Adventures in Gardening Part 8 ~ Let’s Plant!

As I sit and look out the window at the snow globe of a world happening outside today, I thought I would share what I was doing on this same day last year…  planting the first of my vegetable seeds in my new raised bed. 

And the lilacs were in full bloom.  *Sigh*



Ramblings From Jewels

Well, with the box all finished and now a trellis built all that is left to do is… PLANT!!!

But first a bit of planning was required and l should not be overly eager lest in my haste, I may find myself disappointed at the results.  So I spent a good hour or more sitting on the bench next to my garden drawing plans, reading seed packets, and contemplating the arrangement and combination of all the things I will be planting…


It was beautiful sunny day and while I sat there soaking up the vitamin D, the lovely fragrance of my mom’s lilacs kept me company.  I L♥VE lilacs so much!


After I came up with a general idea of where I wanted to place each plant that I would be growing, I decided the first thing I wanted to do with the actual bed was to break…

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7 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 8 ~ Let’s Plant!

  1. So much of the joy of spring is the anticipation, and the fact that no two years are the same I think is part of all that. I am tired of cold and wet, but I know it is coming, so far it has never failed me.


    • Anticipation is one thing, but torture is quite another. 😉 This winter has been especially long and extra hard on me for multiple reasons, so I’m more in need than usual for spring to arrive. I am doing what I can to hold myself over until it gets here ~ like enjoying my little bulb grow pot and going to flower shows, but I couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between last year’s spring and this one, it’s really something…


  2. Hope you get warmed up and growing soon. 😉


  3. I love lilacs-what a pretty photo! Hope it warms up soon for you!


  4. The lilac photo is incredible – ‘what a difference a year makes!’ 🙂


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