Coming Up For Air

Well wow I sure have had a busy past few weeks here in my little world!  I feel bad for being neglectful of my blog, but I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t had the time, much less the inspiration for writing anything of value.  Not that I do now either.  😉  But I do have an update on the relocating, remodeling & readjustments front as well as in the garden.

We’re all moved in over at my mom’s house.  Not all unpacked, but moved, and man it has been an unbelievable amount of work!  I’ve decided that I really rather hate moving.  Well, I already knew that, but I am just reiterating it.  I sure would love to just be able to “be” and never have to move ever again, but I have to face the fact that the ebb and flow of life is constantly filled with change and thus my moving days are most likely not over yet.

I think because this particular move was done in conjunction with all the remodeling, and has all taken place over the course of several months is the reason it has felt so very overwhelming, especially when it’s pretty much just been myself, my daughter, and my mom doing it all.  I did have help here and there from my sis and also from a couple of good friends who stepped in along the way, and I am feeling very grateful for them.  And for having enough stamina to even accomplish it all.

My last Relocating, Remodeling, & Readjustments post was about my room and I must say that I am very happy with it!  It’s sort of weird being in my old room again that I grew up in, but because the decor is so completely different it has a whole new kind of vibe.  I love it and feel so thankful.

Once I come up for air out from underneath the dozens of boxes piled everywhere I’ll try and take a few photos to share.  Sorry, I know things are more fun to read with pictures.  😉


In gardening news…

With the chilly temps of autumn well underway here in Minnesota, the growing season is definitely done here, but my celery still seems to be coming right along, as is my oregano and rosemary.  I am just going to leave them to it and hope that maybe my celery will eventually mature enough to harvest.  As I mentioned in an earlier gardening post, my giant zucchini blocked the sun from reaching my celery for most of the summer, so I don’t know that it will reach the harvesting point before the real cold weather comes.


And just so this post isn’t completely devoid of photos, here are a couple I took earlier in the fall season when I managed to take a little bit of time in between all the moving to get out and enjoy some of the fall color…

This is from a day when my sis and I took a little drive up to Taylor’s Falls and I happened to have my camera along.  It’s so lovely along the St. Croix River~

And I snapped this shot one day on a drive with my mom to Annandale to bring her cat to the vet there.  I love me the color of Maple trees in the fall!~

And this is a pretty little “bouquet” of autumn leaves I collected one day when I stopped in at a local park on a whim while out running errands.  It’s taken with my cell phone so the quality isn’t the greatest, but you can still see how happy and colorful it was.  I must say that I’ve never seen such a wonderful variety of beautiful colors all in one place before, and these were just a small sampling!  ~

There are still some areas of lovely fall color in and around the Twin Cities, but it is all definitely coming to an end.  With all of the stuff we moved out of my mom’s house and into her garage during the remodeling I had thoughts of trying to put together a garage sale before winter hits, but I decided the other day that it will just have to wait until spring.  Oh spring, then it will be planting time again!  🙂


15 responses to “Coming Up For Air

  1. Love the pretty Autumn Colors. 🙂


  2. Just beautiful photos Julie and I hope that you settle in OK. They say that moving is in the top 5 re. stress so best of luck with it all! Ruth 🙂


    • Thanks Ruth, oh I believe that! One of the reasons I have tried to take those little time outs along the way (like to enjoy the autumn colors) to refresh myself. There are a myriad of other things also going on simultaneously, so it’s been a doozy here for me. Hey, maybe I should go listen to your beautiful “As I Breathe”. I think I will. 🙂 Blessings to you today Ruth!


  3. That’s lovely Julie – thank you! I will email you the MP3 – if you’d like it – so that you can pop it on your ipod? (Just pop me an email address over on my contact page and I’ll make it so!! 🙂


  4. I know you are glad to be done with the remodel and moving, I hate it too. I know I will have to do it all again some time when we find our new farm. Oh well..for some of us, moving is just part of life.

    Love the picture you took of the Maple tree, I have been going around my neighborhood and taking notes of all the gorgeous trees. I try to collect the tree seeds from the trees that have the best fall colors. With maples.. most drop their seeds in the spring except the surgar maple witch drops them in the fall. I sort them by tree and for their colors and keep each group in a small paper bag in the garage until spring and then plant them. I let them grow until fall and once they go dormant I dig them up and plant them on our current farm. Some day there will be many gorgeous trees in the fall on this farm. It is just part of my philosophy of leaving the land better then when I bought it.


    • Oh, but the remodeling isn’t done, only the bedrooms have been updated so far, I’m afraid there is still the rest of the house to do yet, but that is for later. Thanks, Sugar Maples are my most favorite trees in autumn because they have every color all in one! That is such a great practice you have of saving the seeds Gordon, and a wonderful philosophy of leaving the land better than when you bought it. Best of luck to you as you continue the farm hunting! 😀


  5. You’ll get there Jewels, just think how far you’ve come this past couple of months. I hope you’re not too drained from it all especially with everything else you’ve got going on. thinking of you.x


    • Thanks, Chris. 🙂 It really has been a long process. I’m not feeling too drained at the moment because I’m a bit jacked up on the caffeine from my coffee this morning, 😉 but it all definitely has been exhausting, and it isn’t over yet… there are still all the millions of boxes to sort through. Well, not “millions” but you know what I mean.x


  6. Julie, I think you should go around Minnesota taking photos of the natural beauty that state has to offer and then compile everything into a photo book. I know I’d buy a copy! I like what you said about your move, too. I remember going back to my parents’ house long after I had moved out, and going into my old room just felt different. Not in a bad way, but in a different way. It’s hard to describe, but there’s nothing else quite like it. I’m glad you are moved in, and hope you are able to get unpacked and settled in!


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