What’s Bloomin’?

Well, while things are still looking pretty barren outdoors here in Minnesota, my spring bulbs are blooming quite happily indoors in their little grow pot.

I absolutely adore this lovely combination of pastel colors.



And this pink Hyacinth not only looks beautiful, but smells really wonderful too.



These little Grape Hyacinth are just beginning to bloom.  I think they’re so cute and weird looking.  I was experimenting a bit and trying to do something different with the lighting in this photo.  I’m not so sure I like how it turned out, but I do like the little light bubble thingies that showed up in it.  🙂



The Tulips are just starting to bloom as well.  Their red color doesn’t seem to quite go with the rest of the pastel hues blooming in my grow pot, but they sure provide a pretty and bright contrast.



The Crocuses are pretty and bright too.  And purpley.  🙂



And I find the little mini daffodils to be so very sweet and cheery.



My little grow pot is constantly changing every day and I’ve really been enjoying watching all of the various plants in it grow and develop.  It’s helped appease my spring fever a bit, as well as aided in brightening my mood when I’ve been feeling low.  I do so love pretty little growing things.  ♥


What’s bloomin’ where you are?


13 responses to “What’s Bloomin’?

  1. Very little Julie! We are behind in the UK – I have some crocuses and a few daffs out but most of the daffs look like they have been lost (terrible wet winter and still recent snow here.) No hyacinths at all – I love my hyacinths too!! Lets hope they will still make it and that the tulip bulbs have not rotted. Sorry it’s not better news. Loved your flowers though! xx 🙂


    • Sorry to hear that, Ruth. 😦 Spring weather can be so unpredictable sometimes can’t it? I really hope your hyacinths and tulips make it. I didn’t plant any spring flowering bulbs here last fall because I had so much going on with the move at that time, but I vaguely recall some yellow tulips that I had previously planted for my mom several years ago that came up last spring, so I hope to see those popping up again. I’m just looking forward to seeing the color green again, it’s such a dirty, drab shade of brown everywhere. We do have some rain in the forecast though so hopefully that will help green things up a bit. Thank you, I’m glad you liked the photos from my little grow pot of spring bulbs. I hope yours will not have rotted and will be coming along soon there for you to enjoy too.x 🙂


  2. Julie, what beautiful photos! I once had someone tell me that when you capture those “light bubbles” in a photo they are called “orbs” and it means there are angels present. Don’t know if it’s true, but it sounds nice, doesn’t it? Like fairies in the wood, you have angels in the hyacinth! 🙂

    I live in South Florida so we have things blooming all year round. Right now, my bright pink 4 o’clocks are filling the yard with color (after 4pm, of course!). I also have pale yellow and pink bromeliads in bloom this month. If I could attach photos to this post, I would share the colors with you. I can’t imagine living where there’s so much snow that you have no green or flowers blooming. I feel for you. 😦


    • Thanks very much Sandy, I enjoyed taking them and I’m glad you like them! I don’t know about my light bubble thingies being angels or fairies, but they do give a magical type of look. I think it’s more likely to be something much less magical like the sunlight reflecting off my lens or dust particles (I’ve got plenty of those floating around, I hate dusting 😉 ). Your South Florida blooms sound lovely! Winters here can be sooo long, but I really do like living somewhere that has 4 distinct seasons, the variety is nice and it also makes for a deep sense of appreciation for seasonal things. 🙂


  3. Your pink Hyacinth photograph is truly amazing, a real “Jewel”.


  4. Beautiful photos!


  5. Sooo gorgeous. Thanks for bringing springtime to my living room!


  6. We are way behind in the Toronto area too this spring! But it can’t snow in May. Can it?


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