Sleeping, Dreams, and Being Weird

I haven’t been sleeping very well lately and it’s really beginning to aggravate me because I love sleeping so much.  I mean, I really love it.  Not in a being lazy way though.  Just in a feeling of comfort and sense of well being way.  If that even makes any sense?

And I have THE most amazing bed on the planet.  Ask anyone who’s been in it.  I don’t mean in it like that.  But that’s good in it too.  😉  Not that a whole lot of that has been going on in it lately.  *Sigh*  But anyway, moving right along…

Here’s someone who’s been in it.  My sweet kitty, Baby.  And I know if she could talk she would testify that it is the most amazing bed on the planet.  She sure sleeps in it enough…

sweet_baby_by_jewels4665Aw she’s so soft and cuddly!  ♥


My bed truly is so wonderful and comfortable though.  I think it’s really important to have a good bed and to get a good nights sleep, and I believe it greatly affects other areas of a person’s health and life if they don’t.  I know it’s certainly affecting mine at the moment.

Over the years I’ve done a lot to try and create an atmosphere of restfulness and relaxation for myself when it comes to sleeping well, but it really is mostly all about my bed.  Oh how I love being in my bed, especially after I’ve fluffed up all my bedding and put on a fresh set of soft sheets… ah, sooo comfy.  I also have various lavender filled/scented paraphernalia surrounding my bed.  Mmm Lavender.  The scent of lavender my dear friends, is absolute pure and tranquil bliss to me.  See my earlier post “For the Love of Lavender ♥” and that will give you some idea of how I feel about it.

So with this amazing bed and all this lavender all over the place, why haven’t I been sleeping very well lately?  Well, I think it’s because I’ve been upset and have had things bothering me.  I’m finding it more of a challenge to feel content or peaceful in general, so I guess maybe that has carried over to my ability to sleep as well.  It’s interesting to me though because, I’ve went through a lot worse in the past and haven’t lost sleep over it.  I mean, yeah, there have been times here and there along the way, but this has been going on now for quite a while here.  I really hope it improves soon.

But none of that is actually what I intended to write about.  I only brought all of that up because of a funny/strange thing that has been happening in regard to my sleeping lately…

I’m texting messages to myself on the notepad function on my cell phone during the night while I’m asleep!   All my life I have always had a very vivid and imaginative dream life.  Maybe everyone does, I don’t know, but I’ve never done something like this before.  I don’t know if I should be amused or concerned.  I guess I’m mostly amused, but when I told my daughter about it the other day she thought it was super creepy, so that made me feel slightly concerned.  I’m definitely intrigued.

I think the psyche is so fascinating, and I wish we could know more, but I feel that most of it is just educated guessing.  And as for dreams, we may never fully know what they mean, but I’m sure they must be meant to help us in some way.

I had a dream once that came true.  Well, it was more of an after dream/vision of something that had already happened.  And I wasn’t fully asleep when I had it so I’m not sure if it can really be classified as a “dream,” but I was in bed falling asleep at the time.  I found myself back at work, watching an actual situation from my day.  It was from a brief conversation that had taken place between myself and two co-workers that day.  I saw myself talking with them, exactly as I really had that day, and then I watched myself leave the room.  But I was still there and I saw and heard the conversation they had with each other after I left.  They were talking about me!  The next day when I went to work (and leaving out tons of details here), I discovered that the conversation I “overheard” in my dream was word for word of what had really been said after I had left that day!  So weird, but super cool!  That was a very long time ago and nothing like that has ever happened to me again, but I will never forget that.  Really makes you wonder about stuff.  By the way… it was good things that were saying about me.  🙂

So back to these middle of the night texts I’m sending to myself…  I keep my cell phone on the night table beside my bed at night; I have the charger plugged in there and charge up my cell during the night while I’m sleeping.  I have been using the notepad function on my cell more and more instead of keeping lists and jotting down notes on paper for things.  There has been too many times I’ve written down something on a piece of paper and then have forgotten to grab it when I leave to go somewhere.  Since I pretty much always have my phone with me, therefore this way I will always have my lists and notes with me, that is why I’ve made the change to typing them on my cell phone notepad instead.  Of course, if my phone ever died or got lost I would be lost then too.

A lot of ideas come to me while I’m in bed and if I don’t write them down I may forget them, so it’s handy to have my cell there to jot it down on.  Sometimes when I have an interesting dream during the night I think I should write it down so I can try and recall it the next day, but I usually don’t want to let myself wake up enough to write it down because I’m tired and want to sleep, and I’m afraid if I let myself wake up, I may not end up being able to get back to sleep.  And I love my sleep, as I’ve said.  😉  I have done it a few times though, when I felt the dream was significant somehow.  But the thing is, the significance of it doesn’t seem as significant in the morning as it did during the night, and the ones that are, I usually remember without having to write them down.

With these middle of the night texts, I suppose maybe it’s possible that somewhere within my psyche, while I’m on that other level on consciousness during the night, I find it necessary to type messages to myself.  Too bad they don’t make any sense.  One from 2 a.m. the other night said “We can, we will.”  Well that’s just great, but who is we and just what the heck is it that we can and will be doing here?  I’m totally clueless, and I wrote it.  Haha!   Well, at least it was basically a positive thought to tell myself anyway, right?

Who does that though, seriously?  I’m so freaking weird.

Last night I had a dream that a prehistoric man-eating alligator was after me while I was playing at a playground (as an adult hah!).  I was climbing up the bars of the playground equipment trying to escape, but then I got trapped.  It almost had me in its jaws when I suddenly thought to jump into the air and then realized that I could fly.  Sweet!  I love when that happens!

See, and I didn’t even write that one down, but I still remembered it.  Not that it felt significant in any way, but I would really like to know the meaning behind it.  Taking it just at face value though… I’m relieved to know I can jump into the air and fly if ever I am to face a prehistoric man-eating alligator.  😉

Ah man.  So yeah, I’m not sleeping very well lately.  Which apparently for me translates into sending texts to myself while I am asleep, and having dreams about prehistoric animals trying to eat me.  But hey, at least I can fly!

Well, I’m about to head off to bed after posting this, wish me luck.  Sweet dreams and sleep well, Jewels.  Yeah, now I’m talking to myself.  Or typing to myself.  But I suppose that’s slightly less weird than texting myself in my sleep…

8 responses to “Sleeping, Dreams, and Being Weird

  1. This was a fascinating read, Julie, and I am interested in the way different realities interact with each other. One thing to accept is that we don’t just exist in this reality, but that we are so much more than all of this. We have parts of ourselves that exist beyond it, and sometimes those parts of our greater self communicate to us through the dream state or through ‘strange’ circumstances such as your texting. It doesn’t matter that you don’t fully grasp the meaning of everything. You will find over time that your awareness is vaster and it will show you this when the time is right. This type of experience is not unusual for someone like you who is so in tune with nature. People with this sensitivity already realize they are connected to everything, and the broadening of their awareness follows over time. Thanks for such a wonderful post.


    • Thanks so much, Yaz, I’m really glad you enjoyed reading it. Your thoughts on this are much more interesting than my believing that I’m just simply weird. 😉 Sometimes when I’m sharing things like this about myself and I read back over it, I think “Man, maybe I shouldn’t post this, people are really gonna think I’m weird.” Over the years I have come to accept and embrace my “weirdness,” but I’m not always sure if I should let it all hang out there for the rest of the world to see. Hah!
      I don’t know if there are different “realities” so to speak, but I have no doubt that there is so much more to the ideas of time, space, and consciousness than we fully realize. I have had way too many personal experiences in my own life than to believe otherwise. It sure would be nice to understand them better though.
      And talk about being “in tune with nature,” on one of my many visits out to Seattle to see my sister, I sensed an unusual feeling of instability in the ground under my feet for days after arriving there, it was a feeling sort of like walking on a floating dock. I had never felt that way before during any of my other numerous visits out there, so I thought maybe my equilibrium was off or something. But the night before I left there was an earthquake and I was like “Oh! That’s why I was having that weird feeling!” It was pretty cool! 😀


  2. i hope that you get some good sleep soon.


  3. I was trying to figure out who was after you the prehistoric man or the alligator. At first I thought the prehistoric man was eating alligator. How could the alligator be after you if the man was eating it….LOL You talk about weird. Anyway, I figured out and had a good laugh at myself. Just sounds to me like you’re overtired and have a lot on your mind and somehow your subconscious is just trying to work things out for you. IT IS really weird that you could text in your sleep though. You’re pretty talented unless someone is sneaking in in the middle of the night and texting. That’s a great practical joke. Good going Rach.


    • Haha Cher! It was a man-eating alligator, not a man eating an alligator. 😉 It definitely wasn’t Rachael sneaking in during the night as a practical joke, she was totally creeped out when I told her about it, and neither of us are practical joker types. At all. I do have a lot on my mind, so the inability to sleep and crazy dream make sense, but yeah the texting myself in my sleep is really something. Oh well, some people talk and walk in their sleep… apparently I text. That’s real talent! 😉


  4. Well, as you know my friend I do the same, I often write full messages to friends while in semi awake states. I think that you text while in the sleeping state is just your minds way of telling you that you need to keep track. Or helping you keep track of what you are doing. You have been writing your dreams for so long, you are now just moving with the technology, 😉
    I can’t help with the dream, other than give you my take on it, as I have lost my dream book. But as you have been dealing with some emotional stuff, that may be playing into what you are dreaming. The whole man-eating alligator, it may be that you feel that way about all things in your life. That you can fly from those things. You can finally free yourself from those things that have been trying to eat up your happiness and you can finally soar. 🙂 Yay. Don’t you love the different ideas we all have? Lol.
    Either way I love this post, it is full of so much that gives us all a neat and amazing insight into not only you but ourselves. You are not weird, you are just showing us all that you have a cool talent that some of us wish we had. 🙂 Love and hugs my friend.


    • Haha yes, and I believe I’ve been a recipient of one of your semi awake messages before. 😉 I have a few books on dreams myself, but like I said in the post, I think much of it is educated guessing on what they really mean. You’re right, I have been dealing with some emotional stuff, so I’m sure that is playing into what I’m dreaming.
      After taking some time to contemplate about that particular dream with the alligator, I think it’s possible that the playground setting of the dream indicates my desire to have fun and be a kid, free from all of the grown-up responsibilities that weigh so heavily upon me. The alligator trying to get me is probably representative of all the worries, troubles, and fears that are trying to steal that fun from me. And they, my troubles, do try to eat me, try to steal my joy of life. But then… the fact that I flew… Oh, I’m so very thankful to discover that I can fly, rise up, escape, and be free! And heck, flying is even better than playing on the playground!
      Much love and hugs to you as well, my friend. ♥


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