Relocating, Remodeling, & Readjustments ~ Mishaps & Misadventures With My Mom’s Bedroom Floor

In my last post I said to stay tuned for:  “My Mom’s Bedroom Floor is Trying to Kill Me,” and I wasn’t exaggerating.  Well, not too much, anyway.  😉  The past couple of weeks working on it have been a nightmare!  To say that I was regretting pulling up the carpet in my mom’s bedroom would be a huge understatement.  I knew the floor wasn’t going to be in great condition, but I didn’t realize it was going to be so much work just getting it cleaned up good enough to be liveable.  My aching body…

The first issue at hand was trying to figure out the best way to pry up the tacking strips that were left from the carpeting.  After getting advice from a friend and a few of my readers, I went out to buy a Wonder Bar.  But when I got to the store I didn’t end up getting one because the thing weighed like 1000 lbs and was way too big and heavy for my weak little girlie hands.

I found these nifty things and figured they’d work just as well for getting the job done and be much easier for me to maneuver and work with.  They worked like a charm and I was glad I got them because as it turns out, having a variety of sizes of these things came in handy. ~

I toiled long and hard prying up all those tacking strips and even with my handy dandy variety pack of pry bars, it was no easy task.  One of the times while I was in there slaving away, splinters flying everywhere, I thought of asking my daughter to come in and take a photo of me in the midst of “tackling the tacking,” but she was busy doing something else and couldn’t, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was excruciatingly laborious for me.

But as much work as prying up all those tacking strips was, that was nothing compared to the nightmare it has been trying to get up all of the tar-like substance that was underneath that old linoleum.  I looked online, asked friends, called around, and went back and forth to Home Depot more times than anyone would ever want to, and each time got a different suggestion on what to use.  Because we aren’t going to be actually “refinishing” the floors for quite some time, my mom wanted to try and preserve the original varnish and stain as well as possible, so that limited us significantly in how to go about it.

In the end, as impractical as it was, Goo Gone is what we used.  It took an enormous amount of elbow grease, but it was the thing that we found worked the best at dissolving the tar.It was extremely tedious ~ especially when using a plastic putty knife (to help keep ourselves from damaging the floor’s finish while scraping).


I also picked up some mineral spirits to try to get up some of the old paint splotches that were on the floor.  That didn’t work as well as I had hoped it would.  Turns out it’s more for fresh paint clean-up, and not paint that’s 36 years old.  Even with letting it sit on there for a while, it was still very difficult getting it up.

My daughter was such a tremendous help ~ what a trooper!

And my mom even lent a hand.


This is how it looked after all our scraping, scrubbing and toil.Pretty dang nice considering how it looked originally!  (Click here to see)


There are still this rough patches around the perimeter of the room and one particularly stubborn area, but even after all three of us each spent a considerable amount of time working on it, none of us could penetrate through whatever that was.  It probably needs some sort of stripping or sanding done on it, but that is not something we are doing right now.~

Next step was figuring out something to cover these gaps that are in between the wood floor and the current molding that goes along the floor around the room.  ~

Since my sis was back early from her vacation I enlisted her assistance for this part.  Making yet another trip to Home Depot, we picked up some 12ft oak flooring strips that we thought would do the trick at covering the gaps and also help give it a bit of a “finished” looking edge.  We figured we could just lay it on top of the floor, press it up against the molding, tack it down in couple of places, stain it a neutral color, and call it good until the floor gets refinished properly.

This confusing mess of a photo is my sis pointing at the lousy hammering job that I was doing.  Apparently I was “doing it wrong.”Hey that hammer was heavy, I needed to have my hand that close to the head!  And besides… it’s kinda hard hammering correctly when your sis is tickling you behind the knee while you’re trying to hammer.  Just saying…

That’s how things like this happen…Yeah, totally her fault!  😉


Unfortunately, one of the walls of the room is pretty warped, so using the oak strips to cover the gap on that wall was practically worthless.  Off we went back to Home Depot again (good thing it’s close by) to get some wood putty to fill it in with.  My mom took this blurry photo trying to catch us in action as my sis and I were filling (glopping) it in.   As you can see, my side is much tidier.  😉  But maybe that was only because my sis was laying sprawled out on the floor while applying it hahahaha!  And she made fun of my hammering? But I shouldn’t poke too much fun at her “techniques” for applying wood putty because heck, she knows how to use a freaking miter saw (which she skillfully wielded to cut the ends of the oak strips at 45 degree angles for the corners) and that’s more than I can say for myself.  Besides… my sis helping made it fun, and hey, I’m all about the fun!  Bottom line is, I sincerely I appreciated her assistance and expertise ~ even if it was gloppy.  😉


Before calling it “done” I took some Restor-A-Finish and went over the entire floor.  I also used it to touch up all of the existing woodwork (doors, windows etc.) in the whole room.  Talk about “My Mom’s Bedroom Floor is Trying to Kill Me” ~ there are all sorts of toxic chemicals in this stuff and frightening health warnings on the label, which scared this “keep everything natural and organic” girl, but I didn’t see any similar products that I could use that were any less dangerous.~

Well here it is… the final result of my near death experience…What do you think?


All I know is, I’m filled with dread at what horrendous amount of work may be lurking underneath my bedroom carpet.  Dear Lord, please let it be in halfway decent shape.  We’ll find out shortly because once my mom is all moved into her new room, we’ll be painting mine and my daughter’s rooms, and then the carpet people will be coming to install the new carpet in my daughter’s room and rip out the carpet that is in mine.  Yeah, my carpeting and tacking strip removal days are over.  It’s costing us all of $72 for them to do it for us while they’re here installing my daughter’s carpet.  Totally worth it!


And I leave you with this…

Even though my mom’s bedroom floor may not have really been trying to kill me, being over there working on it has been detrimental to the health of my house plants at my apartment.  Basically all I do here anymore is sleep and shower, so I haven’t given them much TLC.

My poor Peace Lily looks anything but “peaceful.”  Pay no attention to those dust bunnies that are congregating for a family reunion there on the floor.  Unfortunately, they’ve been busy producing several generations of offspring while I’ve been busy with my mom’s floor.

And I’m pretty sure my Weeping Ficus isn’t supposed to literally weep.  Pathetic looking thing is even dropping its leaves.

And I’m only guessing here, but I don’t think the ends of this plant are supposed to be brown or have dry, dead, undergrowth.My cats miss me too.  😦


17 responses to “Relocating, Remodeling, & Readjustments ~ Mishaps & Misadventures With My Mom’s Bedroom Floor

  1. Great work girls! Very inspiring. Especially enjoyed the sister love, since I never had one, always wanted one… You guys did a really great job, the floor is awesome! Really proud of you! Now get back to the kitties and the plants! hahaha


  2. The floor looks great, all the hard work was worth it.


  3. Poor baby, but it looks really great. I am glad that you found something other than a thousand pound Wonder Bar to help remove the tack strips. Give Baby a good rub on the top of the head and maybe you should spend an extra few minutes talking to your plants so they don’t feel too neglected. Hugs my friend.


    • Thanks! Okay, I exaggerated just a tad on the 1000 pounds. 😀 I really should talk to my plants more ~ I did apologize out loud to them for neglecting them so badly. 😉 I could just bring them over to my mom’s, but it’s such a mess with everything else going on over there that they’d probably get shoved in a corner ~ at least at my apartment they have light! I just need to remember to water them once in a while… 😉 Hugs back atcha my friend! ♥


  4. The floor looks so beautiful! You did a great job! Whew but what a big job!!
    Keep going… you can do it!


    • Thanks so much Teresa! 🙂 It really was a tremendous amount of work and I’m glad that part is behind me now! Getting ready to paint mine and my daughter’s rooms next! I really enjoy painting, so I’m excited!


  5. Wow Julie, you have been busy and your Mum’s floor looks great. It’s a shame about the plants but under the circumstances I think you can be forgiven lol, I’m sure once you’ve got the house sorted you can give them all the love and care they need.x


    • Thanks so much, Chris! It was such a huge undertaking and I’m still trying to recuperate from it ~ I am not cut out for manual labor, at all. I’m glad the floor even looks as well as it does for my amateur skills. Gladly, my plants are snapping back to life and have already forgiven me for the neglect ~ of course it helps that I watered them. 😉 Hope all is well with you, Chris. I noticed your blog went missing a few weeks ago and I’m glad you’re back.x


      • Hey Julie, you are very welcome and I am not surprised you are tired after all that hard work, I do hope you have a pleasant surprise when you lift the carpet in your room, I’m glad your plants have forgiven you I am sure they understand you have other priorities at the moment. Yes i deleted my blog but I am in the process of starting a new one and fully intend on keeping it this time.
        I was meant to get int touch with you sooner to say thank you for all your support over the past few months, your messages have been a great help to me and I really appreciate it, you’re an amazing women so again, thank you.x


      • Thanks, Chris! 🙂 I’m so glad to know that anything I’ve said has been of help to you. You are one of the people that I’ve met since starting my blog that I have come to care about.x I love the name of your new blog! It IS all about the dreams! Because with all that life throws at us ~ it’s the dreams, and the hope of those dreams, that helps us through it all! ♥


      • Thank you Julie, that means a great deal and you are right, it is the dreams and hopes of our dreams that helps us through anything life throws at us.x


  6. Wow, that floor looks amazing! Nice work, Julie. You + goo gone + wonder bar = UNSTOPPABLE!


    • Thanks, Simon! It feels so darn good to just be done with that floor! Next it’s onto mine. They’ll be coming on Monday to install Rachael’s carpet and rip out mine, so I’ll soon find out what’s in store for me there…


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