Relocating, Redecorating & Readjustments ~ Cool Old Stuff

I’ve been working unbelievably hard over at my mom’s house getting it ready for my daughter and I to move in there after the summer.   It’s mind boggling trying to prioritize everything and decide what to do first.  And just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you realize that you have to do something else first.

Case in point…

We know that we’re doing my daughter’s room first, but it’s not just as simple as moving everything out of there.  Some of the furniture in that room is going into my mom’s room, but my mom’s room has stuff in it that needs to be moved out of there first, and some of that stuff will be going into my daughter’s room, but can’t go there until after her new carpet goes in, and so on.  We’re also having the carpet torn out in my room when they come to install the new carpet in my daughter’s room, but my mom is currently in that room and it is full of stuff that needs to move into my mom’s new room, but it can’t until the stuff in the other rooms gets straightened out.  So we’re playing a bit of “musical rooms’ here.   Also some of the things that we are keeping, need to be put in storage in the basement, but we’ve realized that the basement needs to be organized and cleared out first.  The stuff we “clear out” of there needs to be moved out to the garage for a garage sale later, but there is stuff currently in the garage that needs to be organized and cleared away too in order to make room for the stuff we’re bringing out there.  I know I’m rambling (that’s what I do ;)), but you get the picture…  And it’s just us three ladies doing it all so it’s a little overwhelming.  I’m our makeshift “foreman” so there’s quite a bit on my shoulders…

And it’s not just all the “moving” there is to do,  another part of this whole process is taking care of some of the other stuff in my mom’s house.  This house has been in my family for nearly three quarters of a century and not just my mom has lived there, but my grandma and my great grandma as well , so there’s a lot of history stored there.  In going through some of the closets, we’ve found some very precious keepsakes.  I’ve already mentioned in So Anyway, Moving Right Along…  that I got to look through some of my old baby clothes and how neat that was, but being a fan of antiques and seeing some of the even “older” things my mom has is really cool.  And it’s not just any ol’ old antique stuff ~ it’s my family’s old stuff, which makes it even specialer.

Like my grandma’s wedding dress…

And this cool old memorial document thing from her marriage to my grandpa…

This is my grandparents on their wedding day ~ June 5th, 1935.I can’t even tell you how neat it would be if my daughter or even a possible future granddaughter would wear this same dress on their own wedding day.  Yeah, I’m a bit of a sentimental dork and get off on things like that.


We also came across a few old jewelry boxes filled with jewelry that belonged to my mom, her mom, her sister, and her grandma.I already LOVE vintage jewelry, but the thought that not only my mom and her sister, but my grandma and great grandma wore some of this makes me love this particular vintage jewelry even more!  My family doesn’t come from any real significant financial means, so I’m sure none of it is anything “valuable” aside from it’s age ~ which probably ranges from the early 1900’s to the 70’s.  Some of it is tarnished or broken, and some of the earrings have long lost their mates, but it’s beautiful just the same.

This pink box was my grandma’s and some of the jewelry in it was my great-grandma’s too.  My mom says that my grandpa bought the sparkly blue necklaces for my grandma because he himself liked them so much.  🙂  I tried to take some close-up photos of some of my favorite pieces, but I couldn’t really get them to turn out.  You’ll just have to take my word for it that some of this stuff is gorgeous!~

My mom says she thinks this blue box may actually be from my grandpa’s side of the family (his mother, grandmother etc.) because the jewelry doesn’t look familiar to her, but she isn’t sure.  Some of the jewelry in here is the most tarnished and broken so I’m thinking it’s really old. ~

And this gold box is my mom’s.  Again, I tried to take individual shots of my favorite pieces, but couldn’t get them to turn out.  But believe me some of this stuff is amazing!  I have at least 10 things I’m stealing out of here (with my mom’s permission of course ;)).~

The thing is… it’s sad to just keep all of this beautiful jewelry stored away only to take out and gaze at once in a while.  I’ve seen some pretty interesting ideas for using vintage jewelry (aside from wearing it), and for the things that are broken or have no mates, it would be cool to make something like this up with my mom’s, grandma’s or great grandma’s initial.  Then it could be on display and serve not only as a lovely piece of art, but also as a reminder and memorial of the lovely women in my family who once wore it…~

Of course with everything else there is to do at my mom’s house, I have no idea when I would ever get the chance to work on/make something like that, but I adore the idea and think I may have to store it in my memory banks as a future creative project.  How special and meaningful would it be to do something like this as we are merging family together into this same home again?  ♥


I also might have to find a special way to display these beautiful old potholders too.  My great grandma crocheted these.There are dozens of handcrafted doilies and even handkerchiefs that my great grandma made, including some that were “in process,” which I particularly like. Because I’ve done a lot of handcrafting myself, it’s fun to imagine her being excited to try out new patterns and techniques and then moving on to the next one without completing it (been there, done that ;)).   It would be so cool to finish some of them for her ~ if only I knew even the first thing about crocheting or could find the matching thread.  My mom said that my great grandma had terrible arthritis in her hands, but that she was always stitching something.  I’m glad we have these wonderful mementos from the work of those precious hands.


There is an old broken dilapidated cedar chest in my mom’s basement that belonged to my grandma and was where she stored all of her and my grandpa’s family photos along with a few other things.  In going through and trying to organize some of the other family heirlooms, my mom thought this might be a good time to take a peek inside of it (it’s been buried under boxes and other things in her basement for many years).  So the three of us girls spent some time the other day looking through it’s contents and it was super cool!  There are family photos dating way back to the 1800’s in there ~ I even saw one of my great great great grandpa!  My brother worked quite a bit on our family tree a number of years ago and had some of them arranged according to family line, but sadly there are still some of them that are unknown.  We also don’t know exactly who the pocket watches in this photo belonged to, but whoever it was must have been strong because man those things weigh a ton!  The green glass candle holders were my great grandma’s, they’re quite atrocious, but I may just have to find a place to display those at some point too…


We’ve got a bit more to go through, but as soon as we wrap up this little trip down memory lane, we’ll be able to get onto painting and redecorating the bedrooms.


19 responses to “Relocating, Redecorating & Readjustments ~ Cool Old Stuff

  1. Hi Jewels~
    That’s a great thing you are doing~so funny I was just going through my old trinkets & rings & earrings that I can’t wear because my skin has become very sensitive to metals. I will learn from you what to do with stuff instead of just sitting in a box.
    You & your family are so lucky to have each other~we have a very small amount of our relatives left.
    Can’t wait to hear & see all about everything~
    Love & hugs~


    • Hi Patty 🙂 Thanks, yes we are lucky to have each other. We are a small, but close family and I am very thankful for it. ♥ There has got to be some other creative ways for you to enjoy your jewelry since you can’t wear it anymore. I’ll definitely pass along any cool ideas I happen to come across. 🙂


  2. Now I am the one drooling!
    I was laughing about going from room to room, we were in the same spot there for a while. It was so overwhelming but finding things we had ‘stored away was pretty cool.

    That jewelry is awesome, the dress too! Once you are moved in I think you’re going to have a blast with it all! What a great idea to put the jewelry on an initial. I want to come over and play too! LOL!

    This is the kind of thing that gets me excited! I so love family history. I want to take pictures of all the old stuff, pictures and then think that I am probably the only person who really wants to see it. And that would mean another blog. LOL!

    Have fun and just imagine all the good times ahead. Once you are moved in you’ll get time to be creative with all those beauties!


    • I am really looking forward to creating something special with that jewelry ~ wish you could come over and play too! 🙂 There are all sorts of beading ideas coming to mind as well. In that blue jewelry box there is a lovely string of black glass beads that I can think of tons of things to do with, but I sort want to leave it intact at the same time. I wish we knew exactly who that box belonged to. LOL I would totally want to look at your photos of old stuff ~ I love antiques! Furniture, jewelry, dishes, and linens are my faves. Keep the creepy dolls away though LOL!


      • No dolls! LOL! I have seen them though and I agree. They are creepy!

        I love all the same things but also old paper work. Bank books, old deeds, stocks, notes, and the old photos.

        We gave away a bunch of things to various family members. (Tea sets, I mean how many does a person need) LOL! Almost all the china is gone. I never used it.

        It’s so much fun going through it all. 🙂


      • It is fun! My mom gave me her china, crystal, and sterling years ago and I would bring them out to use for special occasions. Of course when I moved into an apartment 2 years ago they went back to her house to be stored though. I also love old books! But heck… I love new books too! 😉


  3. Those are things you will want to keep passing down to your kids and your grand kids. Give it to them when they are older when they will appreciate it the most. One of my most cherished things I own is a cream pitcher that belonged to my gg grandmother. My great grandmother gave it to me when I was 13 years old and told me it was her mothers. I liked it then but it didn’t mean that much to me then as it does now. I stored in a box in a closet at the home I grew up in for over 30 years. When my mother died and we where going through her stuff is when I found it again. I have no words to describe how that made me feel that day. I plan to pass it down to my son when his kids are grown so they don’t have a chance to break it.


    • So glad the cream pitcher was still there. 🙂 These things become even more meaningful to us as we get older, and I think it’s because we are able to more fully realize the value of such treasured keepsakes passed down from our precious families through the generations.


  4. These pictures are priceless. So fun to get to see them with you. Keep posting!
    And, good luck with musical rooms… hope you win!!!!!


  5. Wow Julie, this is so cool! “This house has been in my family for nearly three quarters of a century and not just my mom has lived there, but my grandma and my great grandma as well” Now that’s something you just don’t hear very often anymore. I’m glad the house will continue to be enjoyed for future generations of your family!


    • Thanks, Simon. 🙂 When my mom read my earlier post saying that three generations (her, Rachael and myself) will have lived in her house, she corrected me by mentioning that her own mother and her grandmother also lived here ~ so that makes five!


  6. Hi Julie, I hope everything is going well with the move, I bet it’s amazing to find old family belongings in a house that’s been in your family for 3/4 of a century.

    I hope you’re well and best wishes to you.x


    • Hi Chris, Thanks, everything is going well with the move ~ except for the part where I’m utterly exhausted. 😉 And there is still such a looong way to go. But I’m excited at the same time. 🙂 Yes, it is really amazing finding all of these wonderful old family belongings! It makes me wonder what will become of my own things, and what may last long enough to be passed down to my future generations. It’s so good to hear from you Chris, and I hope all is well with you. I’ve been thinking about ya. x


      • I’m really glad to hear the move is going well, I bet you’re completely exhausted with moving but I’m sure it will be all worth it in the end and once you’ve moved the last of your belongings in no doubt it will be a massive relief for you.

        Things are okay with me, neglecting my blog hasn’t done me any good so I need to make a concerted effort to keep it going, I’m in the middle of a post regarding my current situ. Been thinking about you too and wondering about your gardening adventures, my Dad and I have bought a couple of chilli and pepper plants so hopefully they’ll turn out well so we can make a lovely thai red curry like we did last year.x


      • I wish you the best of luck with growing your chilli and pepper plants, and with making your Thai red curry ~ sounds delicious! 🙂 Tending to plants is so therapeutic and rewarding. There’s nothing quite like growing your own food and making delicious things with it. I just ate a salad with cucumbers in it from my garden and I swear it tasted extra good. 😉 I’m glad to hear that you are okay Chris, although I realize that “okay” doesn’t exactly necessarily mean “good.” I’m also glad you’re getting back to your blog and look forward to reading your post as to your current situation ~ whether it’s positive or negative, or somewhere in between. Please know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers. x


  7. When you start going through packed away boxes, you really start on your own special treasure hunt. I loved seeing all the treasures you found and can’t wait to see how you’ll present them to us next.


    • Thanks Cher, it really was very cool finding all of these things that my mom had stored away. And they certainly are “treasures” to be sure. But they have since been packed away once again to be considered after we are done with everything else we have to do there. It was hard packing them all away again, but they are now all in one convenient easily accessible place, and once we’ve moved and settled in a bit I have plans to sort through it all again and organize everything (including scanning all of those old photographs inside the cedar chest into a computer file and arranging them by family line), and then to do something creative with it all. 🙂


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