Sprinkles of Springtime Snow

Just thought I’d share a few photos I took during the “winter storm” we had the other day.  Thankfully, we didn’t end up getting much snow in my immediate area, only a light sprinkling, but just south of us they got 15 inches!  So insane for the month of May!









It was actually kinda pretty to be honest, but hopefully we’re done with it now once and for all.  Either way, I drew up my garden plans this morning and intend to go out and plant my peas and some various lettuces tomorrow.  I can’t wait any longer to go out and dig in the dirt…


~Gardening is my therapy~


9 responses to “Sprinkles of Springtime Snow

  1. I love your photos…It has been cold and wet for as long as I can remember. It seems like in a day that stopped and now it is hot with the temperature above 85 degrees; go figure. The Wisteria started to bloom this afternoon.


    • Thanks so much Charlie, I’m glad you enjoyed them! Wet I can understand, but 85 in Seattle? That’s weird in itself! I really hope we don’t get robbed of our “real” spring and have the weather shift directly to summer, spring and fall are my favorite seasons. I’m excited to go out and plant today. 🙂 Finally. Ahh, enjoy that lovely wisteria…


  2. I thought of you when I heard that 18 inches of snow had fallen in MN. Glad it missed you.

    Your pictures ARE very pretty. We never get to see snow flakes in Miami so it’s a novelty to look at your pictures. 🙂 It’s been so hot and sticky here that even with the AC on, it’s 80 degrees in the house. And this is “spring”, not even summer yet. My neighbors have red tomatoes growing, but mine are still tiny and green. And something is trying to destroy the plant – haven’t figured out what it is yet. Someone suggested NEEM oil – have you ever used that on vegetable plants?


    • Thanks Sandy, I’m glad it missed me here too! It was a bit depressing to get snow this late in the spring, so I went out and took pictures trying to find the beauty in it. I love snow for the holidays, it’s so festive, but by the end of winter… we’re all a bit over the whole ‘beauty of it all’ thing. It was pretty though, and it helped to know that it would melt right away. 😉 No, I haven’t ever used NEEM oil on plants, only as a natural type of insect repellent on myself, and it didn’t seem work all that well to me. But we have mutant mosquitoes here that are abnormally tenacious, so nothing works all that well on them. I had a terrible turnout of tomatoes last year, thanks to blossom end rot and a thieving little squirrel, I only ended up with one. Hopefully it’ll be better this year. I wish you the best of luck with yours!


  3. Beautiful photos Julie – a sprinkling was OK, glad it wasn’t a full-on storm again. Am off to catch up on your more recent posts – I bet you’re out gardening!! 🙂 xx


    • Thanks Ruth! Yep, that sprinkling was the last of the snow here and I have been out gardening ~ ever since, in fact! 😉 I was just thinking about you the other day, hope all is well in your world.x ♥


      • I have been catching up Julie as rather out of action. So glad you are gardening – my Mum is out in ours too. It’s just a joy to see things grow – thanks so much for all the photos as I just adore them! xx


  4. Something very special about these photos Julie! The contrast between the lush green plantings and the icy snow crystals…. Gorgeous. Hopefully warm weather ahead with lots of gardening in store for you! Lots of Love… xRobyn


    • Thanks so much, Robyn! I thought the contrast was pretty too, I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 The weather really has been so weird this spring. I absolutely loved your post today! Beautiful! x


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