Relocating, Remodeling & Readjustments ~ The Continuing Saga…

Well, since the mishaps and misadventures with my mom’s floor we’ve gotten her all moved into her new room.  It’s not decorated or completely situated yet, but at least it’s in good enough order for her to have a nice nap with her cat…She’s probably gonna kill me when she sees that I posted a photo of her napping, so if you never hear from me again, you’ll know why.  😉


I’m actually writing this post from my room, which I’ve just recently finished painting for the second time.  Here let me share my current view with you…Hmm, weird, it’s not really that dark in here.  I guess this isn’t really much to look at is it?  Can’t even see my paint job.  Oh well, I’ll try and take a better photo of it later.


I’m sitting at a little make-shift “desk” that my mom brought in so that I could see what it feels like to sit and write in here, but now she and my daughter are hounding me to come watch a movie with them, so I probably won’t be in here very long and will have to finish writing this post later.  I just want to be in my room for a little while and enjoy the calm before the storm.  The storm being… finding out tomorrow what lies beneath this carpeting under my feet.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in paint here for the past week.  This is usually a fun thing for me, but this too has ended up being more work than I had originally thought it would be.  Maybe I’m just getting old or out of shape.  One thing I am sure of is that all the paint fumes are definitely affecting my mental capabilities.  😉

First up was painting my daughter’s room.  But we couldn’t pick out paint colors until she chose some new draperies for the sliding glass door in her room.

These are what were hanging in there…Now although these may be considered somewhat hideous according to today’s home decor trends, they were actually quite fashionable in the 70’s, and I’m going to save some of this fabric.   I have no idea what I’ll ever do with it, but you just never know ~ I could come up with something totally unique and amazing to do with it one day. 😀


After shopping until I was dropping, my daughter finally found some lovely draperies.  I don’t have a photo of her new drapes yet, but I’m sure I’ll include one in a future post once they get hung up.

So, it was a bit of a fiasco painting my daughter’s room because she didn’t like the blue color that she picked out for her contrasting wall (the rest of the walls are a green tone).  So we went back and got a different shade of blue, but she’s not sure she likes that color either.  After her carpet and drapes get in there she’s going to see how she likes it, but I have a feeling we (I) may end up just painting that wall the same color as the rest of the room.The color looks worse in this photo than it really is.  And yes, yes I do paint in my bare feet.  😀  Just don’t look too closely at them, they’re in terrible need of a pedicure, and I banged my left foot so it’s all puffy and swollen ~ guess I shouldn’t do things in my bare feet huh?  😉


The painting of my room went even worse and I was all up in tears over it.  Literally.  😦  My sis came to the rescue, talked me in off the ledge, and helped me re-paint it.  Sometimes I wonder what I would ever do without her.  ♥   I think I just had a bit of an emotional meltdown because I’ve been working soo hard and I’m exhausted.  I’ve put so much work into making my mom’s and my daughter’s rooms nice for them that then when I finally get to my own room only to have it not turn out right, just made me overly emotional.  But hey, you might have been overly emotional too if the restful, peaceful, ocean color you picked out ended up being a putrid mint colored version of Pepto Bismol!

The color on my walls now is still not what I was going for ~ it’s more of a gray shade than what I had wanted, but it’s a restful enough color and it’ll do for now.  All I know is that I’m not painting this room a 3rd time!  I’ll have a better idea of how it’s going to look after this golden carpet gets out of here tomorrow.

Won’t be sad to see this go.But like I said, I am nervous about what’s underneath it…


Oh hey, it’s tomorrow!  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish writing this last night.  Well… My daughter’s new carpet is in and it looks great!

This isn’t the greatest shot of it, but her dog Teddy sure looks cute enjoying the view out the window…~

The carpet installers got to my mom’s at the crack of dawn this morning and I didn’t make it over there until they had nearly finished with my daughter’s room, but my mom snapped this photo of the hardwood floors that are under her carpeting.  Sure am glad my daughter wasn’t wanting to try and have wood floors in her room because this looks absolutely horrible … ~

Unfortunately, remember that storm I mentioned earlier when expressing my fears about my own wood floors?  Well…

On the bright side… at least there isn’t a bunch of old linoleum and black tar to scrape up.

But on the dark side… a large portion on one half of the room is plywood, not hardwood.  😦

And there are a few black stain splatters of I don’t know what.

There are also some terrible cut marks about 4 feet long in the entryway.  This photo doesn’t show it, but these cuts are actually pretty deep.  😦 

And I don’t even know what to do about this total hack job someone did around the vents.~

Yep, it’s gonna take quite a bit of continued elbow grease to get all this cleaned and fixed up.  And on that I’m in short supply.  Makes me tired even contemplating it.  Well, it is after midnight as I wrap this up.

Wish me luck…

11 responses to “Relocating, Remodeling & Readjustments ~ The Continuing Saga…

  1. It’s good to see how far you are coming along with the house, it appears as though it is making shape. Sorry to see the floor in your room is going to take some doing, are you having that the same as your Mum’s or are you putting carpet in it?
    So glad your sister to came to the rescue while you were over the edge, grrrr, what would we do without out siblings ey.
    Anyway, I hope you have a good day and get all you want doing done.


    • Yes, I am having the same floor as my mom. Or… she’s got the same as me ~ she was originally going to re-carpet her room like my daughter did, but I had always intended on the wood floors for mine. It was in seeing/working on hers that made me afraid for the condition mine. The biggest thing I am disappointed in with seeing mine is that there is a large portion of plywood rather than hardwood on that one half of my room. I was already going to sort of have 2 separate areas ~ one for sleeping and one for sitting/writing/whatever else, and my bed is going over the area where the plywood is, so maybe I’ll just clean it up real well and throw a large rug down on top of it. It doesn’t really have to be anything fancy when it’s just under my bed right? I don’t know, maybe I should just carpet that side of the room. I’m not doing anything with it today though because I’m going to the salon to get my hair colored and have a bit of pampering. 😉 Hope today finds you well, Chris.x


  2. Well, Julie, once again I am experiencing déjà vu when reading one of your posts. When I was fixing up my condo in 2008, I had a bit of a painting horror story as well, and as with you, my sister was a huge help in helping me get through it all.

    Moving on, I like your second photo above – something about the symmetry of a blog post featuring a photo of the computer screen on which the blog post itself is being filed is quite appealing. If the computer screen in the photo also featured a photo of itself, you could enter into full-blown M.C. Escher territory here….


    • Remodeling must be one of those mutually shared nightmares. 😉 I’ll have to go read about yours. Thanks, I thought maybe it would be clever posting that photo of the view of my computer while I was writing in my new room, but then realized maybe it was kinda weird. Eh, I am a bit odd so oh well. I don’t know who M. C. Escher is, but I imagine he/she/it might have something to do with infinity types of pictures/artwork. I find that stuff pretty cool. The only thing is, if I would have had the photo within the photo, then it wouldn’t really have been my actual current view at that moment. But that does give me some interesting ideas…


  3. That’s a great idea of maybe just using an area carpet on the plywood side. I really do feel for you. All that work and keeping up with the garden too! Everything is looking so great though. One day it will be over and you can sit back and enjoy the rewards!


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  5. I would rather have nasty ol’ stained wood floors than that carpet! Oy! I can’t believe how gorgeous the window frames are! I think you just inspired me to re-stain the master trim — gorgeous!


    • Me too, that carpet was atrocious, I LOVE hardwood floors, and luckily I was able to get them looking pretty good after all my sweat and toil. All of the windows in the house really need replacing, but that would be too huge of an expense for us right now, so I prettied them up instead! 😀


      • I still don’t know what’s under the bedroom carpets. I was disappointed to find that my living room was an addition and there are no hardwoods, lol — but I sure do love the space, hah!
        Windows are a big expense. I think prettied was an excellent choice!


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