Pleased and Thankful

I’m just so very pleased and thankful with how well everything is doing in my garden right now.  I guess all of the rain we’ve had has been agreeable with it.  Every morning when I go out there to sit on the patio with my coffee, I am greeted with new little surprises.

It was especially wonderful the other morning when I went out there quite a bit earlier than usual and discovered dainty little dewdrops all artistically arranged around the edges of my cucumber leaves.  I tried my best to take a good picture, but in the dim lighting of the new day I couldn’t get it into focus very well.


The color is a bit off as well.  But it was such a cool effect to have the droplets only on the very outer edges like that, and all glistening, it was magical!


The dew also graced the ends of my celery leaves with a lovely sequined pattern…


Again, the color is a bit off and this photo lacks in capturing just how pretty it really was.  Sometimes pictures, much like words, are just inadequate in truly conveying what our eyes are seeing and how our heart is feeling at a given moment.  But I was altogether delighted by that early morning display of a bit of nature’s delicate beauty, and I felt thankful and special to be there to see it .  ♥


I unknowingly purchased a different variety of green bean seeds this year and was pleasantly surprised to find lovely little lavender colored blossoms on them rather than the white I am accustomed to.


Ah, so pretty!  Hopefully the beans will taste yummy too!  😉


And speaking of lavender, my French lavender is now blooming.  And smelling absolutely heavenly!  ♥


I’m still waiting for my English lavender (my favorite variety) to bloom, it’s progressing agonizingly slow.  It’s really hard waiting to have something you love and want so much.  Hmm… it suddenly appears there’s a personal metaphor lurking there for me in multiple ways in relation to this.  I’ll have to ponder on it…


But aside from pondering and metaphors, other things are progressing ~ in the garden.  My peas are blooming away and producing dozens of pods.  I really can’t hardly wait to eat them!



I was also excited to see a round little tomato developing on one of my plants.


Interesting fact:  I don’t actually even like tomatoes.  I like tons of things made with tomatoes though.  😉


But I do like jalapeno peppers, and this little fella is just one among many that are growing on my pepper plant…


Although, there are also some shriveled ones too, like the one right next to it.  Not sure why that is happening.  I’m noticing that on my bell peppers as well.  I’ll have to read up on it.  Hopefully it’s not a big deal.  Maybe it’s just a result from all of the rain.


I also like (make that love) zucchini!  Just found this bad boy starting to develop on my zucchini plant this morning…


Technically I suppose it’s a bad girl, as zucchini plants have both male and female parts and it’s the female part that produces the fruits.  Even though they look like male parts.  😉

Oops, did I just type that in my outside voice?  And am I leaving it like that?


I guess so.  Okay then, moving right along…

In addition to the edible delights I’ve got going on in my vegetable garden, there are also a few floral delights that I’m seeing around the yard that are out there doing their thing.

The buds on the new trumpet vine I posted about last time are looking even more plump now.  I imagine they’ll be opening up soon…


Hopefully that gross black ant crawling around on them isn’t a bad sign of anything.


I just noticed yesterday that the Stella de Oro lilies that I divided up earlier this spring have buds on them…


They are quite spindly though, so I’m not sure they’ll amount to much this year, but I’m happy they’re surviving being separated, as they were very crowded and I had be a bit brutal with them to get them apart.


The Astilbe in the flower bed has buds as well…


And the Astilbe on the side yard is already in bloom…


It’s such a pretty, light and airy looking plant.


The yellow Loosestrife we have on the side yard is blooming too…



And I have to share this photo I took of the Coleus I have planted in one of our patio pots.  The foliage is so bright and colorful!



You know, at the end of each of my gardening posts I always write “Gardening is my therapy,” and that’s not just a saying, it’s really true.  Nature in general always gives me such a wonderful sense of peace, and joy.  It helps to center me, along with my faith.

I have many other things outside of gardening that are going on and sometimes when things are really pressing in and my heart feels heavy, even the joys of my garden can’t seem to bring complete relief, but even still… gardening really is a therapy for me, and I’m so very pleased with and thankful for my tiny garden.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of it with you…



~Gardening is my therapy~

15 responses to “Pleased and Thankful

  1. Julie,
    You’re making me jealous! It must be a great season for you right now – everything blooming. The pictures are such perfect illustrations – I love them. I read every post (even if I don’t make it over here to “like” it each time) 🙂

    Summer is the time of year when it is hard to get anything to grow where I am. I’ve got green onions and basil, that’s it. I’ve tried multiple times to get tomatoes going and they always die on me – I think it’s too hot and rainy now. I’ve even tried growing the Everglades Tomato which I was told grows naturally in my climate, but twice I’ve planted seeds and twice the plants have died after a few weeks. No idea why – they look good, they get water and sunshine and then the wood starts drying, leaves start falling and it’s dead.

    Anyway, please enjoy that wonderful garden for me. Wish I could have one!


    • It is a great season for me right now Sandy, and thanks so much! Sorry to hear of the difficulty there for you in trying to have a garden, but hey, green onions and basil are something right?! I’m just hoping mine stays nice, as we’re soon to be entering our hot and humid weather here. Well, ordinarily it is, but I actually have no idea what is in store this year since the weather has already been so weird so far ~ just taking each day as it comes and trying to enjoy what simple pleasures I can. 😀 Have a great weekend!


  2. chrysanthevonne

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  3. What a great garden you have. I’m a little jealous, too. Anyway, it’s lovely and you sure do that tons to be thankful for. 🙂


  4. I love the second picture with the few drops… I love Jalapeño’s too, I bet you can’t wait to eat them…x


    • ‘Dew’ drops that is…


    • Thanks Chris, I love that one too. It was so wonderful to see, I wish I could have captured just how cool it really was ~ it was as if nature’s finger came by in those early morning hours and just lightly dabbed a droplet onto each of the ends of the leaves as a special added touch, just to dazzle and delight me. I know that sounds a bit overly expressive and silly, but it’s how I felt. It was foggy out too, so that added to the intimate, hushed, mood of the moment. It was truly lovely. ♥ Yes, I can’t wait to eat my jalapenos and they’re growing quickly, so it won’t be long…x


  5. Everything is looking so wonderful Julie! Well done for all your hard work – it is really paying off. I love the coleus, I have a selection here with all different shades and colours. So beautiful. Really enjoyed this post! xx


    • Thanks so much Ruth! It hasn’t necessarily been a result from all my hard work ~ more like it’s the clouds doing all the work in bringing all the rain. 😉 Sometimes I just feel like a spectator enjoying the beauty of it all while nature does the rest, but I do tend to everything and putz around. 🙂 Yes, I love the Coleus too, and it seems that more and more colorful varieties of it are showing up at the garden centers and nurseries every year. I’m happy that you have some lovelies there to enjoy. Hope all is well there, have a wonderful weekend, Ruth!x


  6. Here in the MIdwest we are having one of the rainiest Spring and Summers in years….our flower gardens are doing incredibly well thanks to the weather.

    Nonetheless, your pics were great 🙂


    • I know right, the weather has been really finicky this spring and summer hasn’t it? I was concerned about all the rain we’ve had in regard to my plants, but so far they seem to be loving it and are doing really well. Thanks Kenneth, I’m happy to have you stop by and comment this morning, I enjoy your posts so much. Have a great weekend and don’t drink too much coffee! 😉


  7. Hi Jewels. Your garden looks so fresh and alive. I can’t wait until spring and summer so my garden can burst into life like yours.
    Cheers Sarah : o )


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