Daily Archives: December 21, 2012

Endings and Beginnings: Thoughts For The Day

I awoke to a beautiful sunrise this morning.  There weren’t many clouds to help accentuate it, but in the cold winter morning air the puffs of exhaust coming out of the smoke stacks of the various buildings here in the city were PINK!  It looked like cotton candy billowing into the sky!  I imagine that’s what it would be made of in Candyland, but unfortunately in reality, it means pollution spewing into the air.  Not a pleasant thought, but it was still really pretty to look at.

So it’s the 21st of December in the year 2012 and YAY we’re all still here!  Not that I ever doubted it, but it’s fun to joke around about it and interesting to muse over various end-of-the-world theories.  When they try and use science and tie it in with astronomy I find it all very intriguing.  Of course not knowing a whole lot about that stuff myself, I have no idea if those various theories have their facts straight or not, but it’s still interesting to me.

We’re all just searching for the answers and the meaning of life aren’t we?  We look at history and ancient times to try and find out where we come from, and use that information alongside with current understanding and knowledge of the universe to try to find out where we are going.  Well, some of us do.  I suppose some of us could care less about all of that searching mumbo jumbo and just want to absorb ourselves in entertainment and in whatever pleasures this life has to offer.  And some of us (I fall into this category) try not to worry about knowing all the answers to the universe, but enjoy learning, discovering, and keeping an open mind to various possibilities while simply just trying to live each day with meaning and love.

Some days I’m better at doing that than others, lately I’ve been down right stressed out as I mentioned in my last post.  But as the sun rises and another new day dawns, I have another opportunity to try again.  I’m thankful for this new day, and glad the world didn’t end just yet.  😉  Whatever this day brings I will try to face it with hope, in joy, and with courage.

Regardless of when the world ends, we should always try and make the most of each day, each moment, because either way, our time here is brief and we should not ever take that for granted.  And while we’re here, no matter who we are, where we’ve come from, or where we are going, we should love and take care of each other and the earth, our home.

And speaking of moments, for what it’s worth… today is the Winter Solstice which means the moments of daylight are going to start getting longer!  Well, depending on where you reside on the planet anyway, for some of you it may be the exact opposite.  Sorry.  😉

And speaking of winter… although I look forward to longer days and then eventually spring and getting back out in my garden, I’m not going to rush winter along just yet, it has a beauty all its own.

I snapped these a few weeks ago during a winter snowstorm we had here in Minnesota.  This was the view outside my bedroom window…DSCF0266c

And after it was all said and done…


Yes, it’s cold, and wet and sucks to shovel, but it’s also lovely!


And just because this song has been running through my mind…