Random Gardening Tidbits

Technically this post should probably be entitled “In Between the Rain” Part 2 because the rainy weather here continues to persist.  Although the forecast tells of a couple of sunny days coming up, my feelings have become “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  And speaking of seeing ~ the skies have been so dark here this morning that I’ve had to have the lights on to see what I’m doing.

I have been getting out in the garden when I can in between this weather.  And even when I can’t ~ yesterday I actually sat out in the rain after doing some yard work, but it was mostly because I was too tired to get up and go inside.  It really was quite refreshing though, and heck… may as well conserve water and shower in the rain right?!  😉

Anyway, aside from grumbling about the weather, my garden is doing very well,  and I’ve gathered together a few photos I’ve taken lately to share of it’s progress…

The new little strawberry pot I got this year has berries ripening…


Sure, it’s a bit puckered and wimpy looking, but we’ll see how it tastes.  😀


And I noticed my tomatoes are starting to flower…


I really hope I have better luck with my tomatoes this year.  This picture kinda reminds me of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.  Feed me Seymore!  Hah it’s really something where my brain goes sometimes.  I’ll blame it on the lack of sun.   😉


My peas are continuing to grow and make their way upward…

DSCF0025 (2)a

And I can’t wait to eat them!  In the future, I may need to find a way to grow more peas than just in this small pot, because I really love fresh peas!


Same with my onions too.  I put onions in everything


But I’m thankful even for just the few I am able to grow.  🙂


I have been contemplating putting in another gardening area behind the garage, it gets full sun all day and growing veggies there would be such a better way to utilize that spot than just for grass.


I have already been slowly making my way over toward that area and have gone around the patio to the backside of the privacy fence to plant the extra cucumbers I thinned out from my main garden box.  I just couldn’t bear to let them die, it’s food!  Because I don’t want to plant food in that chemically treated soil (my parents had TruGreen lawn service for so many years), I got a pot, filled it with good healthy soil, and tacked up some wire fencing for them to grow up.


I’ve since transplanted them from their individual little pots, but haven’t taken a more recent photo.  I also planted a few sunflowers in the ground next to them.  It looks a bit blah there right now, but I think it will look really pretty once it all starts growing taller.  😀


My zucchini is coming along nicely…


I only have one lone zucchini planted in my garden this year.  They completely took over last year, and although I was happy with how well they did (I love zucchini!), they also prevented other things from growing.  I did save this zucchini’s fellows that I thinned out, but I have no idea where I’m going to plant them.


I have two little twin peppers developing on my pepper plant…


The plant itself is still quite small.  Earlier, I plucked a few little peppers that had began developing because I wanted the plant to grow a bit bigger before trying to support fruits.  But I’m going to just leave these little guys alone and let life run it’s course, despite the small size of the plant.  Hopefully I’ll end up with some nice, yummy yellow bell peppers.


My green beans are growing well…


Last year I was a bit disappointed and had a really pathetic outcome from my green beans because the zucchini shaded them too much.  I really like green beans, so this year I planted more and devoted extra space in my tiny garden for them.  I really hope they do better this year, they look like they’re off to a great start!


Same thing with my celery, the zucchini shaded them as well.  But this year they’re in a different spot, so hopefully I’ll have a better outcome…



My lettuce is doing well, but seemingly at a rather slow pace.  I feel like I should be enjoying salads by now…



All of my various mints are looking great.  This is my peppermint…



My French lavender is getting buds…


I have 3 different varieties of lavender this year.  Mmmmmmmmm lavender…  ♥♥♥


I’ve been plant sitting for my sis while she’s on vacation and tending to her flat of peppers…


And also her tomatoes, but I don’t have a picture of them.


In the flowering realm, I have some random little Johnny Jump Ups jumping up among the cracks and crevasses around the yard…


I adore these, they’re such cheerful little things.  🙂


And the Peony buds are getting ready to open…


Does anyone know… do the ants that are always crawling around on them really help them to open, or is that just a myth?


Guess I’ll end with that.  Funny, I titled this post Tidbits when there are actually quite a few things going on here.  Hah!  There’s more too, but this is all I have time for today…



~Gardening is my therapy~

8 responses to “Random Gardening Tidbits

  1. Love that your garden is coming along nicely. Mine has now dwindled to little of nothing. 😦 Your pictures are, as always, gorgeous. Hugs, my sweet soul sister friend.

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    • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear yours dwindled. 😦 Thanks so much, it’s been hard to get any decent pictures in the gloomy weather, glad you liked them! Hugs to you as well. And loves! We need to catch up soon! ♥


  2. The Johnny Jump Ups are so pretty! I have cukes and pole beans growing… but I’ve never grown them before. Do you have to train them to go up the string/lattice?


    • Thanks Gabby, they really are such delightful little flowers! I’ve never grown the pole type of beans, so those I’m not sure about, but you do sort of have to encourage the cukes to go the way you want them to. Although, they have little tendrils that grab on and climb up the trellis mostly on their own. Hope they grow happily for you! 🙂


  3. The ants like the peonies, but they don’t really help them in any way according to an article that I read by an extension agent. It looks like you have lots of wonderful things coming along.


  4. Your garden is coming on a treat Julie – so lovely to see the growth. I will love to see the Peony when it is out. I don’t have one now but when I was a child I hated seeing all those ants on them – I don’t know about the myth though 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you eat some of your beautiful produce!! Take care and I hope you have a lovely weekend as it is fast approaching. Love, Ruth xx


    • I really hate the ants crawling all over them, and if they’re indeed not helpful to the plant in any way, I would really like them to just go away. I’m not a huge fan of bugs. I know they serve their purpose, but they’re icky. I’ll be sure to try and take some photos of the peonies while they’re blooming, but will have to wait and see if the silly weather cooperates. 😉 It’s gorgeous here today though, I’ve been outdoors all day and loving it! Thanks so much, you take care and have a wonderful weekend too, Ruth!x


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