Pleasures in Planting

I got to go out and plant yesterday!   Gosh, it felt great!  And the weather was lovely too.  ♥

Gonna make this a short one because I’m heading out there again in a little while to have my coffee on the patio and then putz around in my mom’s flower bed a bit.  There’s a high of 78 in the forecast today and I’m eager to get out there and enjoy it, so I’m just gonna share a few pictures.

So, I planted my peas and some lettuce.  😀


Here’s my little peas after a good overnight soaking…


getting all tucked in…


and given a drink…


Grow happily little peas, I can’t wait to eat you!  😀


 A friend of mine from Alabama sent me a sort of ‘gardener’s care package’ of seeds earlier this spring and one of them was a Mesclun salad mix.  I had already purchased my lettuce seed, so I planted two types of lettuces this year…


such tiny little seeds…



I was afraid to plant anything else yet since we just had snow last week, but I knew peas and lettuce should be safe.  Ordinarily, around Mother’s Day is the date I typically figure the coast is clear, but with this weird spring weather we’ve been having, all bets are off.

Just planting those two things gave me the gardening fix I’ve so been needing, but wanting to do just a bit more… I also dug up and divided some terribly root-bound iris that I had planted in my mom’s flower bed over 15 years ago…


It was to the point where only one or two of these would actually bloom, but dividing them up should help a great deal.  😀

I ended up with tons of extra little iris sprouts, and had no idea what to do with them all, so temporarily I just put them into a few random pots that I had laying around until I can figure it out.


I think my sis will be happy to take a few of them off my hands to plant up at her cabin.


Well that was it as far as what gardening I did, but while I was out there enjoying myself, I also noticed that the Lily of the Valley are sprouting up even more now.  They look like little soldiers all standing at attention…


Soldiers that will smell absolutely freaking amazing!


And something else that will smell amazing…

LOOK!!  The lilacs have buds!


Ah sooo pretty, I can hardly wait until they start blooming!  ♥


As I said, it was a lovely day, and I so enjoyed being out there digging around in the dirt.  Like really, you have no idea.

I think it’s safe to say spring has finally arrived in Minnesota!  ☼


~Gardening is my therapy~

8 responses to “Pleasures in Planting

  1. I spend my days now on the porch in the swing drinking herbal tea from the garden or working in the garden; my definition of heaven. The thoughts in your post are quite understandable.


    • Sounds wonderful, Charlie (except make mine a coffee ;)). Is your wisteria in full bloom now? I am going to post some pictures in a day or two that I took yesterday of the various magnolias I saw blooming while I was out and about. They’re so lovely and smell so pretty, I didn’t even know they grow here, I may have to plant one. 😀


  2. Hi Julie, I love your blog! Makes me feel like I’m out there gardening. =) I used to do that, but now we live in a condo. I have family in central Canada and their climate is similar to yours. One day its tanning weather and then the next it snows. You never know what to expect. Thank you for inviting me to garden with you via your blog!


  3. So satisfying to enjoy something you have grown yourself from tiny seeds, no? Have fun in the garden!!!


  4. Lovely Julie!! Good to see you’re able to plant and the Lily of the Valley look as though they will be excellent. Such a treat to be outside after the terrible winter. Looking forward to seeing pictures of them as they grow. I have some apple blossom. It is my first attempt at a mini apple tree – a minarette, in fact it is grafted and has two kinds of apples on it. So, we’ll see if I get any apples!! Happy planting, I”m so glad you’re out there at last! xx


    • Thanks so much, Ruth! Yes, it was so very wonderful to get out in the garden again. It is a treat to be outside, I’ve barely been in doors at all except to sleep. 😉 We’ve had some rain the past couple of days though, so I’ve had to be inside a bit more recently. I awoke to a thunderstorm two mornings in a row now and it was so great, I love me the sound of thunder! I am hoping they don’t become severe though, I’d hate for my plants to get ruined, we had a tornado watch in my area today. Oh, apple blossoms are so lovely! Ours are beginning to flower here too, they’re pink/rosy colored (there is a picture of one from my street on my Mayday post that my daughter took last year). I hope you get tons of apples on your mini apple tree, Ruth!x


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