Shattered Dreams

Shattered dreams like broken glass

the fragments cut deep, raw emotion pours out

spilling angry tears, choking sobs, grief, confusion, regret,

making this heart feel fragile and want to close up tight.


Profound sorrow like mourning a death

the loss of a love before it was given a chance to fully blossom

twas such a beautiful, meaningful connection, special, unique,

making this heart feel broken and become undone.


With the prophecy left unfulfilled

all faith and hope in dreams is gone.

© Julie Rehnelt 2013


14 responses to “Shattered Dreams

  1. How would we know pleasure in the absence of pain? Life is a visceral paradox


  2. Veracity is beauty, poetry is its voice, I thank you Julie, and I hope your dreams may be whole again
    Osama Iftikhar


    • Thanks so much, I hope so too. And thank you also for stopping by and for your comments. In all honesty, the poem you shared there helped me gain a bit better of a perspective, even though it also made me cry more, but I thank you for that too.


  3. Just “liking” this post does not seem right…I can feel your deep pain in this poem and offer to you my compassion. I also love the poem that Osama shared…wonderful shift in perspective…the test for me has been to be grateful for having the dream and having hope…even when it goes unfulfilled…so I can have the gift of it again in the future.


    • There is indeed deep pain behind the words of this poem, and I thank you very much for your compassion Cathy, it is sincerely appreciated and received. I too thought Osama’s poem gave a wonderful shift in perspective. When the dreams you have are so beautiful and you hope for them with all your heart it’s such a terrible loss to have them “crumble.” I look forward to the day when I can look back and “forget not their true innocence” and treasure it all in that way rather than hurt so damn much like I do now. I know what you mean about being grateful, in general I am a very grateful person as well as a die hard optimist, it’s during deeply painful times like this that that attitude is truly tested. And unfortunately I’m failing at it at the moment…


  4. Cry out from within, the heart that breaks will heal again. I love you my friend.


  5. Sorry, Jewels. 😦 (((hugs)))


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