Daily Archives: March 17, 2013

Is It Spring Yet?!

I really need it to be spring already so I can get out in my garden.  As I’ve written at the end of each of my previous gardening posts ~ “Gardening is my therapy.” And it really is…

A friend posted this picture on Facebook earlier today and I was like “Oh man, I hear ya.”  I totally relate.  For me, gardening is truly one of the most therapeutic and rewarding activities that I know of.


It used to be that by this time of year I would be well underway with whatever gardening plans/projects I had in mind for the upcoming growing season, but in not having a place to garden in recent years, I got out of the habit.

Well, with having put in my raised vegetable garden bed at my mom’s place last summer, and now with my also living here, I’m gradually starting to contemplate what I want to do out there this year.

But it’s kinda hard to get motivated with all of the snow that is still out there, and there is a winter weather advisory in the forecast for overnight tonight and tomorrow.  Ugh.  As much as I enjoy the beauty of the snow, I’ve definitely had my fill of it.  This winter has seemed so long and it really needs to be done now.  Just look at the contrast from what the weather was like at this same time last year… “Lets Talk About The Weather”

Earlier this winter I took a sort of “green and growing things mental health day” and went to The Conservatory at Como Zoo.  It’s so very lovely there and it felt so good to be amidst all of the life and living things during the dead of winter.  Another visit to The Conservatory may be in order just to get me through the rest of winter.

I was mostly there to just enjoy the atmosphere, but here are a few photos I happened to snap while I was there…

Omygosh can you say “Pretty in pink?”   Ah, the beauty, my eyes, what a delight.


The scent of lilies can be very strong, but it was so refreshing to me.


More pink-ness…


And here’s a white that is prettier than the snow…


The Como Zoo Conservatory has different themes and gardening exhibits/attractions going on throughout the year, I think I definitely will go and pay them another visit to see the latest.  Maybe I’ll even head over there during the winter storm tomorrow, just out of spite.  😉

Do you have any gardening plans underway?  I would love to hear about them.  That way I can live vicariously through yours until I start my own when this snow finally clears out…