Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2012

One of my favorite things to do each year is go to The Minnesota Renaissance Festival when it rolls around.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much it absolutely delights me.  My sis always buys me the tickets for my birthday and then she and I and my daughter go to it.  We always have such a wonderful time, and this year was no exception.  It’s such a nice escape from reality.

Here’s the three of us posing for a photo for my mom before we headed out to carouse at the Renfest.  We gave my poor mom a terrible time because she was having difficulty operating my daughter’s camera, but it turns out that all the photos of the day turned out a bit off in the lighting and focus.  Not sure what the deal was.  But even though the quality of the photography was off, the quality of the fun time we had was not.  🙂


I love my daughter’s new costume this year!  My dress was wrinkled.  Hey, I spent an hour and a half barrel rolling my hair, I didn’t have time to iron!


Oops, where are the tickets?!  Oh, here they are!

Hey, I can’t help it that I forgot them, I have an awful lot going on in this “above average to superior” brain of mine lately.  😉  Further detailed explanation of that intelligence comment can be given a later time, but let me just say… I was told by “experts” after many grueling hours of testing that I am in the above average to superior range of intelligence.  Although my sis says I am no longer able to claim that after today.  Big deal, I forgot the tickets, it happens.  Well that would be fine if only the story stopped there.  When we drove all the way back to my apartment to pick up the tickets, I discovered that I had forgotten the keys to my apartment in my other purse back at my mom’s.  So we had to drive back to my mom’s to get my keys and then back to my apartment again to get the tickets.  Yeah, we did a bit of extra driving back and forth.  What?  It only delayed us by two hours.  Hey, everything happens for a reason right…?  And besides it only makes the day even more memorable.  😀


One of the things I especially enjoy while walking around at the Renfest is seeing the various street performers.  It really sets the mood of it all.  This guy made beautiful sounds come out of this thing…

As did this guy…

And this one.  Omygosh how I LOVE the sound of bagpipes!


And here’s one of my favorites ~ Twig the Fairy.  She’s so lovely and has sweetest most gentle spirit about her.  The children adore her, and so do I!


I also love taking in the various shows on the stages set around the festival.
The Danger Committee is another favorite of mine.  Things on fire and knife throwing = always exciting.  We had far away seats this year so getting a good photo was challenging, but here is “Bald Guy” holding out a couple of cucumbers to be sliced.


Lisa over at Lisa’s Rant told me to be sure to catch Moonie’s performance at the Renfest this year, we only happened to catch part of it, but he was very entertaining.


Speaking of catching, my daughter caught these two watching one of the shows.  I’m not sure what their attire has to do with the Renaissance, but they looked pretty cute.  The Renfest is a great place to let your freak flag fly ~ I certainly let mine fly free while I’m there!   😉


A lot of people enjoy getting a giant turkey leg to chomp on while at the Renfest, but the food there isn’t really a main attraction for me.  However, these funnel cakes my daughter got were quite tasty.

See how much she enjoyed them…

Yes, I believe I’ve instilled great manners in my daughter by teaching her to suck off her fingers after she eats.  😉  She claims she only did this because she didn’t have any napkins, but I’m not buying it ~ I think she just didn’t want to let any of that powdered sugar go to waste.


Yep, we had lots of fun this year and I’m so thankful for my wonderful big sister who takes me and my daughter to the Renfest each year!  She’s truly the best! ♥



16 responses to “Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2012

  1. Love it… thanks for sharing. 🙂


  2. “Even though the quality of the photography was off, the quality of the fun time we had was not.” This is why you’re awesome, Julie. And by the looks of these pictures, you must have an awesome time! But then, when is the Ren Fest not awesome 🙂


  3. Wow, I just realized I use the same adjective three times in that last comment. I need a Mountain Dew or something. must…wake…up…


  4. Jewels! I love, love the photos! You guys are beautiful! Now the countdown is on until next Renfaire season. 🙂 Thank you very much for mentioning me, you’re the best! Isn’t Moonie cute? I think my Aunt has a crush on him. Also, we are thinking of dressing up the two year old like a mini Moonie next year and trying to get a picture with him. I’m glad you had a great time.


    • Aw thanks! Yeah, Moonie was a hoot! Not only should you dress up the two year old next year, but you should dress up too! 😀


      • I dressed up one year, but it was almost a hundred degrees and I almost passed out. Unless I’m going as the Queen’s personal stripper any costume is too hot. Plus, I’m pretty sure the Queen does NOT want a personal stripper.


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  8. I love your flowy dress! Where did you get it? Also do you know where your daughter got her pieces for her outfit? I’m looking for an outfit for this year and have been inspired by you two 🙂


    • Thanks so much! I got the dress at Party Papers in downtown Anoka, and the vest is from one of the vendors at Renfest. My daughter bought her outfit as a set online (I’m sorry but I don’t know where). Good luck putting your outfit together and have fun at Renfest! 🙂


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