Adventures in Gardening Part 29 ~ Cuckoo for Cucumbers

I’m just so happy that my cucumbers are doing so well!  I had hoped they would!  Ya know, you plant a garden with so much hope, but you just never know what’s going to happen.  Between the pests, diseases, and the weather… you can only do so much yourself to work to ensure a healthy and bountiful garden.  I had some disappointments and heartbreaks early on (gosh, remember my disgusting looking bug eaten spinach in Part 17?), and the growing season isn’t over yet, so I’m sure there may be more potential bummers on the gardening horizon, but here at the end of July with my cucumbers flourishing like this ~ all I can feel right now is anticipation and excitement!

However, I am still dealing with that pesky critter I mentioned in my last post, which I’ve now identified as being that evil diabolical squirrel who was frequenting my garden early on in Part 11.  I was sitting out on the patio talking to my sis on the phone and enjoying the view of my garden when I eye spied it making off with one of my cukes.  That little thief had one in its mouth!  I ran over to it and thought of spraying it with the hose, but it was a quick little beast and escaped my watery wrath.  Made me wish I had laser beams I could just shoot from my finger tips to zap that little sucker with.

The next day when I went out to check on things after the rain stopped, I found this on my potting bench…You can even see pieces of the skin scattered there on the ground below.  That horrible evil little creature must have just been leisurely sitting there on my potting bench munching away without a care in the world, having a feast on MY cucumber!  Grrr!


My sis says she heard that you should always count on about 1/3 of your garden going to the pests, but I don’t have acres of gardens anymore ~ my tiny garden is only 4 x 8, so I don’t have much to spare.  And I’m certainly not wanting to share my harvest with thieving little rodents!  But unless I sit out there 24/7 there isn’t much I can do about it.  And even if I could, what would I do, sit out there with a pellet gun and take target practice?  When it comes down to it, I could never harm a little animal, even if it is an evil diabolical squirrel stealing from my garden that totally deserves it.  😉

And anyway, look… I still have a nice sized little bunch for myself. 

And more on the way…🙂

I don’t have quite enough to can pickles with, but I’m getting ready to make up a batch of my delicious refrigerator pickles.  Yummm…

~Gardening is my therapy~

14 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 29 ~ Cuckoo for Cucumbers

  1. All of your home grown food looks absolutely delicious apart from what the little critters keep helping themselves to, how rude of them to think they can just waltz into your garden and eat your hard work, tut. Anyway, I can almost taste those cucumbers from England, yum.x


    • Thanks so much Chris, it is delicious! I know right, who knew squirrels were so rude?! Or could “waltz” 😉 It’s so funny… my daughter and I were talking about the squirrel and its thieving ways, and we both came up with a different scenario of the squirrel’s motives. My daughter’s version: “He can’t help but steal from your garden, he’s just a little animal out there in nature that’s hungry and trying to survive. He probably thought ‘Oh, look at this special tasty treat, it’s my lucky day!'” My version: “No… he’s been out there watching from a distance all this time plotting and scheming, rubbing his filthy little paws together planning my garden’s ultimate demise. All the while saying to himself ‘I shall bide my time and wait, make my move when the gardener isn’t watching. Then I will go in and snatch all the tasty treats I can carry in my grubby little mouth and have a feast to end all feasts!’ And then it laughed with a sinister ‘muwahahaha.'” We got a good laugh coming up with different scenarios. Hers is probably closer to the correct one, but mine is much more creative. 😉


      • Ha ha ha ha, yes your daughters scenario is more than likely closer to the correct but I would probably think along the same lines as you. I’m laughing, all I can think of is the little squirel going muwahahaha after it has stolen your food, the little rodent probably waited to see your reaction too whilst sat at the bottom of your garden on its hind legs, arms folded and a smug grin on his face, grrr.x


  2. Good morning~you’re doing great with what you have Julie~
    It’s amazing what you can grow in a small space~yrs ago I did square foot gardening but it’s too much work & money now.
    Love & hugs~


    • Hi Patty, thanks! I have found it amazing how much can be grown in a small space too, but I’ll have to come with a Plan B next year for my zucchini because it completely took over and crowded out some of my other plants. I placed it on the end so it could have plenty of room, but it grew so big and high that not only are my other plants crowded, but they aren’t getting enough sun. My poor beans were growing so nicely, but then as the zucchini grew, it blocked their sun so they yellowed and only produced a small handful of beans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about my zucchini, it’s one of my favorites, but I like a variety of veggies and want to be able to grow nice harvests of them too. I’ve been thinking of other options for my zucchini, but I may end up just trying to grow some of the other veggies in pots next year and letting the zucchini have its way in the garden box. I don’t know though. But I’ve got an entire year to think about it. 😀


  3. That’s what happened to us too~we had to find which ones grew the easiest & gave the most output without taking too much room.
    I still have my eggplant~too small to make alone. ;P


  4. Lookin’ good, Jewels! Those squirrels can be quite a bother. My mom sees red when she notices them in the gardens. I think it’s the raccoons taking nip at our tomatoes and having that finger zapper sounds like a great idea right about now! If only…


    • Thanks! Yeah, I never had to deal with squirrels bothering my gardens when I lived out in the country, there it was mostly deer. But my ex would splash an egg and water mixture on everything and hang little chucks of bar soap around the perimeter of the garden and that seemed to keep them at bay. We had tons of raccoons in the area, but they didn’t give us a problem either, sorry they are nibbling at your tomatoes. I know those laser beams from the finger tips would be pretty handy wouldn’t they?! 😉


      • That’s a cool tip! Is that just for deer? We have plenty of tomatoes so I won’t complain too much. They are finally turning color!
        I want a laser beam! That would be fun. 😯


      • Yeah, I think that both the egg water mixture and the soap are just for a deer deterrent, but I’m not absolutely positive. My tomatoes are still green…


  5. Your cucumbers look amazing. So far I’ve had 1 cucumber… not the “crop” I had hoped for. But, my tomatoes are looking pretty good. Especially considering it is SOOO hot and dry.


    • Thanks! Sorry to hear you’ve only had one so far. 😦 I know, this terribly hot weather is just getting so old. Glad your tomatoes are fairing well. Mine haven’t started turning color yet and I’m wondering what the heck is taking them so long…


  6. Julie, I’m picturing you shooting lightning out of your fingers like the Emperor at the end of Return of the Jedi 🙂 Don’t do it, Julie! Don’t give in to the dark side!


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