…

23 responses to “So Anyway, Moving Right Along…

  1. I loved Shaun Cassidy too! 😉 Your redecorating adventure sounds fun! Paint the paneling and trim… a lot easier and cheaper too! Love the lamps, you just gotta keep ’em! Can’t wait to see updates! Laur


    • Haha I know he was sooo cute! I always thought he was better looking than David too. 😉 Yep, painting the paneling and trim was what we were thinking too, but then that means painting all the closets and doors as well, and leaves us wondering how that would all look with the wrought iron (which we probably won’t be able to change for a long time). And of course, we need to see if there are in fact hardwood floors under all the carpet because that will determine what we decide to do as well. I know those lamps… way too cool to part with! 😉 Thanks for stopping by and commenting Laurie! Hope your little herb garden is growing happily!


  2. Jewels, you have literally just sent me back to my childhood. Thank you so much. Between the furniture, posters and the standing ashtray it was like I walked into my parents home all over again, circa 1976… Love it. Can’t wait to follow this adventure. 🙂


    • I know right?! Glad I could oblige a little blast from the past for ya. Seriously gotta love all the nostalgia! Funny thing is… my mom’s home still somewhat resembles these photos! That’s why it’s so in need of an update. 😉


  3. Whoa, you have got to find those Luke Skywalker posters! Can’t wait to see how the Extreme Home Makeover: Rehnelt Edition turns out! I really dig that there will be 3 generations of your family living in that house. You just don’t see stuff like that anymore. 🙂


    • I’m afraid those posters are long gone, Simon. But wouldn’t it be cool if I still had them?! You’d want them because you’re even a bigger nerd than I am! 😉 LOL @ “Extreme Home Makeover: Rehnelt Edition” it’d be super cool if we could remodel the house to that extent!


  4. This is going to be a long comment hope you don’t mind. 🙂
    My mom would love all the animal prints! The red lamp and shadow box, cool! Love the hanging lamp in the dining room!
    Wrought iron railings are all the rage in high end homes here. I work in construction, the hand rails are wood, the spindles are iron. They are paying top dollar to do it. I would so keep them. If anything just get someone to cover the top in wood.
    I love wood, and dark.
    But the kitchen cupboards are awesome! I have never seen anything like them. Are they a common style where you are? I’d pop on some wrought iron handles and keep them. That’s just me. They look so cool!
    Such a cute picture of you! Aww….. 🙂
    Have fun renovating. We’ve been there, and still are! It’s never ending in this house!
    All the best, Jewels!


    • I don’t mind a long comment at all! It’s much appreciated actually. 🙂 My mom still loves those leopard curtains (probably why she left them up in my old room ;)) and was saying she may even hang them in her new room now lol! Good to know that the wrought iron railings are still in style somewhere. Where are you located? I don’t know if I’ve ever asked or have seen you mention it in your blog before. The kitchen cupboards are not a common style here and were custom designed by my mom and made by the contractor who remodeled the house back in 1976. The wrought iron handles are a great idea! My mom said she doesn’t know why she never put any handles on them. The remodel of the kitchen is actually the most exciting aspect of this whole thing, but unfortunately it’s going to be the most work and most expensive as well, so it will have to be a slow and gradual process. Thanks so much, I love that photo of me in my “mini.” 🙂 I hope it is fun, mostly all I can see right now is all the work haha!


  5. I am just north of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). Wrought Iron is like gold here! Seriously! I bought a small piece of rail for my mom in her garden. It was used, from a demo site, and I paid $49 plus tax! I’ll pop up a photo of it up tonight.
    If you sold yours, you’d make a killing! LOL!
    Your Mom designed them, how cool. I just think they are so unique. Tell her she should be a designer! 🙂
    I complain about all our renovations, but it is exciting. I love playing around with all different ideas. Can’t wait to see how everything goes. We have been playing with our house for years. I started a raised stencil around one of our old iron chandeliers a few years ago and never finished it, lost the stencil too. Now I have to scrape it down and do a new one! 😦


    • Canada… so we’re practically neighbors! 😉 I’ve got to hand it to you ~ I don’t know if I could go for years living in the middle of renovations. I hope ours doesn’t take that long, maybe I have no idea what I’m in for…


      • We are doing the majority on our own. There are a few major things left to do. Right now it is mainly just playing with ideas. 🙂


  6. Ooooooh I can’t wait to see the transformation! I LOVED seeing all these pictures after hearing about your parents’ house all these years! My parents have moved several times, and I wish I could go back to the house I grew up in with my room just as it was – so cool!! Sometimes I’m still mind-boggled at how different our lives were just a few short years ago at MCCS, and where our unforseen circumstances have taken us! Whodathunk you’d be remodeling a house? Or I’d be figuring out how to do evey “man job” I never wanted to know how to do? God’s gettin’ us through my friend! 🙂


    • Hi Deb!!! You should have heard all of this first hand from me instead of reading it on my blog, but we haven’t been keeping up on our coffee dates, so I haven’t had the chance to share this news with you yet. Speaking of coffee dates… text or call me sometime soon when you’re free. 🙂 I know, it’s really something where life takes you sometimes isn’t it? I’m proud so of all your new “man job” skills (I’ve acquired a few myself in the last year and a half)! You’re one remarkable woman my friend, and I love you!


  7. BaaBee Loves Kitties

    Good morning~I understand completely Jewels about moving in with Mama~I will go into more detail later~
    I am sure you will do a great renovation honey~ 😛


  8. SideCapers Macrame

    I can appreciate the comment about “live to write about it”. My husband of 30+ year and I have remodeled most of the rooms in our home through out the years together; mostly in the beginning of the 30 years. Last year, we decided to continue in our kitchen with ceramic tile flooring, new sink and counter. It took the entire month of June and we almost killed each other. This is mostly because we had a deadline, work full time and are not as fit as we once were.
    But…we love the look and not a week goes by that I don’t comment on how glad I am that we did it and it is a year later.
    Good luck to you. Remember to communicate with each other and agree to disagree, but compromise. And when all else fails, take a brake.


    • And I appreciate your comment! I’m so glad to hear that the two of you survived with your marriage still intact. 😉 And also that you’re so happy with the results. My mom is mostly just letting me do whatever I want with her house, but she is definitely going to be included in any and all of the decisions that will be made. We’re both really excited about the kitchen, but know that it’s gonna be a doozey to get ‘er done.


  9. Great post, Julie. I have to say that the kitchen photos gave me terrifying flashbacks – when I bought my condo four years ago, I too had to do battle with supernaturally stubborn wallpaper and truly scary amount of harvest gold and copious amounts of wallpaper:

    I won the battle and my psyche survived – just barely – but I wouldn’t want to go though it again. My advice: Get as much of this upgrading done as quickly as possible; at a minimum completely finish one room before you move on to the next. Otherwise the chaos can become a bit discouraging.

    AND, hold that garage sale as quickly as possible! And get someone who’s not sentimentally attached to anything in the home to help sort things out – otherwise you’ll find yourself holding on to WAY too much stuff! SInce you’re a skilled photographer, I would recommend taking high-quality photos of the home fixtures and furniture that bring you and your mom good memories, but that you know you’re not really going to ever use again — and then selling the item itself. This way, you keep the memories, lose the object, gain LOTS of space, and can then approach this project looking forward, not backward.


    • Thanks so much for all the suggestions, Dennis! I sincerely appreciate hearing from someone who has “been there, done that” and knows a thing or two about what I have ahead of me. I may have to pick your brain in the coming months, that is… if you have any remodeling brain cells left after your own ordeal. 😉


  10. I appreciate your dedication to your family! This project is going to be interesting and fun. I’m up for the ride. Bring on the stories!


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  12. Oh, yes, I read all the home improvement posts last night. I marveled at the time warp, and showed my daughter what the 70’s looked like 🙂


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