This Post is Brought to You by… the Color Pink

Purple may be my favorite color, but I’m absolutely tickled about pink!

This past week while I was out running errands on a beautiful bright blue sky of a day, I came upon a gorgeous crab apple tree in full bloom, and had to pull the car over to take some pictures.  The pink… against the blue sky… so pretty!  ♥















I couldn’t even tell you how many pictures I took, I seriously could barely tear myself away, it was just so very lovely!


I had noticed recently that most of the petals had fallen from the crab apple tree on the boulevard on the side of the house, and felt a bit disappointed that I hadn’t gotten the chance to take any pictures, but it had been raining so much off and on that the opportunity just never really arose.  So I was delighted to see this one and to be able to take pictures of it in all its blooming glory.   It was such a beautiful day too, it’s been so rainy, I was sincerely thankful just to have the sun shining.

This morning looks equally as nice so I’m heading out to the patio to have my morning coffee to enjoy it.   Feeling grateful for eyes to see.

May your world be filled with vibrant color today…


10 responses to “This Post is Brought to You by… the Color Pink

  1. Just beautiful Julie. I love the colour palette of pink, purple/aubergine, lilac and raspberry. Your photos are just pinkly gorgeous! Thanks so much xx 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Ruth, I’m really glad you liked them! I love those colors too! Hope you have a wonderful week, filled with beautiful things!x 🙂


  2. Oh so beautiful Jewels !!! Thanks for sharing !!! ❤


  3. These are lovely, Julie!


  4. mylivoniaranchhome

    Beautiful! Pink is by far my favorite. I try to add little bits of it throughout my house. (only bits because not everyone loves it like I do 😉 ) Love your Blog, Thanks for stopping by mine!


    • Thanks so much! I love pink too! Many years ago I actually had pink carpeting throughout my living and dining rooms (okay, technically it was more of a dusty rose, but still 😉 ) and my ex even went along with it. Good for you adding little bits of pink in your house where you can, it’s such a delightful and feminine color. So glad you enjoy my blog here, I really like yours as well. It was my pleasure stopping by the other day, I loved reading about your yard sale treasure!


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