I Have Chickadees

A few little feathered friends have finally found their way to the new suet feeder that I wrote about in “Sometimes You Just Have to Wing It” that I put up outside my bedroom window.

I’ve noticed a few sparrows pecking at it from to time, but it’s the cute little Chickadees that are coming to it that I’m really pleased about.  It’s been hard to catch a picture of them though because they are such busy little things, so quick and flitting about, plus they always seem to feed off of the opposite side of the feeder, but I have managed to catch a few photos.

Here’s one nibbling from my feeder.  See how he’s trying to be all sneaky-like over on the other side?


And here are a couple of shots I caught of one as it briefly paused on some nearby branches…



They’re so cute!  Thanks for sitting still long enough for me to take your picture, little guy.


I really do love little Chickadees, I just think they’re so adorable.  They make such sweet little cheerful sounds and I’m so glad to have them coming to my feeder so I can enjoy watching them from my window.

Here are a couple of videos of their adorableness that I found on YouTube for you to enjoy…

And this one is of their pretty little “sweetie” call.


Funny thing… as I was going through and watching/listening to those chickadee videos, both of my cats started anxiously looking out the window for birds.  Then one laid on the back of the couch behind me while the other sat on the arm of the couch next to me and watched the videos with me on my laptop.  Yeah, that’s how I spend my evenings ~ watching bird videos on YouTube with my cats.  😉

And speaking of my cats, I happened to snap this shot of my bright eyed cat Sugar the other day while she was sitting on the windowsill looking out intently at the birds.


Gosh she’s pretty!


She has also been having little stare down competitions through the window with my little squirrel who lives in my tree.  I’m very proud of him because he hasn’t been bothering my suet feeder at all, he just sits inside his hole and looks out curiously at me.


He’s so freaking cute!  I’m really becoming quite fond of him.  Please stay out of my garden this summer though, okay little squirrel?


Hopefully as time passes, more and more birds will come and eat from my feeder.  I do so enjoy watching them.  And so do my cats.  😉


7 responses to “I Have Chickadees

  1. Your photos are really good, but your video is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. Lovely photos. Seeing your cat’s intensity and focus, I realise that as a species, we seem to be losing this quality.



    • Thank you, Shakti. Indeed, at times we may seem to lack that same intensity and focus, perhaps it’s partly because we have so much all around that distracts us, whereas my cat only has the very basics around in which to focus her attention upon. But we can learn a lot from our pets. She is not only bright eyed, but bright minded too, she’s a real smart and inquisitive little creature, as well as a playful and wonderful companion to me, I love her so much. Thanks for stopping by today, and for your comment, it’s much appreciated.


      • Maybe one of the reasons we’re losing intensity & focus is all this digital distraction. *sigh* 😉 (PS, love that cat photo, too!!!)


      • “I cannot tell a lie” Lori, I’m a huge fan of technology, 😉 but I totally agree, it’s a really big distraction. It needs to be kept in balance and used with moderation. For me, there’s nothing else quite like being out in nature to help heighten my senses and keep me focused on the important and more meaningful things in life. Technology can’t even compare to that, but I do like using that technology to try and photograph nature and then share it with others. 😉 By the way, I really loved your cherry tree photos, Lori, thanks for sharing them!


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