Full Moon

Will I ever again look upon a full moon and feel completely happy?

For when it last shone from the sky, was when he said goodbye to me.

Did he notice the moon was full tonight and did he think of me,

or am I gone now from his thoughts, a forsaken memory?

© Julie Rehnelt 2013



4 responses to “Full Moon

  1. Why taint the moment of now with that which is past? Wallow not in the light with the dream of a shadow cast!


  2. This is sad, Julie. I agree with the above comment, but it takes time to come to that place. Grief has to be travelled through, and we each have our own way of moving through it. When we lose someone, the loss is profound and the pain is all we feel, no matter how beautiful the natural world might be. And sometimes, life just IS tainted by the trauma of loss. I like this poem, but unfortunately the beauty is the expression of your sadness.That’s just how it is.


    • Looking up at the moon is something that ordinarily fills me with so much joy. I have a bit of a “thing” for the moon, actually. (To see what I mean read “Hi Moon” a silly post I wrote last fall about the moon). So it was a big deal to me to find myself feeling so deeply sad and filled with such loss while looking up at it last night. You’re absolutely right that “Grief has to be traveled through, and we each have our own way of moving through it.” Hopefully my joy and love for the moon won’t be permanently tainted with sorrow, I’m sure time will help, but for now “that’s just how it is.” Thank you once again for the kind and encouraging words, Yaz.


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