Hold My Heart

“One tear in the driving rain,
One voice in a sea of pain
Could the Maker of the stars
Hear the sound of my breakin’ heart?
One life, that’s all I am
Right now I can barely stand
If You’re everything You say You are
Won’t You come close and hold my heart.”



Lyrics from “Hold My Heart” by Tenth Avenue North

To listen:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qEz2PsLJ-RI#!

2 responses to “Hold My Heart

  1. (((Oh, Julie))) I am so sad for you! Wish I could say something clever to make you smile. 😦


    • Thanks ♥ You know, even during this time of feeling so sad, I have been finding my smile in little moments here and there. The other day for instance when I was feeling really low, a random thought occurred to me and I said out loud “well, at least I’m not having to deal with a zombie apocalypse.” I made myself chuckle ever so slightly at that one, and later I felt glad to realize that I must still have my sense of humor lurking there beneath the surface. Sorry if my posts have been a bit depressing recently, just letting it all out rather than keeping it inside, ya know? I hope it’s not gonna be too much longer until I’m back to my cheerful self, but it could take a while, so thanks for bearing with me through it. ♥


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