Give Me Some of That White Stuff

Oh you know... just waiting for my fellow flakes to arrive

~Waiting for my fellow flakes to arrive ~

I know just how this little guy feels…

We’ve been busy here putting up all the Christmas decorations and I think we’re just about finally finished.  My daughter has been anticipating decorating Grandma’s house for Christmas ever since way back in June when we first decided to combine our homes, and it’s been fun to see her be so filled with excitement.

But, now that all of the decorations are up and looking so festive, I am feeling in real need of some of that “white stuff” to top it off.  We had a light dusting of it a few weeks ago (First Snow), but it has all gone now.  Come on flakes start falling, my little snowman friend here is waiting, and I’m dreaming… of a white Christmas.

Love, love, LOVE the classic rendition of this song!


6 responses to “Give Me Some of That White Stuff

  1. Okay if I have not told you in a few days, hours or minutes, you are amazing,awesome,wonderful, all covered in chocolate with sprinkles… That is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, White Christmas is so wonderful.I so wish that I lived up North during the month of December just for the White Christmas’ that you are so used to. Jealous. Love ya again for posting this and love ya anyway for being all those things listed above. 🙂


    • Ooo covered in chocolate and sprinkles too even?! Yay thanks! Oh but don’t be jealous yet, my friend… alas, there is no snow here. 😦 I know, I love those classic Christmas movies! My all time favorite is “It’s a Wonderful Life” that one never gets old. Wish you were up north here and we could watch some Christmas movies together and drink hot cocoa. Maybe some day. I love you! ♥


  2. I’m with you on White Christmas. Maybe that is what we’ll do tonight!
    Merry Christmas! I hope it is an incredibly special time in your new home!


  3. Just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say how much I like that picture, Julie. Seriously, it looks like it came from a professional photographer!


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