Relocating, Redecorating & Readjustments ~ Mom’s Room

In our game of musical rooms, we’ve realized that it’s actually my mom’s room that needs to be attended to first.  Because in order for us to move into our rooms, she needs to move out of them first.  Yes, “them” ~ she has her things in both of them.  She has some things in the master bedroom that she originally shared with my dad (where my daughter is going), and she also has things in my old room that she’s been sleeping in (where I am going).  In actuality my mom is going from having three bedrooms to having just one.  Talk about a huge adjustment.

Initially, she was just going to go into this room “as is” since this room needs the least amount of updating and the plan has been that majority of the improvements will be done after my daughter and I are living there when more finances are freed up.  But as we’ve slowly got it emptied out to just the bare minimums, I started thinking we should at least paint it.  I’ve painted many a room in my day and really enjoy doing that.  It’s not terribly expensive or time consuming, and it’s much easier to do it while a room is empty rather than full of furniture.  Plus, how nice would it be for my mom move into her new room and feel a little more settled.  And there’s nothing quite like freshly painted walls to make things feel like new.  🙂


The first thing we did was temporarily put up some new shades for her.  The ones she had in there were old and worn out, and also liked to pop out of the brackets whenever you tried to open or close them.  Eventually we’ll probably put some blinds up and then additional window treatments (a valance, drapes or curtains), but since the brackets for shades were already there and we have a bit of a time crunch, we just replaced the shades for now.  We picked out some pretty ones though ~ you can’t see real well from this photo, but these have a scalloped lacy bottom edge.  They are also a little bit heavier weight so hopefully they won’t curl in too much on the sides as some shades tend to do.~

After that, before we could paint, we needed to patch up any holes in the walls from previously hung pictures and various decor.  That was my daughter’s job, and her first time using spackle.  She wasn’t entirely confident that she knew what she was doing, but she did a splendid job.   Nifty stuff, spackle is.  ~

And it was my job to do the taping around all the trim work.  You can see that the person who previously painted the room got some paint on the outlet plug ~ that won’t be happening with my expert paint job.  😉~

While I was doing that taping (along the floor trim especially) I really started noticing how yucky the carpet in this room is.  It’s “newer” ~ not 36 years old like in the rest of the house, but still needing to be replaced just the same.  Originally the only bedroom we were planning on re-carpeting before we move in is my daughter’s, but after seeing a more close up view of the condition of this carpet I mentioned to my mom that it’s too bad we have to wait to re-carpet it because with the room nearly empty right now it sure would be nice to just get it done now.

Well, I shouldn’t have said that out loud because of course she jumped at that suggestion, and replacing the carpet now would be a big expense that we weren’t planning on.  Buying a can of paint is one thing, but the expense of purchasing new floor coverings is a whole other matter.  I’m not only the “foreman” as I mentioned in an earlier post, but sort of the accountant of this operation as well.  My mom would try to buy the moon if it was for sale, and I’m the one who has to make sure the earth’s gravity stays in balance.  😉


 Then out of nowhere I  suddenly got the urge to pull back an area of the carpet and take a peek underneath it.   By golly there be hardwood floors under there!My mom had said that when she was a little girl, she remembers there being hardwood floors in the house, but when she and my dad had it remodeled in the 70’s she didn’t take note of the floors because they were just carpeting it all.


When they come to install the new carpet in my daughter’s room, I had planned to have them tear out the carpeting in my room at the same time.  Because all I know is that I’m not moving back into my old room with that same carpet in it, so although I was hoping for hardwood floors, I would even take plywood temporarily over that old carpet and just throw down a rug if I had to until we could afford different flooring in there.  But… with finding hardwood under my mom’s carpet… that means it’s likely in my room too!  Sooo excited about that possibility!  Of course we don’t know what condition any of it is in and it will very likely need to be refinished, but for my room I had just planned on scrubbing it down real good and then refinishing it later when finances allowed.

However, in regard to my mom’s room… I have now opened the proverbial can of worms.  We have three choices here ~ put the carpet back in place and forget about doing anything with it until finances allow, tear it out and see about the condition of the wood floor, and then just live with it the way it is (like I am going to do with my room), or go ahead and bear the expense and re-carpet the room.

Well, it turns out my mom also prefers to have hardwood floors rather than carpeting for her room too, so we’ve decided to go with the middle option and rip out the carpet and then just live with the condition of it until we can manage to refinish it.  Except that we will have to do a little more than just scrub it up real good.  If you look closely at the photo above you can see that there are 2 strips of wood with writing on them and pokey things sticking up out of them.  My sis called them furring strips (she’s knows stuff about stuff ;)).  Anyway, those will have to be pried/pulled up somehow and I don’t know about my girly hands having the strength to do it.  Also there is quite a large gap right under the baseboard molding that goes along the floor of the outside wall of the room (don’t know yet about the interior walls), so that will have to be filled in with something temporarily (like a strip of wood maybe).  Can’t be having any creepy crawlies venturing about from within those cracks and crevasses.  Eek!

So much for our time crunch ~ this floor is gonna take some time.  Why oh why did I have to peek under that carpet?  I have plans within the next few days to try and get in there and rip it out, but that is for a different post.

Next up here: painting.  I maybe should have held off until the floor got figured out, but I had already done all the prep work and hey with tearing out the carpet, I didn’t have to be as careful about getting any paint on the floor.  😉


As I said, I enjoy painting a room, but this room gave me a bit of trouble.  I didn’t think the old color and the new color were really that similar (a pale pink was what was currently on the walls and an “off white” was what I was applying), but with the lighting in the room it was sooo hard to tell where I was at while looking straight on at it.  I think it probably had to do with the pink carpeting in there reflecting off the walls.  Maybe I should have torn out the carpet first and saved myself this mild color-induced frustration.

From the side it was a little easier to tell between the two colors, but not by much.  See how you can barely tell the difference…?  It was a little frustrating.The name of the color of paint my mom chose was called “Washed Up” and that is exactly how I felt trying to paint this room.   😉


It was fairly easy helping my mom to choose a paint color for her room because she just wanted a neutral off white tone (although you may be surprised at how many variations of off-white there actually are).  But in browsing briefly at the paint samples while we were at the store and in considering my own room ~ I think that’s going to be a bit tougher to decide on because I want color!

And there’s sooo many to choose from…~

13 responses to “Relocating, Redecorating & Readjustments ~ Mom’s Room

  1. Love love love OLD hardwood floors! They are going to look so nice! And, heck, who needs them to be perfect?!


    • I know, me too and I’m sooo excited about finding them underneath the carpeting in my mom’s room! They’ll definitely be far from perfect I’m sure, but you’re right… who cares?! And eventually we’ll fix them up right. 😉


  2. I vote for the hardwood floors too, carpet just collects dust.


    • So true, and it’s dust that you can’t see. My daughter complains about all the dust bunnies that gather in the corners of our apartment (where we have all hardwood floors), but I’d rather see them and suck them up than to have them hiding down in the fibers of carpeting and multiplying there in secret. 😉 We also have pets, and accidents (though rare) are much easier cleaned on flat surfaces than on carpeting.


  3. Jewels, the tack strip that you have around the room is easy to get up with the claw part of a hammer. 😉 My daddy has laid carpet and flooring for almost 30 years so I know a thing or two about it. Wish ya luck on this newest adventure. I too love the hardwood, I have a house full myself.


    • Okay sweet, I can definitely operate the claw end of a hammer! 😉 If you have any other tips or tricks about ripping out carpet please let me know. I have allergies and asthma so I already know I’m gonna have to run out and pick up a face mask thingy so I don’t die from a dust overdose. 😉 But as far as my knees and my back go… I’m afraid I’m gonna be a gonner when I’m through.


  4. I just recently saw the Rehab Addict Nicole tear out carpet. She had a big guy to help! haha But they cut it into pieces, then just rolled it up, and out! The real fun for you guys will be the sanding! Btw, I just loved reading your story about Mom and redecorating the bedrooms, and your daughter. I am thinking both of them are lucky girls! Good luck! It will be great!


    • Alas, I have no “big guy” around to help. But hey, cutting it into smaller pieces sounds like a good plan! I watched a video the other night on how to refinish a hardwood floor and yeah… the sanding part looks like a beastly task indeed. We may have to look into hiring someone else for that ~ or at least someone to carry the sander up and down the stairs for me. ;). I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much cissyblue!


  5. Oh crap! I hate painting and can just imagine using a color that is close to the old one. Cutting the carpet in strips is the way to go. The tack strip does come up easy but sometimes you can be left with little bits poking up out of the flooring. By the way, awesome wood floor! Looks like ours!

    Our floors could use a spruce up but I just can’t be bothered. I just use Future on them if I know I am having company. I get down on my hands and knees because mopping it doesn’t get it looking near as good. (In my opinion.)

    I can’t stand carpet either. It looks like you have loads of work ahead of you! It will all be worth it though. 😉


    • Oh really? I love painting! I can’t wait to get to my old room and splash on some color! I’m trying to decide if I want to paint over that dark stain on the woodwork in my room. I hate to do it, but I really want a fresh look in there and that dark stain seems so… “dark.” You use Future on your wood floors? I never knew you could, we bought specially made cleaners for our wood floors in my old house. I wish we could pull up all the carpet in the entire house before we move in, but we’re only planning on doing the bedrooms beforehand. But plans have been known to change, so as we continue to dig in and do stuff in the rest of the house as we get ready to move in, maybe I’ll get the “urge” again and pull it all up. 😉


      • My Great Aunt swore by it when it used to be called ‘Future’ not under the pledge name. I don’t know if it is supposed to be for them. I use it anyway. Just at Christmas and stuff.

        It only lasts for a few mops and it’s gone. Great for a quick fix on all the scuffs though! We are hard on our floors!

        I’d be interested in knowing what you use.

        As for painting, I don’t like it at all! But I paint quite a bit around the house. Every few years or so I like to change the whole house and end up doing most of the painting myself.

        I see something I like and want to try it. 😉


  6. Haha, I can’t believe you actually wrote “By golly!” Someone ought to add that to a list. “You know you’re a Minnesotan when…” 🙂 Good luck with those wood floors! My wife is a big fan of them, but I’m a carpeting kind of guy myself. They do look like they will be great once you clean ’em up a bit. Oh, and for the record, you don’t need any dudes to help you. You can do it! Why? Because you’re awesome! But just in case, you could give these guys a call and see if they would be interested in mild carpentry work. Then the three of you could just sit back and relax…


    • Haha! Is “By golly” a Minnesotan thing? “Ya, sure, you betcha” 😉 By the way… I’m pretty sure that I’ve never said that before in my life! I’m hoping the entire house has all hardwood floors, but my mom isn’t so sure about it on the main level. Rachael likes carpet better too and has been very adamant about wanting carpeting in the rest of the house, but we’ll just have to see. In the long run she’ll be up and out and on her own at some point, so I’m gonna do what my mom and I want foremost (and that’s wood floors). Heck, she can carpet it all again when she inherits the house. 😉 But hopefully she wouldn’t. Also, thanks for the link. I would actually give them a call because we do need help moving the “big stuff,” but they don’t service Minnesota. 😦 Probably because they don’t like our accent…


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