Mmm Autumn…

Feeling the first hints of autumn in the air today!  Gosh I can’t wait for fall!  This morning when I woke up, the sun was shinning, the sky was a perfect shade of blue, and the air was clear and crisp.  All such lovely things to wake up to, and I swear it even made my coffee taste better.  😉

Autumn is my most favorite season.  I love everything about it!  I know it means that everything is dying, but it makes me feel so alive.  Every one of my senses goes into overdrive and is heightened.  I’m already craving caramel apples and hunting around my apartment for my pumpkin spice scented candles to start burning on the cool evenings ahead.  So cozy!  And I can hardly wait to start seeing some fall color.  Here in Minnesota, at the peak of the season, the autumn color can be spectacular!  Especially the further out you get from the city.  It’s my favorite time of the year to go for a drive ~ all of the trees blazing with colors of amber, copper, and crimson.  It’s a wonderful feast for the eyes!  I’m a little worried that we might be robbed of some of our fall color this year though because of an unusually early spring, drought, and the extreme heat we’ve had over the summer, but I hope not.

I also hope we don’t get a blizzard before Halloween even comes, as has been the case a time or two in my recent memory.  If there is any downside to fall, its the impending doom of winter being close at hand.  Not that I mind winter all that much, the snow is lovely, but the cold I can certainly do without.

Speaking of cold, it was pretty nippy out when I came home tonight, time to dig out my fleece sheets and down comforter.  Again… so cozy!  It would be a perfect evening for a bonfire tonight.  Love autumn bonfires!  I bought one of those little wrought iron patio type fire pits earlier this spring to use on my mom’s patio, and we’ve had a couple of fires in it, but now with fall coming I’m sure we’ll be getting much more use out of it.

This is from one time we toasted marshmallows in it.  🙂~

I’ve recently dug out my old camera to try and reacquaint myself with it.  I can’t wait to get out there and try and capture some of the beauty of fall.  I usually use my daughter’s camera, but I use it so much that she’s getting afraid I’ll wear it out.  Hopefully mine will take as nice of shots as hers does.


This is from last fall.  It’s one block down from my mom’s house.  I love how the trees sort of create a canopy over the street.  And look at the nice “dusting” of leaves on the street.  

Another shot of those same trees only with the camera pointing upward.  Ah so  pretty against the blue sky!~

Also from last year.  What a lovely combination of colors.  They look almost as pretty littering the grass as they do on the trees.~

This is from one of the apple orchards we visited last fall.  Going to the apple orchard every fall is a tradition I have done with my daughter ever since she was little.  Excited for this year!~

And speaking of my daughter and fall when she was little ~ this is one of my favorite photos of autumns past.  Of course, she was posing while I snapped this shot, but aside from that particular moment, there was repeated leaping into this big pile of leaves that was also going on that day.  Such precious memories.  ♥ So very grateful for those memories, and looking forward to creating more.


Mmm autumn…


25 responses to “Mmm Autumn…

  1. Like you, I enjoy fall but I’m not crazy about cold winters! 🙂


    • And winter is sooo long. Well, it is here anyway. Honestly, it should only be winter from Thanksgiving through New Years just to be festive for the holidays, and then it should go away. 😉 We lucked out with a very mild winter last year, it was a nice break considering the winter before I had to dig my truck out of several feet of snow on multiple occasions. I’m allergic to the cold. And not in a joking way ~ I literally break out in hives from it. Haha why do I live here?! Because it’s home, of course. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Nancy, it’s much appreciated! 🙂


  2. Nom nom nom nom nom, marshmallows, very tasty indeed, it sure does look beautiful in autumn over there.x


    • Yes they are. 🙂 I like them just a little bit brown and not burned, the trick is to hold them over the red embers and not the flames (so the pic here was a fail for that ;)), and of course using them to make up smores is how they are the best. *Drools* It really is beautiful here in the autumn! ♥ I wish the season wasn’t so short. Do you get much fall color where you are in the UK, Chris?x


      • I see, so you hold them over the red embers do you, I never knew that. We do get lots of autumn colour over here with all the leaves off the trees and the different shades of green etc. It is a nice season but I dread the winter.x


  3. hi sweetie~so happy for all of us who enjoy cool & beautiful~one good thing about being further south is we don’t have too cold winters~but we roast in the summer~lol
    hope everyone gets a lot of bounties their way~
    love & hugs~


    • Hi Patty :), yes and you guys have bigger bugs down there in the south too (I suppose because they don’t die off in the winter). I once saw a spider the size of my hand down there! Eek! It was terrifying! Even my ex paled at the sight of it LOL! The people sure are nice down there though! 😉 Love and hugs to you too! ♥


  4. Fall is my favorite time of year too, especially after this very hot and dry summer. I can’t wait until there is that fall cool nip in the air. Just to let you know I like your site so much I have added you to my blogroll on my own site.


    • No cool nip in the air for you yet? Well, it’s bound to be heading that way soon. 😉 Thanks so much Gordon! I enjoy yours as well, and I’m excited for you as you continue with your retirement dream. 🙂


  5. Since relocating to the south for work a few years ago, I would give anything for a Minnesota fall and even miss the winter!


    • Now there’s something you don’t hear every day… you miss winter?! Agreed, winter is beautiful with the snow and very festive for the holidays ~ I would definitely not like having Christmas without snow on the ground. And also the night sky is especially stunning during the winter, I swear the stars shine brighter! Only problem is… you freeze your butt off out there looking up at it! 😉


  6. Oh to have the joy of different seasons. 😉 Usually in the Deep South, like me, we get two temperatures, Hella Hot and Sorta Warm. Our beautiful colors come from the leaves dying right around July and by the time the calendar says it is Autumn we are looking like bare-tree central. Usually if they say the word “Snow” down here people run madly for the nearest grocery store, clean out the bread, milk and eggs, and then dig in for the less than 1/8 inch of a dusting we normally get. I miss having Seasons, I do believe I am jealous Jewels, but I love ya lots. 🙂


    • The changing seasons is one of the things I do really appreciate about living in Minnesota. 🙂 Haha hella hot would be horrible, but sorta warm doesn’t sound so bad. 😉 So funny about when y’all get snow down there! Here we’re like “Yay, time to make a snowman!” I don’t like driving in it, but it sure is pretty. About the time March rolls around I’ve grown weary of it though. 😉 I wish fall lasted longer…


  7. Love all the photos and your daughter is beautiful. I also love the fall and all the beautiful colors. Your photos show off all the colors so well. When hubby and I got married it had to be in the fall. 🙂


  8. I love the colors! The crisp, clean air. You are right, there is just something so nice and magical about this time of year! 🙂


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  10. Beautiful pics I love Fall it energises me and makes me do things.


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