Adventures in Gardening Part 27 ~ Crazy Cukes & Zukes

I can’t control my cucumbers!  My little A-frame trellis, although a clever device, can’t contain them.  I probably should have only planted them on one side of the trellis so they could grow up and then over the other side, but I was greedy.  I wanted as many cucumbers as possible growing in my little garden so that I could maybe get enough to can some pickles.  I also wanted to plant at least two different varieties so I could see which I liked better ~ not all cukes are created equal, and there are tons of varieties.

As it is, they now have nowhere to go once they reach the top of the trellis and will get too crowded if I allow them to grow over the other sides.  They are also growing outward horizontally trying to take over the rest of my garden, and hanging out over the sides of my box with nothing to cling to.  Don’t get me wrong… as I said, I want as many cucumbers as I can get, so it is a good thing that they are growing so well, but it also means I have to come up with something so they can continue to grow happily and healthily, and without taking over the rest of my tiny garden.

It’s been hella hot here and I hate the heat.  But what did I do?  I picked THE hottest day out of the bunch (102, which is not common here in Minnesota) and built a contraption to try and help my cukes along.  I enlisted the assistance of my sis (my partner in crime and gardening adventures ;)) and together we came up with a temporary solution.

It’s interesting the way your mind sorts through things and the ideas that come up when trying to figure out something.  Because it was so hot outside we wanted to find something that would be fairly quick and easy to do, but also something that would be a good solution and look semi nice.

So we popped into home depot and picked up a couple of wood lattices and tacked them to the sides of my garden box.  Then we took some of the leftover wire that I had from building my trellis and draped it over the top and down the sides along the outsides of them…

The thought is, that now they can grow up through the top, spread out over, and go down along the outsides.  They can also grab onto the insides of the lattice and then go through to the outsides and go up or down from there.  Hopefully this will do the trick.  I’m sure I’ll have to putz with them quite a bit to try and train them up in the way they should go so when they are old they will not depart from it.  😉  The little buggers really do have minds of their own.

A huge thanks to my sis for helping me with this.  It was unbearably hot out there and she hates the heat even more than I do.  Over the years she has taught me so many things and helped me with (and through) a lot, this is just one more thing to add to the list, but it is not taken for granted and is greatly appreciated.  She’s the best big sis in the whole wide world!   ♥

Here are just a couple of the gazillions of cucumbers that are growing on my vines…


And I’m sure this guy (along with his friends and relatives) are one thing helping those gazillions of cukes along.  Sooo happy to see bees in my garden!  🙂~

In the subtitle of this post I also mentioned zukes and this is why.  Found this bad boy hiding under one of my zucchini’s giant solar panel leaves…My arms aren’t long enough and I couldn’t zoom out far enough to even get the whole thing in this photo.  So I laid in on the patio table, but you still can’t tell how big it is…When I brought it inside to show my mom she rocked it in her arms like a baby and kissed it!  Haha!  Guess who is making zucchini bread?  THIS girl!  🙂


Aside from my crazy cukes and zukes, in other gardening news…

I was excited to see my first bell pepper developing!  I didn’t even notice as I was snapping this shot that there was a little visitor there on the stalk next to it.  That would have freaked me out!  I can’t tell what it is, but hopefully he’s one of the good guys…~

And speaking of peppers, I was also excited to see a few little jalapenos growing too…~

Look at my beans!!!  Not so tiny anymore.  I can’t wait to eat them!~

On the blooming front…

One of my garden’s companions.  Yep, it’s just an ordinary Marigold, no big deal, but I thought it was pretty.  🙂~

Found some sweet, pretty little buds developing on one of my mom’s phlox.

And one of them on the other side of her house is blooming…~

Gosh, who knew Hosta were so lovely…~

~Gardening is my therapy~

21 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 27 ~ Crazy Cukes & Zukes

  1. Your cucs really are taking over! Nice garden 🙂


  2. Beautiful pictures! All that food looks so yummy I was ready to pick it! From the looks of things, you will be making another addition to the Cuke Trellis… just sayin.


  3. Oh my gosh! Your garden is awesome! Our cukes are the size of my baby finger. That zucchini is a monster. What is your trick?
    Love the flowers!


    • Thanks! Other than the two I pictured, most of my cukes are still small too ~ I’m sooo hoping I get enough for canning some pickles! That zucchini was playing hide and seek with me. We had a storm and it tipped most of the plant over, so it had a nice hiding spot to grow for a while. No tricks… just dumb luck. 😉


  4. ~~~( I ) ~~~ ( I ) ~~~ Happy Dance for Jewels’ Happy Garden. 😀


  5. Beautiful pictures as usual, Julie! Way to go on those cucumbers! And that zucchini…dude. You ought to need a license for something that huge. Srsly. You could probably fend off an attacker with that giant zucchini!


  6. Congratulations on such a successful garden. You and your sister came up with a nice looking solution for your cucumbers.


  7. Julie I have to tell you how jealous I am of your garden! Another year and mine didn’t grow…:( I have a completely black thumb!


    • I doubt very much that you have a black thumb, Stephanie ~ you strike me as the type of person who’s very well put together (including your thumbs ;)). What did you try to grow? More than likely it’s the location or the soil, the weather, or some other outside influence out of your control. I’m sure your thumb is as green as the next persons. And to be honest… I’ve been known to kill many a houseplant in my time, so my luck with maintaining growing things in the long term definitely lacks. 😉 I am very pleased with how my garden is growing at the moment though! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment, it is much appreciated. 🙂


  8. “Crazy Cukes & Zukes” –great slogan, the perfect banner if you decide to open your own roadside veggie stand. Now all we need is a jingle for the radio commercial. Hang on, inspiration is about to strike……

    ” Don’t Be a Fool, Buy Your Veggies from Jewel ! “


    • Haha cute! I have always thought it would be cool to have a roadside vegetable stand! Back when I had acres to grow on, I would often fantasize about building one and putting it out on the road in front of our land. Of course with the tiny garden I have now… no matter how crazy my cukes and zukes get, it wouldn’t be enough for something like that. Maybe since I’ll be moving in with my mom, she’ll let me make her entire yard into a garden (tons of people in the city are doing that these days). It wouldn’t be acres, but it’d be bigger than 4 x 8. 😉


  9. Awesome pictures! You’re totally making me want to attempt gardening! I love that your mom cradled & kissed the cuke, and your first thought is mulch it up into bread! Haha! Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!


    • Thanks! The zucchini bread is the reason she was hugging it ~ I won’t “mulch” the small ones up for bread. 😉 I’m really looking forward to our lunch tomorrow too, I miss you! ♥


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