Adventures in Gardening Part 31 ~ That Thieving Squirrel: The Epic Battle Continues…

Well, my battle with that thieving squirrel continues.  He is still up to his evil diabolical schemes and clearly thinks my potting bench makes a nice dinner table.  It seems like every day when I go out to check on things, I find new and incriminating evidence of his evil deeds…Notice that plastic wrapper and little strip of paper laying nearby?  It’s from a fortune cookie.  Evidently he also enjoyed some Chinese take-out while sitting there chomping away on my cucumber!

I’m pretty sure he left this message just to stick it to me…Apparently, he sees my delicious garden vegetables as an “opportunity” to get a free meal, but I definitely don’t ever recall going and knocking on his door and inviting him over for dinner!  He’s just lucky I’ve had such a bountiful harvest of cucumbers and haven’t noticed much of an impact from his thievery, or he would notice the impact of my fiery wrath.


But he’s also eating all my tomatoes.  Yes, all!  And unlike my bumper crop of cucumbers, my tomatoes have been struggling quite a bit, so I’m not getting very many of them.  I think we’ve eaten one so far.  One!  And the squirrel… all the rest!  And it’s always just as they are starting to ripen.  Ew look at this disgusting fly!  Flies are so gross!   This is a pretty nice shot I got of one though…~

That thieving squirrel has also stolen the last 2 ripe strawberries off of my strawberry plant.  😦

I saw him the other day in another part of the yard and his tummy looked big and fat, so my daughter’s scenario of him being just a poor innocent hungry little creature trying to survive out there in the wild is totally inaccurate!  I know he’s out there rubbing his grubby little paws together plotting his next attack!


But on the bright side ~ there’s always a bright side…

This special surprise arrived in my garden the other day ~ all the way from Kentucky!  Some dear long distance friends sent me a snippet from their Trumpet Vine to try growing here in Minnesota to help attract butterflies and hummingbirds to my garden.  🙂I put it in a pot temporarily and will plant it in the ground in the fall when the weather is a little cooler.  Hope it grows!  Thanks so much Patty & Allan!  ♥


And even though she’s back in town now, I’m still enjoying plant sitting my sis’s outdoor plants ~ including her lovely Gazanias…


I sure am glad squirrels don’t eat flowers…

~Gardening is my therapy~


18 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 31 ~ That Thieving Squirrel: The Epic Battle Continues…

  1. We were happy to be able to share with you Julie~
    hugs from patty & allan
    We love you~ :p


  2. Squirrels are such pests! I feel for you! I always have a big problem on my apartment balcony with squirrels stealing my fruit and digging in my pots. They’ve eaten so many strawberries and tomatoes and they’ve knocked off or dug up so many of my plants. Also ate a bunch of bulbs I bought my mom.


    • Oh my, you’ve got some troublesome squirrels there indeed! Sorry to hear that, Linda. 😦 In all the years I’ve been gardening I’ve never had a squirrel problem. I never even realized they were an issue at all until I moved to the city. This particular squirrel is a “pet” that my stupid brother was hand feeding for a year or so while he was living at my parent’s house. The dummy…


  3. That damn squirrel need to keep his/her grubby little mits off your plants, I had to laugh at the fortune cookie quote, how ironic ha ha.x


    • I know, right?! Don’t think there’s much I can do about it though ~ I’m afraid that pesky critter is there to stay. :/ I had to laugh too when I saw that fortune cookie fortune, it was just way too ironic! Makes for a good story though haha! But see that just proves… he’s definitely not innocent! 😉 Hope you are doing well today, Chris.x


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  5. Time to get out a BB gun and show that squirrel who’s the boss!


  6. We used to toss the things they would get at and found they would just get at another one. This year we just left them, be it on the ground or stem. They seem to come back to finish it off instead of starting on a new one right away. We think we have saved a few from doing this. Maybe just wishful thinking. 😉 They sure are little pests. (I am omitting the usual swear words I would use if it wasn’t on the internet and I was sitting here at home) 😯


    • I’ve left his half eaten casualties out there, but he just leaves those to the bugs and moves onto the fresh ones. He really is being troublesome. Today I noticed dozens of little holes dug up all around throughout my mom’s lawn ~ I think he may be a bit absent minded and has forgotten where he buried his nuts. I’d like to bury him!


      • Hi sweetie pie~we found when we had squirrels which we don’t anymore for some reason~put a pile of feed corn out for them or some kind of inexpensive bird seed out for da squirrel~may leave your veggies alone that way or have you tried that?
        love & hugs~ 😛


      • Hi Patty 🙂
        I might try something like that if we had a larger area (yard), back when I lived on some acreage we had a deer feeding station at the other end of our property to draw deer away from the garden. There were tons of squirrels over at it all the time in addition to the deer so I can see how something like that might work, but with such a small space I wouldn’t want to risk attracting even more squirrels to my mom’s yard. I think one of the main reasons this particular squirrel is even around is because my brother was feeding it when he was staying with my parents. Thanks for the suggestion though. 🙂


      • i thought that might be a problem but worth a shot~they can be annoying to say the least~we have a small natural garden & a big yard that they mow.
        too many doggies at night here i think so the squirrels have booked as they say~ 🙂


      • Hey, maybe I ought to set my daughter’s dog out there to stand guard? Only problem there is that he barks at even just leaves blowing across the yard, so I’m sure that would give us issues with the neighbors, not to mention annoy the heck outta me. 😉


      • mama’s dog jody is the same~barks at leaves all the time~but it does keep the squirrels away~try it for a hour or two every day till he gets the message~hope it works julie~


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